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  1. Notably, I remember both Starcraft and Warcraft III had really powerful editors (GREAT scripting system that I think blows BoX out of the water for ease-of-use). Obviously it's a different genre but you could definitely do some powerful stuff in there. SC2 has a pretty good editor from what i hear, but i haven't played with it much.
  2. aaaa they are currently set to mod only while we work out kinks but i guess they're not very kinky anymore so
  3. hi <3

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  4. updates here: a couple weeks ago iffy, neb, and myself met Jewels. Us three just had a meetup with Diki this evening as well.
  5. i'm not a huge fan of memey things but i've been eating up /r/traa stuff a lot. i'd link some goodies but a lot of it really requires context. really hated the "rage comics" of old but those aren't around much anymore, nowadays i'm mostly pissed off by irritating star wars memes (how many times can you make a "i have the high ground" joke before it gets old). also grats on 9k diki
  6. as long as the automap is 100% i'm happy. open every door in the town just to make sure the interior of peasant houses show up on map
  7. Also known as that one chapter of Life is Strange
  8. what okay so just fyi blades of exile and blades of avernum are different games. modern BoE works perfectly well on modern systems. Get the version from the BoE forum. 32- or-64 bit should be fine. Don't use the version from SW's main site because it won't work on modern systems. BoA works perfectly fine on my system (Win7 x64) and I see no reason for it to have issues on a windows 10 system.
  9. it's presently 2017. both of my monitors still have a legacy vga input and my high-end mobo has a (single) ps/2 port. even besides that, iirc win98 had usb key/mouse support, barring that i'm sure a simple driver will fix that. even besides that, i guarantee a school or other local institution has a closet full of ancient xp boxes they'll give away, that'll probably run exile fine. not saying buying old hardware is a good idea but it's damn misleading to call it expensive. personally, i keep a win98 vitualbox instance set aside for older games.
  10. probably nethergate, based on the nethergate tag the user put in i dunno if there's differences between new nethergate and old nethergate, but...
  11. It might be unrelated, but in the same situation (98se VM on Win7) I had to install some special video driver stuff onto 98 to get it to be even somewhat-responsive (something wonky with how things got virtualized, i guess). Perhaps this is a similar issue? It has been...some time...since I worked with it, though, so i don't remember any details.
  12. I've had a couple ideas for campaigns based on Exile stuff, but they've mostly been waiting for all my other campaign ideas to die off i've never actually played D&D, which saddens me greatly. I made a 5e character for a campaign like six months ago, but it still hasn't started and i'm moving across the country in a month, so...meh
  14. <div id='wrapper'> is not closed, add a closing div at the end
  15. oh that's why we made it here's a new one for when/if that one dies: https://l.calref.net/ba
  16. when you say corrupt are you talking about encoding issues (ie special chars being funny) or EVERYTHING IS ON FIRE LOOK AT ALL THESE CONTROL CHARACTERS corruption edit: fyi there's a couple small things in your site, here's a patch of recommendations $ diff "new 2.txt" "new 3.txt" 38c38 < <div class='logo'><img src="BoE_Logo.png"/></div> --- > <div class='logo'><img src="BoE_Logo.png" alt="Blades of Exile" /></div> 64,65c64,65 < <li><a hred='https://github.com/calref/cboe/issues'>Report bugs to the tracker</a> < <li><a href='http://l.calref.net/boeforum/'>The Blades of Exile forum</a> @ Spiderweb Forums --- > <li><a href='https://github.com/calref/cboe/issues'>Report bugs to the tracker</a> > <li><a href='http://spiderwebforums.ipbhost.com/index.php?/forum/12-blades-of-exile/'>The Blades of Exile forum</a> @ Spiderweb Forums 82c82 < <div class='logo'><img src="boeaniad.gif" /></div> --- > <div class='logo'><img src="boeaniad.gif" alt="" /></div> - recommend alt-text in images for accessibility - typo in one of the links - at some point i'm going to rewrite l.calref, and the custom shortcuts are prolly gonna go since i'm literally the only person who has ever used them. plus it's kinda funky having a link shortener when you don't need one, why did we have one again? (if you want to keep it, that's fine, but make sure to change it to an https url)
  17. no you wont, email jeff.
  18. Exile III also had a room in fort emergence iirc, had some nice beginner loot in it as well if I'm not mistaken
  19. idea to make that super duper convenient: a magic button "manually edit strings" or something, that passes that xml on to the system's default text editor. user does find&replace/regex/whatever, hits save, boe does a quick validation to make sure it's still XML and puts it back in the proper spot
  20. yeah i don't think size should be a concern. i mean, it's been a bit since I looked at stuff, but wasn't one of the plans for the new scenario format to compress everything? Even if it wasn't, designers will just pop their .exs in a zip anyway, to also throw a README in there. as a happy medium, perhaps some sort of find/replace functionality that could hit all item descriptions? i dunno.
  21. If you don't mind me asking, what symbols were you trying to use that didn't work? Did it, by any chance, include any of the following: ' " ` & ; < >
  22. Haven't been doing much reading lately, but I'm getting back into writing, which is great. It's been too many years since I tried doing a proper story
  23. Reviving this topic. I watched RWBY, then sucked the entire household into watching RWBY as well. Very good show (see if you can guess who my favorite is from my rotating avatar collection ). I also have been watching Designated Survivor, which is eh, The Grand Tour, which is fantastic, and some other stuff I cannot remember. Oh! and new sherlock
  24. i see triple valley on this list, make sure not to skip muffins'n'hell if you haven't done it yet.
  25. I got michigan actually