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Avernum 6 - Piercing Crystals (Warning: Unmarked Spoilers)

avernum 6 piercing crystals spoilers no mage spells

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Posted 08 February 2017 - 06:30 PM #1 Avernum 6 - Piercing Crystals (Warning: Unmarked Spoilers)

I'm nearing the end of the game as I have the four tasks to do for melanchion.

I was going to do the Darkside Loyalists quest first, but much to my annoyance, I find the entrance area of their fortress completely blocked with magical barriers. (Area west of Spire, go down the trapdoor, and it's the room with 4 loyalist archers.)

While generally not a problem, I have like a 0 in mage spells (fyi: I did cheat in quite a few fights, but in others I didn't -- It really isn't as bad as it sounds considering you cannot join the anama this game (which was very annoying to learn like halfway in....)) and 0 piercing crystals remaining, so I'm not totally sure how I'm supposed to enter. (And, forcing people to need level 11 mage spells is not something that I would consider good design, esp. since such a warning isn't given that it would be necessary.)

So, does anyone know of an alternative entrance or people who sell piercing crystals (or will I just have to use the editor to up my mage spells skill))?

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Posted 08 February 2017 - 07:12 PM #2 Avernum 6 - Piercing Crystals (Warning: Unmarked Spoilers)

It might be easier to edit a zone script to give you a piercing crystal. I can't remember if there are anymore that can be bought.

There isn't an alternative entrance if I remember the fight area unless it's from the other side of the river.

In Melanchion's Keep, Breck-Drayssa has a Research Notes quest that gives a piecing crystal for the 3rd time.
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Posted 09 February 2017 - 12:40 PM #3 Avernum 6 - Piercing Crystals (Warning: Unmarked Spoilers)

Vira the tinker in eastern great cave is selling 1 pc but you might have bought that already,

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