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Hello, new and just playing the first Avernum...

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Posted 28 February 2017 - 04:04 PM #1 Hello, new and just playing the first Avernum...

on Twitch.

I've lurked on the forums for years, I made an account years ago but I forgot all the info and it's linked to an old, deleted email. I just wanted to come in though and just put my channel here while I play Avernum, I don't take money and it's purely for entertainment/hang out/whatever. I've known about Spiderweb Software since the Exile days, and while this certainly isn't my first playthrough, I'm not a torment player so it's on normal, with the Avernum Remix mod applied. Anyone interested, go take a peek, but I warn you that I'm not a PC person, swears, bad words, and potentially tasteless jokes will be leaving my mouth. eg. I made a joke that two kids in Fallout 2 stole my shotgun shells, so I gave them two more... (I was playing an evil character obviously)


Thanks for your time, I should be more active here...

Edit - Sorry, I stream Tuesdays, maybe the occasional Wednesday or Friday.

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