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  1. Yeah, this is definitely a linguistic issue. Here in Australia, a form that wants your citizenship will specifically ask for citizenship; a form that asks for nationality will usually provide space for you to enter multiple answers and doesn't expect you to answer only with the nations you're a citizen of. It's not just a question of bigots or immigrants. Members of indigenous nations such as Australian Aboriginal or Native American communities often also consider themselves to belong to a nation separate from that of the state in which they hold citizenship.
  2. Frequently it begins even before birth. What's picking out pink or blue decor for a nursery, or a baby shower with a giant "It's a Boy" poster on the wall, if not a form of gender assignment by the parents?
  3. Maybe this is just a language issue (maybe a lot of things people are arguing about in this thread are language issues), but people absolutely do talk about nationality in terms of identity. There are many people who identify as members of nations to which they don't necessarily hold citizenship (the descendants of emigrants, for example), and there are nations that have no single uncontested legal entity capable of defining who does and doesn't belong to them in the first place. The 19th-century European model of the nation-state is far from the only form of nationality that exists. You seem to be trying to draw a line between subjectivity and demographic data, but in reality they overlap all the time: demographic data is seldom 100% objective. To give another example, numerous religions have active internal debates about who counts as a member, but census forms still rely on self-reporting to find demographic data on religion within a population.
  4. fun fact: in the planning stages, geneforge was in fact originally going to be a pure sci-fi game, but Jeff felt that adding fantasy elements would make it more marketable
  5. How do these results correlate to the "favourite video game era" question?
  6. I'm glad that you enjoyed your experience with Avernum, and I'm sorry to hear about your husband. I know that my dad's a bit of a retro RPG fan himself, and I suppose that one day in the future I'll probably be cleaning out his computer and find his collection of save files and notes too.
  7. i'm glad it wasn't just me
  8. i mean, i'd say having to become a judge counts as having a significantly less easy time of it
  9. my understanding was that in most US states, ordained ministers of religion have a significantly easier time gaining legal authority to officiate marriages than anyone else, which i suppose is a relatively minor issue in the scheme of things but does seem a bit like giving special treatment to religion
  10. well, in fairness, the idea of poly marriage does raise legal questions that monogamous marriage (same-sex or otherwise) doesn't; having one spouse means there's one go-to person for any issue where the spouse gets the first bite at the apple, while with multiple spouses you need some kind of decision-making process to work out how they're prioritized. there's also the question of transitivity: if A marries B and B then marries C, what kind of legal relationship does that create between A and C, and how much input should A have in whether B and C's marriage can happen given that it may have financial and legal consequences for A on the otoh hand there are existing legal procedures that already handle similar questions. for example, many countries that accommodate spousal immigration already impose a lifetime limit on how many spouses you can bring over. and when it comes to inheritance or medical decision-making authority, the situation of someone with multiple spouses is arguably comparable to a person with no living spouse but multiple children, which we already manage to handle well enough most of the time. so it's certainly not impossible in principle to establish an equitable legal framework for it
  11. GOG sometimes modifies their versions of games to run better on modern computers, so you might end up having to contact GOG's own support for this one.
  12. answer: it's actually pretty important for a government to have some formal definition of who counts as a member of your family for purposes like inheritance, immigration, and medical decision-making, and marriage is socially recognized as a way for two people to become part of the same family. the consequences of being legally recognized as family members add up to a big enough deal in everyday life that before same-sex marriage, there were a number of same-sex relationships where one partner resorted to adopting the other as their child because that was the only way for them to have a legally recognized family relationship. in some countries where same-sex marriage still isn't recognized, this still happens imo the "why does the government recognize marriage" position is one of those things that sounds good until you dig deeper into the practical implications of it
  13. Speaking as a neutral third party, I would say that the tone of your posts does in fact frequently come across as demanding. Consider this post, for example: Maybe it's different where you're from, but to me saying that something "should" be changed comes across as a demand. If that wasn't your intent, please keep this in mind in future.
  14. I don't see any uproar. I see people disagreeing with you. Since you've made it known that you're unhappy when other people characterize your own statements in ways you don't like, please try to remember how that feels when you're about to hastily accuse others of making an uproar.
  15. to give a specific example, the Liberal Party of Australia, one of our two largest political parties, is (at least historically) a liberal conservative party, which is a bit less of a contradiction in its cultural and historical context. the more you tmyk