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  2. Sorry for that, I've had some sleep now. Best guess for ten most full connections: Tyranicus: 15 Dikiyoba: 14 Iffy: 12 Nicothodes: 11 Neb: 11 Sylae: 11 Nalyd: 10 Nikki: 10 Actaeon: 8 Lauren: 8
  3. Sorry, I'm rather delirious from staying up all night, I've might have missed stuff. Should be updated now, let me know if I've messed up anything else.
  4. It's kinda messy, but I've done my best.
  5. Nikki was here in Ohio and met me, Sy, Bard, Nalyd, and Iffy. I guess we forgot to take a group picture.
  6. Huh, I also got married today. Weird.
  7. I don't really have a permanent address at the moment, but I will have moved to Ireland four months from now, so that might make British Isles the best answer.
  8. If it's any consolation, I will probably meet Tyranicus at some point. Timing just didn't work out for this one.
  9. I was going to skip posting, but I unexpectedly saw I had done this before! Now I can copy Sy!
  10. Iffy and I met Vergil when he was visiting in Colorado Springs. He's been living in Quebec for school, but it's just school. He's from Maryland, so maybe it's better to put him in DC?
  11. I donno. Seems like "Redskin" is a racial slur. Racial slurs are bad. The name and mascot of the Washington Redskins are easily considered an inappropriate stereotype / degradation in the current era. They should, perhaps, reconsider using those things as their trademark. I will now return to letting Kelandon make all the good points.
  12. I don't have quite as much going on here as I used to, but yeah, we have a lot of computers here. I haven't saved a lot of the specs and I doubt anyone cares for random trivia, so the thirty second summary: A - The laptop I used when I came here in 2008. It was used with a dial-up modem on top of a bag of ice because the modem would die it the laptop went over about 30 degrees C. I mailed it to Iffy in 2011 and got it back when I moved years later. I don't think it had more than 1.6Ghz or so on a single core. B - I got this laptop as a donation to use for BOINC because the screen was broken and most of the RAM was bad. Honestly, I don't remember a lot about it because it became spare parts. D - This was also a BOINC donation PC that I had to leave behind when I moved. I want to say dual 2.4? E - I don't remember this one at all. F - The first named computer, named so before the alphabet naming convention. This computer saw thousands of Geneforge and Age of Empires hours. It spent most of its time. Dual core 2.1 Ghz G - This was a 300 Mhz laptop that I ended up deprecating because it just wasn't worth the electricity it cost to run. H - The first decent computer I built...on a budget. 4 core 3.4Ghz I - This is a tablet. J - This was Sy's ancient and horrible computer. It was basically G if G was a PC. K - This is my current computer. 8 core 3.8Ghz. L - This is Iffy's computer, made from spare parts. dual 3.4 Obligatory Chart Red dots=death dates Yellow boxes=when I built them (or bought them if they weren't PCs)
  13. I'm not clear on how this argument is different from the notion that "Muslims should apologize for what they did on 9/11". Well, they didn't do anything on 9/11. Extremists/militants did, certainly. It was politically and religiously motivated, certainly. But Islam, as an organized religion, didn't order it or condone it in any way and, similarly, cannot be held responsible. The organization that sponsored them can, but that doesn't mean that each practitioner of Islam around the world owes an apology to the US. Sorry I didn't have an relatives who got elected to Congress and could have ended segregation sooner or prevented the Vietnam war, but it's asinine to say that I should feel guilty about it up to one hundred years after the fact when I'm only "responsible" for it by proximity in the first place.
  14. *sighs* My family did not have a role in the United States territorial acquisition of the Philippines in 1898. As far as I'm aware, The Jim Crow laws of the early 20th century were basically the revenge of an angry southern electorate and I can't see how I might be directly or indirectly responsible for that. Nor for the effects caused by Manifest Destiny, nor for being the causes of slavery (which was my original point, that you have conveniently side-stepped). I might also add that just because I'm white doesn't mean my family had an easy time and didn't face discrimination of their own. So, again, still not seeing a direct connection or how your argument makes more sense than saying "You moved to Germany in 1939, therefore you caused WWII". The US has done a number of deplorable things. This does not mean that I caused them, and furthermore unless you can find a papertrail, there's no way that you can say that I benefited from "shooting civilians and looting their resources in the Philippines". Let's...not do the blind guilt by association thing.