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Bugged Path to Attack in Avadon 3

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Hey there,


I am not sure, if this bug was already reported.

Avadon 3 finally features showing a path a character will take on moving him and also when attacking something when it is out of range.

There is a little bug with the latter one though. The range calculated is always one tile closer than it needs to be.


So let's say that your Mage is out of range of hitting someone with his Wand. When you hold your mouse over the enemy it will show that the mage needs to move for 3 tiles and will then attack.


This however is never correct. If you click to attack, the mage will run these 3 tiles and attack. However if you only move him 2 tiles, it will be enough to already be in range for attacking.

So the calculation for range and the actual check are off by one tile.


Just a minor thing. But it kinda stands out as Spiderweb games are almost bug free otherwise.

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This has been true for a while in Spiderweb games — for whatever reason, if you're out of range and select an attack, the game will move you one space more than it needs to get into range. I think it's true in every Avadon and Geneforge game, although I couldn't swear to that.


I agree that it's weird.

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It's taken several games to get it fixed this much. The AI used to come up with some convoluted paths to move characters in melee that caused you to waste a turn.


Eventually you get a feel for how far away you are and move yourself in small steps instead of relying on the AI. :)

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True, it is an improvement. Before Avadon 3 I only moved characters for a few tiles at a time to avoid these pathfinding "problems". But these felt like "annoyances", like mechanics which were not fleshed out completely. While the current version works better, it makes apparent that there is a bug. And while it plays better, it leaves a more buggy impression which isn't a good thing.

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