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  1. Whoa I'm coming up on 9 years! And also, same on so many of the points you mention! Same (among other things) and same! And finally' date=' saaaaaaame. But I sorta moved onto my own game development to make up for that. Have you thought about it as a hobby? Some awesome tools like PICO-8 for making cute little games like this (think of it as my new scenario, like, five (?) years later? They've got a cool community over there too! Would love it if more Spiderwebbers and scenario designers started doing PICO-8 carts.
  2. Hi everyone! I know I'm not often around these forums, but I've been playing A2CS on my iPad and loving it. I must have started A2 on five separate occasions, but never got past the first trip to Vahnatai lands in the old version. It's great that I finally have a convenient excuse and method for finally revisiting the game and experiencing the rest of the story. So far I've done two of three game-winning quests, but I'm finding the Angierach arena extremely difficult. Anyway, the reason I'm posting is that I write essays about games every once in a while, trying to analyze how game designers do different things with their games that I like. My newest critique is about the implicit storytelling I found when I tried to return to Fort Haledon after storming the Ornotha Ziggurat. I thought I'd share it here. You can read it on my blog. I hope you enjoy it! And if anyone has thoughts or corrections, they're more than welcome.
  3. @Dintiradan: Awesome! Team 1 actually decided not to finish our game because we wrote ourselves into somewhat of a corner. Act One was a good time, but I don't know if the log is worth posting. In other news, my meatspace friends have started playing roleplaying games in a big way, and it's fantastic! We've been playing D&D every Sunday for about the past month. One of my other friends stepped up to DM and is doing a wonderful job with it. I also have lots of people interested in playing meatspace Fiasco now! My cup doth overflow. I still might be a willing participant/coordinator for more online roleplay with y'all, though. How much interest is there in throwing a Fiasco encore? I also thought Microscope sounded like the kind of thing that would be great with this group, and I'd totally be willing to buy the book to make that happen.
  4. In a little under four and half hours, now.
  5. The 7th works for me.
  6. Alright, if I've done my math correctly, we're aiming to start our game in around 32 hours and 45 minutes. There's still a good deal of players not in the Slack channel. Send me your emails as soon as you can, so we're all ready and don't have last minute technical issues with the chatroom. This morning I'm going to whip up a custom dice roller in Python along with some Google Doc templates for managing the game alongside the channel. We should also settle on a couple playsets as soon as possible. Regina's Wedding won the popular vote, but I'm thinking it might be a little boring to run two of the same game (although they will of course be radically different). Let's discuss it in the Slack?
  7. I'm going to suggest we use a Slack channel to plan and run the games. It's just a browser-based chat client with support for multiple channels, DMs, etc. Basically just an IRC with visible message archiving. I've made a channel for it already. The only problem is, channels are invite-only. So if everyone who wants to play can PM me your email addresses, I can get everyone in on it. We can use the channel to plan the 17th in more specific detail.
  8. After 5 entries in the calendar, here is what we've got to work with. Hopefully 3 hours will be enough for a session over chat. I'd like to suggest these times (Mountain time): Plan A: Saturday October 17, 4:00 PM - 7:00 PM. Plan B: Saturday October 24, 4:00 PM - 7:00 PM. If the 17th works for most/all of us, we'll plan for that. If anyone hasn't yet filled out the calendar, just let me know if either of those works. EDIT: It's Halloween. What was I thinking? Why don't we try a couple of these more "spooky" playsets? Back to the Old House Camp Death Salem 1692 Living Dead
  9. Huh, I probably should have re-read The Ice. It's one of the only ones I haven't played successfully which is why I was interested. But in hindsight, a complete failure to pull it off is probably a reason not to try again. Regina's wedding is fantastic. I have the Companion and could send you the additional pages you'd need to do the other 4 sets.
  10. Hopefully we'll find a time early in the first half, then. If not, sounds like we'll need a new calendar.
  11. It's been a long time since I used "when is good," so yeah... I know everyone's spread across time zones, so if the slots I suggested are too restrictive, let me know, but pretty much anything I haven't included here would be tough for me to work around. Fill out the calendar if you want to play Games are optimal with 4-5 players and we're going to need 2 groups with our current amount. We could use 1 more person to fill out a round 8 (my friend is in, but he hasn't filled out the poll.) If anyone else is interested, we could use you! We could accept up to 3 more people (giving 10 in all) without having to make a group of 3. (@Dinti: If you're anchored in a different time zone, maybe you should make your own calendar so a separate group can coordinate itself and we play the 2 games maybe at different times? In that case we'd both want to pick a playset beforehand, and I'd love to host The Ice if that's alright.)
  12. Maybe Slack would work as a client for everyone? It's online and supports Mac/Windows/Linux. All we'd need is to make our own channel (free I believe) and everyone would need to make an account.
  13. Hi everyone! A friend and I want to play some more Fiasco but our other friends aren't much for roleplaying games anymore. It's a delightful game if you enjoy movies where everything goes hilariously wrong, like Fargo and Burn After Reading. It's played in one-off sessions without a GM, in groups of 3-5. My friend and I know the rules, and Dintiradan has offered to brush up on them, so we could theoretically handle 15 people in 3 separate games with their own rules facilitators. But let's hope we don't have to. So check the game out. If it sounds interesting, give us your responses to the poll so we can get a feel for our potential group. Once enough interested players present themselves, I'll put up an availability calendar so we can schedule our first game. Hopefully we'll be able to get a session going in the next couple weeks. I've never played it online, but I'm guessing a single game will take a bit longer over IM than in person. Maybe 3 hours or so. Every game needs to run based on a premade playset which contains tools for character and story setup. I've included 8 official playsets from Fiasco and The Fiasco Companion in the poll up above, but there are tons of them made by players and if one of those sounds more interesting to you, post it here!
  14. I think I'll put up a topic for Fiasco then, and throw together a Google Doc template!
  15. I just read Lame Mage's description of Microscope and it sounds pretty fantastic. I'd love to try it--but I agree that both Microscope and Fiasco sound much more suited to real time play.