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  1. You're right, Kel. I did some testing and (at least in my Windows 10) deduct_ap can be called in town states and from special items. It worked fine. I seem to recall that some years back when I played BoA on a Windows 7 the game didn't work right. Some scripts didn't work at all or something. I had to play the game in compatibility mode. Which OS are you using, Chessrook? Edit: or maybe your BoA isn't up to date. What version of the game do you have, Chessrook?
  2. Regarding deduct_ap(), as far as I can tell, it is working exactly the way it is supposed to (on Windows). From the BoA Editor Doc Appendix v1.2: Emphasis mine. So as far as Windows users are concerned, the fact that Mac users can apparently use the call anywhere is the bug.
  3. I'm running Windows 7 (64-bit) and play BoA with Windows XP (Service Pack 2) compatability mode and it works fine.
  4. So I was thinking about BoA the other day (as a part of my larger thought process concerning my creative writing). I thought about all the unfinished stuff I have gathering e-dust on my hard drive and why I never DID finish them. Well, simply put, I think I overreached myself. I chose for my next project something way, way too ambitious (over 80 large towns, with the maximum amount of quests, a complexish morality system, several joinable NPCs who you could talk with like Adrian in Magus of Cattalon etc.) and I simply could not put the time and effort into a fun project of that scale while simultaneously working and studying. On the other hand, I think the shriveling interest in BoA, and the lack of feedback stemming from this, also contributed to my waning interest in designing. Perhaps I would have been more motivated if my later scenarios had gotten more comments, a fact I am not too proud to even admit. Reasons for quitting (if writing a couple of dialogue nodes every year is quitting. It is.) notwithstanding, I decided to come back and reread the comments I had gotten for Quarhag Pass if only for the reason that I was quite proud of it even though I remembered the reaction to it being along the lines of: "Yeah, it's alright." Having now reread the reviews, I did notice something that confused me somewhat (and I realize that I cannot make any definite assumptions with only four reviews, but still...). Mainly, people thought the conditions that triggered the good/bad endings were arbitrary and hidden. Granted, it has been some time since I designed or played QP (or any BoA scenario for that matter), but I seem to recall quite clearly that I wrote in this sequence: That said, this is not a "I'm back" post, nor is it a goodbye post, the latter which I never made when I silently drifted away from the community as I felt I was never an active member at any rate (apart from being, to my shock, one of the more prolific designers for BoA). This is not me announcing my return to BoA because I don't think I will ever rekindle my passion for BoA, the reason being that I haven't even played BoA in over a year, nor have I had much interest in doing so. This means I haven't had the chance to try out some promising looking scenarios, and I used to play (and review) them all. I used to write dialogue and scripts every day too. Not sure if I'm just wallowing in nostalgia, but I kinda miss who I was back then. I like myself more now, but it was nice when you could just at your computer and CREATE something for hours on end. Here's hoping those times come back. Smoo
  5. Go ahead and include Quarhag Pass. Just make sure it's not the version in Finnish... although that would be kind of funny.
  6. Originally Posted By: Smoo Maybe by adding a little pressure on myself I can force myself to actually work on this thing. Welp. That didn't work. It really wasn't an unrealistic supposition to think that I might be able to finish this thing before I go on a trip for two weeks. I guess I'll just have to continue not getting anything done once I get back. Work takes too much out of me, I suppose. Also, the typos distracted me from this before: Quote: unless you want to give the impression that the pillar might fall into the chasm at any moment) Why would I want to give that impression? Shut up!
  7. I know what you mean. I too had some doubts about the quality of the third party scenarios when I first started playing BoA (since, you know, they aren't made by "professionals"), but some of them really are quite good. On a different note, you hear that everyone: my scenario is pretty good, but y'all made bad ones! Suck iiiiiiiiit!
  8. Quote: the falled pillar That's a typo. I was going for "fallen." Although, maybe it could have been "felled" since E is so much closer to A than D is to N on my keyboard. Maybe I decided to change it halfway through typing and ended up with "falled."
  9. Maybe by adding a little pressure on myself I can force myself to actually work on this thing. Anyway, Home Again was supposed to be my entry for the 24h-contest held... um, a year ago? In all honesty, I still don't think I've spent more than 24 hours total working on it, but the idea has evolved a bit from what it initially was. Anywho, it is still a short scenario with one outdoor section, one friendly town and one two-part dungeon. I'm not going to say anything about the plot, unless someone is actually interested to know what it's about. However, here are some screenshots: Click to reveal.. My question is this: does this look okay? Both of the screenies, do they look stupid? The color palette in the first and perspective in the fallen pillar in the other.
  10. Does anyone know if Tyran is still around? Does he still update the Database because its says on the webpage that it hasn't been updated since February 2009. Also, the version of Quarhag Pass hosted on the site is the April Fools version with the Finnish dialog and such.
  11. I'd just like to pipe in that I too am a bit surprised at the number of entries. Here's hoping that all 18 contestants manage to finish their scenarios! By the way, I won't be entering as I am still trying to complete my scenario for the previous 24h contest... Ahem. I am willing to judge though if we can't find enough judges.
  12. The moonstone can be in any of the four locations marked by the rune. Its placement is random. The four locations are: Click to reveal.. 1) In the northwest corner of the map; near the big boulder. 2) West of the central lake; through a hidden passage in the mountains. 3) In the northern edge of the Great Swamp. 4) In the northeast corner of the map. You'll need a rope to get to the nephilim.
  13. You can push the boulders from the north through the fence by looking at them.
  14. This nonentity agrees with Enraged Slith: a beta might help. If you've really worked on it for 3 years then maybe a fresh pair of eyes could help pinpoint what exactly is wrong with it. Or maybe the beta testers might be able to convince you that there is nothing wrong with the story. By the way, do you know how the scenario is lacking or is it just a case of "it doesn't feel right." If it is the latter case then definitely just beta it. Since when has beta meant "complete", anyway?
  15. I love Mike Slack. I do not love his scenarios. I just love how he keeps coming back for more. There is one significant change that separates The Staff from other Slack scenarios; there are women NPCs in it, but you cannot hit on them! Le Gasp! But apart from that it is a Slack scenario all around. The dialogue is functional at best, pointless most of the time. The towns look okay if a bit cramped. There is some silly humor thrown in that could have been left out. In fact, there is only one thing wrong with this scenario: the execution of the plot. I was actually pretty intrigued after the intro texts. The Staff is a standard fantasy-fest with a hunt for the missing MacGuffin which the villain has broken into seven pieces and hidden them from the good guys. The knave! That is it, really, no fancy-smanshy philosophical rides through your mind, and none of that stupid tinkering with my PCs. The Staff could have been good if the puzzles you have to solve in order to get staff pieces would have been better. As an example of the idiotic locations the pieces are in: one piece can be found in a grave in the town the staff was stolen from. Really? No-one thought about looking there? Was the pretty obvious clue on the tombstone too much? Obvious puzzles aside, there is also the combat. Slack claims that this scenario is for levels 1-100. This is patently untrue. I went in with a level 79 singleton. The only enemies that were even able to hurt me were the ones accompanying the final boss and even they came nowhere near killing me. Granted, there is not that much regular combat to begin with, and you could maybe ignore or sneak past most of the enemies, so maybe Slack thought that this would balance the issue somehow. It does not. There are actually plenty of things I could complain about, but here is the bottom line: The Staff is not a good scenario. Is it even Slack's best? No, that title would go to Mystery Manor. It is not even worth playing through, in my opinion, especially not with a party from the back end of the level range. Perhaps a level one party would be more suitable, though I am not sure how they would fare in the boss fight and I do not have the energy to find out. Rating: [rating]SUBSTANDARD[/rating]