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  1. I'm only running 10.10.5 (Yosemite) and the same version of N:R as you, and it works fine for me. Which makes me wonder if one of your OSX updates somehow broke it? Might need to email Spiderweb about this.
  2. It's possible to wipe out everyone everywhere, if you really want to.
  3. The Awakened, Barzite, and Taker endings to G2 are all fascinating pieces of alternative history to me, what-if scenarios for the Geneforge world. We can see presented with the godlike authority of the game's author (rather than mere speculation) how it could have been. In a way, I think these endings make the canon ending more meaningful, by showing that things didn't have to happen to way they did. The course of history was contingent on the choices made by the Shaper Apprentice, and had those choices been different, instead of the events we know as G3-5, history would have taken a different course.
  4. Wow. How long did it take you compile all this?! Very impressive!
  5. Wow! Impressive work! Thank you.
  6. So the true definition of "rebel" is actually "those who share my views"? I will also just say that you may not have seen all there is to see of the Awakened's plans. They may still be naively idealistic, but they also may not be quite as out of touch as you think.
  7. Come on, Alhoon. Here's the dialogue when you meet Nora: "The commander of the warren guards is patrolling the halls. She is a guardian, and her armor is still in good shape. You would guess that she came to Drypeak recently." Then she introduces herself thus: "I am Nora, a Guardian of the Warren." BOOM. And no, nothing in the dialogue of that zone suggests the guardians are really just outsider guards.
  8. Shaka, when the walls fell. Yes, Slarty, that's what I think. I was poking a little fun at the fact that Alhoon has some stringent standards of what a true Shaper is (as I recall, he found Alwan insufficiently orthodox!), not discounting my own example. Also, love today's PDN.
  9. Uh, you seem to have missed Zakary's chief bodyguard. She's explicitly identified as a Guardian, and she's a woman. Of course, under your taxonomy of "True Shaperhood," maybe working for Zakary disqualifies her as a valid example.
  10. ...So they are rebellious but NOT rebels? LOL. No it's not. The Shapers are know to exterminate those who violate their law (as you've referenced repeatedly with the story of Litalia et al.). Every group in the Drypeak Mountains knows it's only a matter of time before the Shapers come and try to wipe them out for they way they break from Shaper orthodoxy. It's perfectly possible for an Awakened or Barzite to be making war preparations while insisting they don't want war and only want to be left independent to go their own way. "I don't want to fight a war with the Shapers, but I also don't want to be completely defenseless when the Shapers inevitably come to murder me." (The Takers, of course, do desire to wage offensive war against the Shapers, so that's a little different.)
  11. Re: zones you found boring: No one makes you clear all the zones. For anywhere you need to go / anything of game importance you want to do, there's almost certainly more than one route, so if a zone bores you to death, there's a strong chance you can ignore it with no serious consequences.
  12. I can't wait until you meet the Barzites. Hee hee hee.
  13. There is someone you'll meet who particularly desires shaper equipment.
  14. My first thought upon reading this was "Wow, I knew Slarty loved Aodare, but that seems a bit much." But then I started wondering if you actually had someone else in mind.
  15. Well, you have a history of not being convinced by anything anyone says. More than once, you've put forth a theory, and then when people offer points that don't mesh with whatever your theory happened to be, you deny, explain away, or otherwise devise reasons to reject that information. I'm glad we can put this particular debate to bed, at least.