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Avadon 2 Final Hunt (I'm getting destroyed)

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I am getting totally and utterly destroyed in Fort Foresight finale. I can't progress because the enemies just keep spawning endlessly. I try to advance towards the Fort but I just can't damage the troops assailing me fast enough nor can I heal my characters fast enough. They all get battle frenzy and haste and there just keeps coming more and more. I can't even retreat because they are spawning from my back too.

(All my characters are at level cap and my party is Me(wizard) and Yoshiria and Dedrik. I tried just rushing for the fort but they just catch me before I get anywhere.


Is there anything I overlooked or something else to help or is my playthrough just doomed?

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A teleportation scarab would help you tremendously.


Have you tried occupying the soldiers with your wizard and shaman and then slipping past them using Yoshira's shadowstep ability?


Remember that you can revive your characters if no enemies are in sight.

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Or use summoned monsters to engage the enemy while you move full movement to get past them. Dedrik can make something even if you don't have any wands left.


Also what difficulty since that affects the monsters' health,

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Thanks for the advices.


I guess I have to see if I have an earlier save left because I don't have that teleportation scarab on me and never trained Yoshira to have the shadowstep ability. I play it on normal.

Dedrik's hellhound does good job but the monsters summoned from wand tend to just die to haste and battlefrenzy.


Currently I am almost at the last bridge before Fort Foresight and facing numerous archers and raiders plus the deadly combo of wizard and dark cultist. The wizards tends to target my own wizard with a one hit kill corruption spell.

If I try to retreat there comes a couple of raiders from my back to ensnare me and so I cannot get a chance to get out of combat mode.

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