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  1. Also, that typo in the thread title.
  2. Ghaldring doesn't appear in G3. However, multiple characters present a matching story that clarifies the meaning of the G2 ending's sealed door. Taken together, we get a pretty unambiguous picture of Ghaldring being hidden away behind the sealed door sometime prior to the arrival of the G2 PC, then being overlooked in the canonical ending of G2 where the Shapers purge the mountains, and emerging sometime afterward to join up with the surviving serviles and drayks.
  3. So the Barrier of Winds seems like a bad idea to you, but using more spawners sounds like a good idea? Hmm. If you've seen the Barrier of Winds and are underwhelmed, well, that's it as far as the Awakened are concerned. That's their secret plan to defend themselves; there are no further big reveals for them.
  4. People have TALKED about making a tabletop RPG of Exile / Avernum for years. And usually when they do, they ask if there's any extant work or other useful info from previous attempts. I don't recall ever seeing anything of the sort, however. If anyone in past actually did get further than just talk, then I don't think it's ever shown up here on the forums in any substantial way.
  5. Interesting. So you'll join the Awakened even though you believe the Takers are more pragmatic and likely to survive? Also, Gazak-Uss is the challenge area for G2 - the optional, totally unnecessary, has nothing plot relevant, chock-full of the most deadly monsters in the whole game, zone. Just FYI.
  6. Aha, aha. So which will it be? The Takers or the Awakened? FYI, sabotaging the brass post control system as you did should give you an edge if you dare to challenge Barzahl. You did what you're supposed to do and didn't miss anything in terms of breaking them.
  7. I suppose it's revenge if that's your intention, but might it not also be that you, as the lawful representative of the Shaper Council, are carrying out a just execution of a confessed, unrepentant murderer? Why do think this is bug? Friendly creatures are known to attack hostiles. If one NPC turned into a hostile, it seems logical and normal, not buggy, that the friendly guard NPCs would attack it. Re: the brass pylons: you must construct additional...oh wait, that's a meme, not advice. As long as no one catches you, messing with the pylons won't hurt your standing with the Barzites.
  8. You're doing something wrong. Because through the dialogue options with Barzahl and Stanis, you totally can "challenge that huge, Shaped-to-lolness guy in a one-to-one fight." And if you don't want it to be a fair one-vs.-one fight, maybe you should poke around for a way to turn to the tide. Oh, I misread your last post. More punctuation and capitalization would have helped with that. So you found the option to challenge Stanis. You are just offended that Barzahl won't do the dirty work of executing him for you. Well, sorry, but you'll have to do this on your own. As I said, though, if you don't want to fight a fair one-on-one fight, find a way to make it less...one-on-one.
  9. You absolutely can talk to Barzahl about Shanti's death, then talk to his guard and about it and reach a "conclusion" to the matter. If you saw no such options, perhaps you missed some dialogue?
  10. You are a: Right-Leaning Anarchist Cosmopolitan Reactionary Collectivism score: -33% Authoritarianism score: -100% Internationalism score: 0% Tribalism score: -17% Liberalism score: -67% Well, no one's ever called me that before. I approve this quiz because it was delightfully short. I did have to answer "Maybe" on several questions because I just didn't feel like "Yes" or "No" was an adequate answer without further explanation / definition of terms.
  11. In G4, the PC is the only member of his "class" to survive, which makes the Rebels' graduation rates look pretty bad...but I guess technically the others *were* all killed by the Shaper attack.
  12. The Shapers are, on some level, a bunch of magical researchers (it might be part of why they do a poor job with the administrative side of ruling an empire). To a draw a real life analogy, pick a scholarly field. I'll use history since that's what I do. Most historians have a PHD. They are all basically "equal" in being PHD holders; you can address all of them as Shaper, I mean Doctor, So-and-so. But are they really equal in status? Not at all! Some might have had an especially eminent scholar for their advisor, whose reputation can open doors for them. Others might have attended an ivy league school whose mere name confers tremendous prestige. Additionally, some of them are employed and some are not. Among those that are employed, some are exploited cheap laborers known as adjuncts, others are tenure-track associate professors, and still others are tenured department chairs. There's also publications to consider: some have published one book that no one even remembers except their mother, others have published half a dozen books and won the Bancroft Prize for one of them. NONE of these distinctions are conveyed by ranks. There is no formal hierarchy through which a person progresses in linear fashion. And yet people within the field KNOW who the "big names" are in their line of study. My analogy is imperfect, I freely concede. But I think it successfully illustrates how a bunch of people without ranks to distinguish them, who are in one sense all equal (as PHD holders) can nonetheless very much be unequal in status, and for them all to be well aware of that fact. It's not at all farfetched in my mind to suppose something similar might go on among the Shapers. Based on what we see in G1/2/3, Shapers must undertake extensive study and pass exams to be allowed to become a Shaper, then undergo a long period of training and study (what the G1 apprentice was about to begin and what the G3 apprentice was in the middle of), then get assigned a mentor for a time of field training (like the G2 apprentice). Then they are Shapers, all "equal" in the eyes of the outside world. But within the Shaper community, some are known to have far more status than others, and some also hold special offices of authority (administrator of the Ashen Isles, member of the Shaper Council, etc.).
  13. Speaking of Shapers and rules: have you met a fellow named Aodare yet? You'll know him when you find him. Or what about visiting the Loyalist Encampment zone? Knowing your high standards for what constitutes an orthodox Shaper, I'm curious if any of these folks will qualify for the "True Shaper" Hall of Fame.
  14. I would agree with Slarty. The Shapers don't seem have any especially rigorous system of titles / ranks. Some people have authority and everyone knows who they are, but they don't make deal out of job titles or ranks as status symbols.