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  1. Playing a prank on your enemies?
  2. There was definitely something about special nodes being triggered in boats only in town or only outdoors. I don't know if it applied to all specials, or only to placed specials. Maybe you were using terrain specials, as I did for my unfinished scenario that didn't use an outdoors and linked towns together with edge nodes? (To clarify, by "terrain specials" here, I mean terrains with the "call special when stepped on" ability.)
  3. It should be possible in OBoE, but is untested. In legacy BoE, boats would only trigger specials while outdoors, so you probably wouldn't've even gotten the "can't use staircase" type message. In OBoE, they always trigger specials (unless you block them with a Boat Block, as I recall), and I think I extended stairway nodes to work in more situations.
  4. Yeah, the "go back" problem was already known, but I don't recall spotting the menu issue before, so that's helpful.
  5. I can't really give you an answer to that question, sorry. I haven't tried out a lot of custom scenarios, and frankly, I'm probably not going to do so until the main scenarios are entirely working. Regarding the blacked out squares, that could potentially happen if for any reason the game is unable to load a custom graphics sheet. In particular, if you didn't place the custom graphics sheet (a BMP file) in the same folder as the scenario, then any custom terrain graphics would likely appear as a black space.
  6. I wonder if you can really rely on something like this. I wouldn't be that surprised if it turns out that numbers in AvernumScript are 16-bit signed integers, which would mean that 2*30000 overflows. Is it known or documented what the size of AS integers is?
  7. I would say that it's the fact that it's now freeware that enables the possibility. Before it was freeware, the existence of such a tool likely would've allowed playing the full version without registering, since as I understand Exile relied on a flag in the preferences file to determine whether it was registered. (Sure, you could make the upgraded version read that flag, but that wouldn't stop anyone from making a modified build that ignores it.) In any case, this isn't something to even consider doing until OBoE is stable for running BoE scenarios.
  8. I'd love to port Exile III to the OBoE engine, and we've discussed this a few times in the past. However, I have no plans to do so, and in any case we'd need permission from Jeff before doing it. For playing E3 on modern computers, my suggestion would be to install Windows 3.x on DOSBox and then install E3 on that. EDIT: Oh, there is actually an option which wouldn't require Jeff's permission (though I still have no plans to do it) - enable OBoE to read the Exile III data files.
  9. Oh, that's what you were talking about. I don't really see any reason to expand the 9x9 for any scenarios, really.
  10. The point of scaling up is so that it appears around the same size on a modern screen as it would have appeared on an older screen, because modern screens have far higher resolution which makes the game interface appear far smaller. The active PC and the PC whose inventory you're viewing are separate, so you do need the two separate toggles. It especially matters in combat, where you can change the latter but not the former. For the record, without using a shader, I only have a choice between cubic and linear interpolation. Using no interpolation (as ADoS appears to have been assuming) is actually more work. I have a vague idea of how to 2x zoom the graphics, and when I do, linear or cubic interpolation is essentially free. I don't need to do any extra work for that. I dislike this idea. If there's going to be an option, I'm not planning to allow the scenario to force you into any particular interface. (The scenario can customize the look of the interface elements, but that's it.)
  11. I dunno, could that be the problem right there? I mean, the point of scaling stuff up 2x was supposed to be that everything gets scaled up, right? Well that doesn't sound good. If the inventory is narrower, item names may not fit. Also, in your second (and third) layout, I feel that there's not enough space for the transcript text.
  12. Hmm, okay, that could indeed be viable. Handling double-clicks and handling dropped files are equivalent, so that's basically what I just said.
  13. This is a good idea, but impossible. I already installed a handler so that double-clicking an .exs or .boes file opens it in the scenario editor, and you can only have one handler per file type. (You'd have to use the installer package for that to work on Windows though, and I haven't been releasing any installer packages. It'll work on Mac with the current packages.) That said, you could still enable dropping the .exs or .boes on the application icon to install it.
  14. No, the ._readme file would be something like the resource fork of the readme file, which wouldn't have any useful content as far as I know.
  15. Can you give any details about the crash? Does it put up an error dialog or just quit? If the latter, is there a way you could get some sort of crash report log?