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How many Sylak items are there in Nethergate Resurrection?

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Hey guys, this is my first post; please be gentle.


In the N.R. hint book it states that there are fourteen Sylak items.

I'm at the end of the game, ready to go into the Spire of Ages.

I could only find thirteen: Clever Pen

Pants of Power

Mortar & Pestle


Nourishing Bowl

Dancing Cloth

Enlightening Amber

Talking Skull

Ethereal Scalpel

Chaotic Dice



Thumpin' Shovel


This is my second time through the game.

Does the book have a typo, or did I try to put on my big boy pants to soon?

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I am confused. You already asked this exact question, and got an answer, in the other thread. Why did you make this separate thread? What do you want to know?

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