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Avadon 3: Torment Difficulty

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Posted 14 September 2016 - 08:35 PM #1 Avadon 3: Torment Difficulty

I started playing this and the friendly fire definitely makes it interesting.  Also, it seems like abilities take longer to recharge (almost absurdly so....lI've rarely had the chance to use an ability more than once in a single fight).  I know Jeff said he wanted to change up torment by making it less, "exactly the same as hard.....only with even more hitpoints, resistances, and to-hit chances on enemies," so I'm wondering if anyone knows how the difficulties compare in this game.  Does torment increase difficulty over hard via hit-point bloat, resistances, and to-hit, or is its biggest difference from hard (which also has the friendly fire) just the longer cooldowns on abilities?

I ask because I always play Spiderweb games on torment and would much prefer it if Jeff started focusing on things like friendly fire and other tactics type remedies to increase difficulty, rather than just endless hitpoint bloat.  I'm a total difficulty masochist, but even I admit that playing the Avernum remakes on torment can get downright absurd when you find yourself beating away on a trash mob of rats for 5 minutes straight because their resistances are so high.....only to encounter 20 more of that same mob of rats before exiting what ever dungeon you're in.

Thus far, Avadon 3 doesn't seem to have that problem, but I'm pretty early in the game.

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Posted 14 September 2016 - 09:07 PM #2 Avadon 3: Torment Difficulty

I've played mostly torment difficulty during beta testing and didn't even notice the cool downs took longer.  The early part of the game is harder because you lack vitality for the most useful abilities since if you use the most powerful, then you can't do another for several turns.  If you really need an ability in a boss fight, then use a rejuvenation potion for than one character.  Or substitute a consumable item like an attack scroll or wand.  

I couldn't see a real difference between hard and torment difficulties in the Demo part.  There probably is an increase in monster health, but it isn't as bad as the multipliers in the old Avernum games.  Mostly the difference is increased attacks by boss monsters.  Scripted boss monsters seem to be immune to stun and slow effects or at least the scripted attacks override their status.

The fact that I could complete the game on torment with a solo tinkermage means the game is somewhat easier than Avadon 2.  There are only 3 fights that I couldn't do at the end and two were because of stun attacks that lasted several rounds and one where even with maximum evasion the minions had 12% miss chance before using blessing crystal to make it 22%.

Only ones that I couldn't do alone were:

Friendly fire is the major difference and caused me to reload when I killed a party member because I wasn't paying attention to the position before clicking.

The hardest fight in the first zone is Vid.  Then it gets easier until you reach the Four Circles to complete the Demo.  However the first time through the game these fights are almost as hard on normal difficulty.  But I found that having the right scarabs can make the biggest difference.

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Posted 15 September 2016 - 08:51 PM #3 Avadon 3: Torment Difficulty

Yeah, I noticed it seems way easier too.  I died twice on first discovering Vid, then got it 3rd try.  And it seems like there are fewer fights overall (which I'm not complaining about as I think Spiderweb games could all do with about 1/3 less combat than they have, although more so the Avernums and to a lesser extent the Avadons.  I think the Geneforges are about right).

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