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  1. why should we treat religious institutions any separately from their secular counterparts (non-profit org or business, depending on the church, i guess) in a secular government. also, saying "we should be allowed to be bigoted because we're religious" is silly. why does your religion get to impact someone else. because of tax exemptions for religious institutions, my tax dollars are effectively going towards gay conversion camps[citation needed]. not okay.
  2. "hey please treat us like humans" "NO THIS IS A SLIPPERY SLOPE NOW THE PEDOPHILES WILL BE MARRYING TOASTERS AND HAVING POLY RELATIONSHIPS WITH DOGS AND THINK OF THE CHILDREN*" is usually how this goes. so, the whole "we're not taking rights away, we're just not granting them" argument doesnt hold a lot of water IMO, especially when these minority groups are asking for treatment they should already be getting as human people. saying "no we dont want to give you that" is fairly equal to "we are taking away your human rights".
  3. my jabber ident is publicly-listed, and it's startlingly-similar to my email. you could prolly put it in the "filler" fields though. "Interests: being emailed at dikiyoba@diki.biz"
  4. no diki, it's not trampling minority rights, it's protecting god-fearing Americans from the rapists and pedophiles and drug runners and Mexicans. i've got 40% unemployment in my former-coal-town hovel in west virginia ever since the mine closed fifty years ago, but it's that damn obama's fault i can't get a job. better defund that libtard money-wasting TVA so i can give all my tax dollars to the rich and it'll trickle down.
  5. Yeah, I totally agree its a mess trying to reconcile everything. But, at the end of the day it's an argument about labels, and "cis" and "trans" does a pretty good job of generalizing everything down to a usable set of data. Certainly better than a dropdown with 8,000,000 options, which can be a problem when trying to look at demographics and such (especially with a small sample size). Yeah, lumping some people in with "cis" and "trans" as the only option (which it wasn't, in this case, there were also "neither of those terms" and "?????" for options for transness, and the gender field was M/F/NB/Other, so I'm pretty sure our hijra forumgoers would be able to be at least somewhat-accurately represented) is a bad idea, but for the purposes of this survey, I think it's the best option? This isn't a national census, it's a fun poll for, like, 100 forumgoers. But, my problem with the original commenter's remarks was not that the language was US-centric (which, yeah, it is, but like 90% of this forum is america, so sorry?) but more that the idea of even suggesting that GSM people exist (by way of giving them a couple radio buttons?) was a political issue. (if this is not the case, i apologize, but that was certainly the gist i got). gay people dont exist in chechnya. there is no war in ba sing se. You can argue "hey why does this even need to be a thing" and I'd argue by comparison, why does this entire poll need to be a thing, then? Like, the entire purpose of this poll is to look at demographics of the forum population, right?. A thread just came up that suggested we have a disproportionate number of trans people here, so i dont thing anyone would be against a fun question in a fun poll to get some harder data on that than "i remember these people saying they were trans, which is a lot of people compared to the number of people that go into the forums". this has been: a rant brought to you by sleppy sylae.
  6. yeah because trans people and gay people dont exist outside of america 👌
  7. Not yet it'll probably be on spacebattles/calref/here?/elsewhere pretty soon though. we're trying to get the first big chunk down before releasing anything The only Worm fanfic I need to read is THE TECHNO QUEEN. All other fanfic falls short of its terribleness brilliance.
  8. seems fun, but lately i've been a functioning human with no convenient free time. ugh i might logstalk though if they're published
  9. Yay, an poll thank you for doing the default options so i could just skip all the stuff about the trash games. that made it real quick and EZ.
  10. probably not. you know why. let's not get into it here pls. i am.
  11. I didn't even know the author was a dude until like a fifth of the way through (which doesn't sound like a lot but worm is like ten billion words so). I didn't notice any sexism in the writing at all (which i guess means i'm either oblivious to it or the author is hella good, i dunno), which seems like a miracle given it's a cis dude writing from the perspective of a teenage girl. Interestingly, based on the way people get superpowers in the universe, there are actually more female capes (heroes and villains) than male. It's pretty close to a 50/50 split in the story iirc, there's a buttload of characters so I can't be bothered to get the exact ratio.
  12. i haven't seen the license (and cant be bothered to look it up) but i would assume (based on presumably-similar licenses i have read) it would be fine as long as you aren't tampering with the original game files or distributing them? just loading doesn't count, so a new "reader" would be fine.
  13. if you havent read it and you have a lot of spare time to kill, you should go read worm it's pretty good and basically takes a bunch of superhero tropes and shoots them, repeatedly in the face, until they are dead.
  14. Hello there
  15. yeah when i say "art" i mean "art that is good", not, like, "oh i signed a urinal", or "i painted this canvas red and added no other features to it"
  16. so thor is just, like, named craig now, or something? and she gets to be THOR 2: CHECK OUT MY COOL MAGIC HAMMER? i can get behind that. yay my meaningless life now has meaning
  17. wait what where is thor female i mean there's probably a good basis (like didn't thor do some crossdressing shenanigans in a myth or something? only know this because JNPR is based off genderbent figures and nora == thor) anyway i really liked rogue one because it 1) had a cool female lead, and 2) DIDN'T HAVE A DORKY ROMANCE THING (i mean there was the end with [spoilers] but that seemed more like a "we're gonna die" thing than a "<3" thing). and honestly i think it woulda been just as successful without a star wars sticker attached.
  18. is this the sentence where an ominous clap of thunder sounds throughout the webforum.
  19. it helps that it was a pretty good film, but personally i prefer Rogue One for recent "movies with a strong female protagonist that do well" i dunno if it actually did well too, but honestly one of the problems i see a lot is throwing in the "token girl character" to make SJWs happy or whatever. like, come on people, that's as bad, if not worse, than the status quo of "sex object"
  20. then make it a toggleable option then (which you should be doing anyway for a huge UI change like this?) so if it looks like ass than the user can switch to the original view.
  21. okay, i'll bite. you are making a product, nobody is buying said product. as far as i can tell this boils down to three possible issues? Your marketing sucks. what is your target audience. are you reaching out to them. do you know what your target audience is. Your product sucks. what is its purpose. why would i want to use a giant pixellated pineapple to cover my magnificent breasts. does this product fill a niche that needs to be filled (and are you willing to accept tiny profits from a tiny niche) There is a great conspiracy against you to undermine your business. as an avid buyer of nerdy t-shirts of various qualities and tastes, i see no reason to cover my magnificent breasts with a giant pixellated pineapple. have you performed any sort of market research to determine if anyone else in the world wants to do said covering with your pineapples. otherwise you may have to accept that you are selling a product nobody wants to buy. if you are making these because you feel like it, all the power to you, but don't expect capitalism to give you a pat on the back for following your passion. if i could get paid money even if my product was unwanted, i assure you i would be doing a lot more demeaning and humiliating (read: ) things than working in a hotel. you want to make a living selling t-shirts? okay, find a target audience. then make a product for them. then market that product to them. but, to be up-front, unless you do that (and are prepared to fail many, many times before finding the right formula) then you should accept your current life of doing whatever it is you do. i would hesitate to call a pixellated pineapple art, much like i would hesitate to describe a stick-figure spray painted onto a burning dumpster as art. maybe i have bad taste. i can go onto the internet and casually find art i think is much niftier than pineapples (and that's only scratching the surface of one rather-niche fandom). i dunno. maybe manage expectations? practice, get better at pixel arting, then come back to it? honestly i don't know. but i am unable to determine why your t-shirts exist, or who would buy them. this has been: sylae being up-front and honest.
  22. hey those are the three default interpolation options in GIMP, along with no interpolation (all blown up 150%). now i'm no pixel art connoisseur, but except for linear (which is a little blurry) they look pretty fine to me.
  23. is it time for a post on the proper tm scenario machete order
  24. maybe this is just me but blown-up pixel graphics typically look terrible. like, if it's too large i have trouble even figuring out wtf the art is supposed to be also, i dunno if you're going for "make this bigger" for the sake of making it bigger, or for the sake of improving the interface? from an aesthetic view, everything is the color SQUARE and that's really jarring compared to anything remotely modern. like, i get nostalgia, but too much square is too much square IMO
  25. this is silly, why would you ask something that everyone already knows the answer to