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BoA - Cutscene and Intro hanging

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Posted 13 June 2016 - 05:49 AM #1 BoA - Cutscene and Intro hanging

So I've seen the two issues posted separately but not together, has anyone actually found a work around that allows the intro timer and cutscene sequences to not crash the game on Windows 10? The cutscene one sometimes winds up just being the game hanging for a few seconds and then skipping it, still it dampens playability when you miss a massive chunk of the scenarios. The intro one however completely crashes the game and other than trying to click spam past them or manually removing the intros does it work.

So yeah, again anyone found any fixes for that? One small one I can think of right off the bat is converting the intro scenes into dialogue boxes once the scenarios start, it'd require people to redownload them all but it's a fix.

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