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  1. G2 is very uneven in difficulty iirc and level x doesn't say much, items play a huge part in your power. Still, a shaper on easy shouldn't really have problems.
  2. You are putting way too much thought into small stuff like this barzahl shaper/guardian thing. Jeff forgot the whole second shaper continent and thus we are now stuck with terrestria
  3. God that looks hideous And yes you can go unaligned, as long as you are not in any faction when you leave the valley and have taken care of the threats the loyalist encampment shapers told you of you'll get the unaligned ending.
  4. Oh, you are going to like the Takers Just checked, the box that switches of the pylons is between two blue serviles near their beds. After that it's two levers to the left and right of the gate.
  5. You could always join the Barzites, that would make sure the pylons definitely don't attack you
  6. Nerfing stuff in a single player game because it makes a tiny % of players too powerful sounds like a really bad idea. What about everyone who is not an expert ?
  7. There is a box in the guard house with the serviles that deactivates the pylons.They should let you go to it if you tell them you forgot your pass, you def have enough leadership. After that you have to hit 2 more boxes iirc on each side of the gate and that opens it and clears the area so you can finally go north.
  8. Do you have no leadership alhoon ? Iirc you only need around 6 or so to get Krogst to calm down. And same with the gate guards. And just fyi he is a special QA trainer, so maybe don't kill him yet ?
  9. You can leave all factions by telling them that you want out except Zak, if you want to leave him you have to join another faction. Not even sure that using canisters does anything appreciable in G2.
  10. Yeah, it does. Was fixed in G3 and not an issue in G1 due to flat skill costs.
  11. I could swear there was an item site here (Dahak or smth) that was pretty comprehensive. Edit: Yup, he still has a link to it in his sig but it is frozen.
  12. If you go rebel on Dhonal you are locked in. Only going shaper has you get another chance on island 4 to turn rebel. That seems to be the intended way.Shenanigans involving killing/not killing Mr K contrary to your chosen faction are clearly not handled well by the game ( you said so yourself in the ending topic "The game doesn't seem to have been designed for my loophole exploitation, muddling the ending.")
  13. You didn't lock yourself into any side yet no worries. Thankfully that was only a thing in G2. You can safely use books and canisters from G3 onwards without compromising training.
  14. Rampant canister use only matters if you go rebel and then really only in one very late instance (a certain cave).
  15. Strong Daze ftw. At least as ridic as Parry but way cheaper in skillpoints. And iirc you can get it really early by joining Zak and buying it from that botany shaper. Mind, neither of these is needed to easily beat the game on torment, speed and initiative (QA+Dex) is enough for that.