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  1. A crash log is attached to this post. oboecrashlog5_17_2017.txt
  2. Sorry, not sure what a Github is? What I know is - if I try to use "Save As", the game crashes if I load it.
  3. Seems like the 'save' feature isn't working. The one time it did, the boat location reset in Za-Khazi run.
  4. Here's a list of bugs I spotted so far in OBoE, January 2017 Edition - “A Small Rebellion” file corrupted? Entering scenario seems to make save files unreadable. - When saved game is loaded, characters with spell points start at 0 regardless of where they were at when game was last saved. - Add/Remove Mage Lore skill in training window affects the Mage Spells skill, not Mage Lore. - Anama Member trait does not prevent PC from using items with mage spells. - Attempting to add/remove mage lore affects the Mage Spells skill in the training window. - Character editor: “Item 2” menu gives the item two slots below, e.g. selecting “Iron Javelins” gives “Lemonwood Bow” - Character editor: “Item 3” menu gives the item four slots below, e.g. selecting “Scroll: Flame” gives “Scroll: Kill” - Character editor: “Item 4” menu gives the item six slots below, e.g. selecting “Gold Ring” gives “Silver Ring of Weight” - Character editor: “Add Mage Spells” and “Add Priest Spells” have no effect. - Scenario editor: “One Time Display Dialog” node - clicking “edit text” causes the editor to crash if text number at -1. - Scenario editor: In Scenario menu, Advanced section, starting with “Edit Horses”, the menu option two slots below is called. For example, choosing “Edit Horses” calls “Variable Town Entry” - ZA-KHAZI RUN, Town 0: Ghost in Fort Goodling has merchant talking picture. - ZA-KHAZI RUN, Town 0: Boats don’t appear despite being placed. - ZA-KHAZI RUN, Town 0: Message telling player they “can’t enter” docks until they have supplies does not actually block them. Since there are no boats despite showing up the the editor, I'm stuck.
  5. Just so you know, Shyguy runs a forum called "Shyguy's World", which is about theme parks and rollercoasters. I joined the forum a few years back but never spoken with him since membership.
  6. I can't program wandering or special encounters, they reset even after clicking OK.
  7. Well when getting onto the page, I just downloaded whichever version is the most recent. Anyway, another problem, with the scenario editor: If you write text in a "display message" node, it won't save automatically (you have to preselect a text node to place it in). Additionally, sometimes, when programming a "Display Dialog" node, going into the text boxes somehow causes all the town text to erase, and it's unrecoverable. I've been backing up text in my own text file, but the Text Dump feature doesn't work either.
  8. Okay, problem: Can't adjust skill levels in training windows except for HP/SP.
  9. Back at it after a while. Newest version of BoE doesn't load saved games from earlier versions (although parties made in current version are fine), and End Scenario still crashes the game.
  10. I'm hoping once everything is finished and we have a practically bug-free OBoE, we can start a comprehensive website for it, maybe it could bring a few more people in.
  11. For the crashing, I don't think any new party works. Worth noting I've tested the Anama feature and it has no effect and doesn't register. For #6 in my previous post, see town #22 in Adventurer's Club 1.
  12. 1) The "relocate outdoors" special node isn't the problem. It's when one goes into "Advanced Town Details" and uses exit coordinates. 2) A timer can be found in Town #20, A Small Rebellion. 3) AC1 = Adventurer's Club 1: The Presence, by Shyguy. 4) Sorry, keep forgetting the .sav file. I often use a different computer for BoE and for internet, so I have to transfer my .sav file via flash drive, which I keep forgetting. 5) The best I can think of is adjusting graphic tones, and creating mac/PC versions of the scenarios, but I don't really know how to do that. We'll need to find someone who does. 6) A new bug I found - special nodes don't happen if they are called on the "exit town special node" feature in Advanced Town Details. 7) In the new version: a) if I attempt to create a new party, once I finish designing the party and click "done" the game quits and gives an error message. this also happens if I load a saved game.
  13. I completely forgot, and since Kelandon didn't mention it: "The Magic", by him, was very enjoyable - it ties into the Bahssikava/Exodus scenarios, if those interested you when you played.
  14. Thanks. Once we get that fixed, would like to point out a few errors. While I'm waiting on the "end scenario" fix to play Za-Khazi Run, I've started Adventurer's Club 1 with a new party. What I've noticed so far: - Items that have custom graphics show up blank if they are in shops. - Towns that do not have their boundaries drawn in a square have redrawn themselves - e.g. if it is 28x30, it becomes 30x28, and moves the party out of town when it shouldn't. - Custom graphics don't automatically translate into the new format in custom scenarios. May have to be fixed manually - in AC1, had to make the background transparent (so white backgrounds didn't show up), and graphics have to be input to the correct numbers. - This isn't a problem that's new, but still worth noting that Mac/PC used different shades of terrain, making custom graphics look out of line with the rest of the graphics. - Also in the scenario editor (working on my own scenario), the shop talking node says "non-existent shop" whenever I try to input a shop, even though I already created the shop. - Another ASR bug - the "if in boat" call causes the special node not to happen altogether, whether in a boat or not.
  15. My prediction for now - 2012, with Clinton flipping North Carolina and Trump flipping Iowa and Maine's 2nd District. Nebraska's 2nd District and Georgia are possible for Clinton, though she may be the underdog there. Actually, Sylae's map might be fairly reasonable except I strongly doubt Michigan goes red. As far as the Senate, which I seem to be the first to mention, I believe Democrats will almost certainly pick up Illinois and Wisconsin, Democrat Evan Bayh appears to be the favorite in my home state of Indiana (despite Trump being the favorite here), but we'll see how things progress. I think Ds have the edge in PA and NH (some recent polls had Ayotte leading, but I'm skeptical). GOP leading in NV-Senate (Republicans only chance for a pickup), but polls have underestimated Democrats here before. The Republicans are ahead in FL, NC, and MO Senate races, but Democrats could pull some upsets here. By the way, when I was a senior in high school, eight years ago, we were watching Donald Trump ("The Apprentice") in economics class.