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  1. Can you give any details about the crash? Does it put up an error dialog or just quit? If the latter, is there a way you could get some sort of crash report log?
  2. Did we specify a license when asking if we could use them? I don't remember. I'd still prefer having the graphics be under something CC, but whatever.
  3. I haven't actually committed that to the repository yet.
  4. Ugh, boat locations resetting? This sounds really bad... I assume that affects save as too?
  5. Short answer: The Blades of Exile graphics from the original BoE source release can be used for whatever you want, since Jeff release them under GPL. The Exile Trilogy graphics that didn't make it into Blades of Exile (blue cave floor, a few grass tiles, the stone wall, female merchant, green merchant, and a few others) are pending approval from Jeff. I was going to ask him about them again at some point.
  6. Hmm, it does appear to mean that, unless there are other factors at work here. The bonus is your Intelligence bonus if I recall correctly.
  7. There should be no missing items now, but I suppose there's a small possibility that I accidentally deleted something I shouldn't've when cleaning out excess blank items from the scenario files.
  8. Well, it's also an experimental new feature, so it's possible that it just doesn't work properly yet... >_> I'll try it out myself sometime, and if it works I'll let you know how, and if not I'll fix it.
  9. Another way to do a crafting system might be to give the party "recipes" which are in fact usable special items. The recipes check for the presence of the needed ingredients and then take some and give you the item. I guess you didn't go with the "store/unstore" method for the PCs?
  10. Fresh BoE parties still start with all level 1-3 spells, but they can be removed by a scenario. It's not ideal, sure, but it would work if the scenario simply removed them on entry. (OBoE can call a special node immediately upon starting the scenario.)
  11. The slime pit (where you need to fireball the pools) wasn't possible in BoE before, but I believe it's possible in OBoE. I don't know about the number puzzle. The moving walls may or may not be possible already; I can't say for sure because I'm not sure how they actually work. There's also Skribbane addiction, joining the Anama... not sure if those are possible quite like in E3. There's also the possibility for towns to be game over if you're caught stealing; I think that's in OBoE but wasn't in the original BoE. Oh, and the dialogs in various places, such as the slime pit, aren't currently possible in OBoE. Maps however are possible now.
  12. The limit is somewhere in the vicinity of four billion (or to be exact, two to the power of thirty-two), so there's no danger of running out. This applies both to the number of types and to the number of things placed on a map. I think the limit on outdoor sections and towns hasn't changed (yet).
  13. I made another build. You can download it for Windows or Mac.
  14. It saves the entire PC, including stats, inventory, status effects, etc.
  15. If the absent status worked at all in LBoE, I believe that was a bug in LBoE - it was never documented and as far as I know, no-one ever actually used it. I guess it's good that you got something working (though I'll note that attempting to make your method character-editor-proof is still going to be futile, since there's no guarantee the character editor won't gain additional abilities too). If you delete the characters, there's basically no going back if I recall correctly, so if you want to let the player switch out their character, you'll need to use the store/unstore mechanism. Assuming it works as it should, that means you need to do the following: Reserve 6 SDFs to store the party's unique IDs. Store each of the PCs. To unstore, set a pointer to point to the SDF that stores the PC you want to unstore. Then use the pointer value (a negative number) as the PC ID in the unstore node. I don't think it's possible to use unstore without pointers, unless the unique IDs of PCs are predictable... which they might be, I can't remember.