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Geneforge 1 Strategy Peripheral

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Posted 18 January 2013 - 08:13 AM #1 Geneforge 1 Strategy Peripheral

Geneforge 1 never received the kind of intensive mechanical and strategic analyses that later games have received (or if it did, the threads are no longer extant).  However, this thread attempts to provide some useful information scrounged up from the depths of the past.

First, don't forget the links to the maps and FAQ at the top of the Geneforge forum page. The FAQ is imperfect but has much good information.

  Discussion of Guardian builds
  Playing as an Agent
  Agent Build with interesting exploit (contains spoiler)
  Shaper Build Advice
  More Shaper Advice
  Ornk-using Playthrough
  More Agent Advice

Game Mechanics
  Since it comes up regularly:  in G1, Luck’s influence on enemy items drops is uncertain but highly doubtful.  Source and Source.
  How Damage Works
  The “10-cap” (not a G1 thread specifically but valid information anyway)
  Leadership and Mechanics
  How Mechanics, Unlock, and Tools Work
  Effects of Luck, Mechanics, Leadership, Sholai language, faction membership, and reputation
  Guide to the Endings
  Comparison of Creations
  How creation levels work
  More on creations levels
  Another opinion on shaping
More Creation Advice

Cool Stuff
  Graphics Makeover

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Posted 20 January 2013 - 01:17 PM #2 Geneforge 1 Strategy Peripheral

You should put DearPotato's run through of his first G1 game. It has moderate info in it.

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