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Avernum 2 crash issue

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Posted 27 August 2015 - 12:52 PM #1 Avernum 2 crash issue

Earlier I installed Avernum 2 Crystal Souls from the avernum trilogy CD I bought ages ago to play good old Avernum again, and I am having an issue with my game crashing. After I create my party, the backstory sequence that occurs afterwards crashes me on the second page of lore. Specifically the second one. I do not click before it says to do so, though have tried doing as much, and the very first page works fine. On the second page, when I click to advance the game freezes and I get the message "this program isn't responding, close or wait for it to respond" and the program never eventually responds. What should I do? It may be because the version on the CDs are severely old, so how can I get an updated game version? Thanks.

Edit: I have fixed this issue. If you ever see this problem asked about again, tell them to run the program in compatibility mode for their current OS.

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