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Avernum 2: Crystal Souls Strategy Central (**NEED HELP? LOOK HERE FIRST**)

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Posted 15 January 2015 - 06:42 PM #1 Avernum 2: Crystal Souls Strategy Central (**NEED HELP? LOOK HERE FIRST**)

Expect this post to expand greatly as more information is added!
Please make a new topic if you have questions to ask that aren't answered here.

General Advice
Concise, robust info on skills and party building
Tips for building a Singleton (1-PC party) on Torment difficulty

Detailed Info
Atlas: where to find items, quests, and other miscellany
Magical equipment and their stats
Items to keep for quests
List of crafters
Buyable collectibles (crafting items, etc.)
Cache List (Cave Lore spots)
Quest List (with quest-based reputation gains)
Edgwyn's marvelous maps and where stuff is

Skill and spell trainers
Level 1 and 2 spell locations (cheapest/earliest)
Level 3 spell locations & requirements (old thread here)
Level 2 and 3 spell bonuses

Dikiyoba's guide to passing the Third Guardpost.

Deep Analysis
Critical hits & Luck
Haste Abilities, Sniper, & Gymnastics
Best Simulacrums (Capture Soul creatures)
Summon mechanics
Damage calculation utility

Minor cosmetic changes (Dikiyoba's)
Minor graphics/coloration changes (Potawan's)
Sound effects volume changes (Mercy's)

Just For Fun
Garzahd is a Noob
Petty Pleasures
Exile Wars

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