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  1. Ah, that's interesting. I should have known, though -- I never had trouble with Exile and Geneforge on CD even though I didn't specifiy my OS when I bought them. Do you mean at the generic support@spiderweb, or at a Jeff-specific address? I actually offered to pay the original 30 dollars for it when I emailed Support... but I got shot down, unfortunately. I'll definitely keep trolling eBay for a copy. Thanks for the help, everyone!
  2. Hello, Spiderweb forums! I have a question for you. I hope this is an okay topic for here. If not, please disregard and send me packing. I -- as usual -- have waited a bit too long and missed my chance. This time, I waited too long to pick up a copy of the original Nethergate, which I'd been holding off on until I had a little more disposable income (also, I just plain forgot for a while). Now that I finally do (and stopped forgetting!), I see the game's gone from the Spiderweb store. I even emailed support to confirm it's no longer available. So here's the question: how can I get a hold of this game? Obviously I don't want to pirate it, and ideally I'd like it on disk to add to my Spiderweb collection. Has anyone ever seen it sold on eBay? Amazon? Do any of you have an extra copy you'd be willing to part with? There are two on eBay right now, but they're both the Mac version. Maybe it's possible to emulate an old Mac environment if it came to that? I don't know much about that stuff. Anyway, I'd appreciate any tips you might have. I'm pretty desperate to play the whole game. I know there's a remake, but I understand some of the cooler old systems like the point-based leveling and keyword dialogue were changed... and those were two of my favorite things about Exile -- and the Nethergate demo when I played it. Secondary question: Spiderweb support said in the email that they don't offer Nethergate anymore because they don't sell any CDs. That makes me wonder if they sell any physical products. I wanted to at least grab the Nethergate hint book (weirdly, it's still listed even when the game isn't) for my collection. Would that still be a physical booklet like the other ones I've got, or just a PDF / other digital format? Okay, wall of text over. Thanks to anyone who read it all!