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Blades of Exile Promotional Merchandise

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Posted 06 February 2017 - 06:54 AM #1 Blades of Exile Promotional Merchandise

Would you like to promote the Blades of Exile project? Would you like to wear snappy pixel art from the game? Buy a T-shirt here! http://shop.Spreadsh.../BladesOfExile/ $13.49 for a swell T-shirt, no royalties for us.

Recent additions include the stills from the old promotional animated GIF I made, and the newest is "Blades of Pixile", an original 16x16 pixel, 8-color  picture inspired by the Empire ruling in the sun and Exile, rebuilding their lives in the caves. (I think the Avernum remakes use that same concept in their logo. I know I saw it somewhere around here and it inspired the shirt.) (EDIT: Decided not to sell it, since it doesn't feature graphics from the game and I decided it was misleading. Also I guess it's just really ugly. :( ) I also reduced the sizes of the images across the front of the shirt, and they look much better. Have a look!

(There is another thread, dead since 2015 and with a link to a CafePress shop no longer functioning, and there are several new designs, so I posted this new one.)

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