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Mac Error "Prefs FSpOpenDF () Error" Geneforge, Nethergate

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I was cleaning out my HD, and stumbled upon my Spiderweb Game Collection, dating from waaay back.


Trying to open the last two Geneforge games (4 & 5) failed with the following error:



Prefs FSpOpenDF () Error



- Game: Geneforge 4, Geneforge 5


- Game version: redownloaded the newest updates


- Operating system: Mac (20 Zoll, Mid 2007), 2 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo, MacOS 10.10.5


- Graphics card: ATI Radeon HD 2400 XT 128 MB


I made a backup when I installed the then new Yosemite, and haven´t played the games since. I downloaded the newest versions, restarted the computer etc., but to no avail. All games ran fine before installing Yosemite.


Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Ah yes, and Nethergate Resurrection doesn´t open, either. Avadon - The Black Fortress and Avernum - Escape From the Pit run fine, though.

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I do not have Geneforge, but I do have N:R v1.0.3 and it runs fine on my mac with Yosemite. I am using mac book pro early 2011. What error are you getting when you try to start N:R?

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Hi Edgwyn,


thank you for your reply! Your post prompted me to check Nethergate´s version, and I had indeed an older one. Downloading 1.0.3 helped with the problem, the game now runs fine.


The weird Geneforge errors remain, though, despite having the newest versions. I probably have to contact Jeff directly.

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I emailed Jeff about the problem, and his mentioning of "preferences" led me to a hunt for the preferences files for the games, and for some reasons (*cough* I probably did it myself years ago, for reasons which escape me now) they were protected, and the game couldn´t access them anymore.


Duh! After changing permissions and lifting the protection, the games run fine!


The files can be found in User > Library > Preferences > Geneforge Prefs.


To change permissions, which I had probably lost by changing to Yosemite, I went to the folder the game preferences were in (Preferences), and via Get Info applied my ownership to all included sub-files. And voilá, everything is fine now.


Posting that here in case someone else does silly things to their preferences files!

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