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  1. Per usual, Triumph said it better.
  2. It was. And no, there's no edit history on posts. One of many excellent reasons to think about posts before you make them.
  3. Yes, and from now on, don't worry, I know to quote any post of yours I reply to in its entirity, because I can't trust that it won't randomly change when you decide to edit it.
  4. (Also, for the record, they were less than an hour apart -- probably just a few minutes -- as it was showing 3 hours on all of those when I posted above.) EDIT: And this time you *definitely* edited after I replied
  5. The other possibility, I guess, is that I opened the thread and started writing my reply; you then edited your post; I then made my post. But I will point out that there were already several posts after yours, by the time I made my post. No one expects posts that far up the thread to have their content completely changed. It might have been different if it were the most recent post. But seriously, you edited that "90%" line to be something completely different from what it was originally. You know that! In which case you might say, when you saw my reply, "Oh, Slarty, I edited that post -- you must not have seen the edit." Not "that's not what I said." It is what you said. You just changed it later.
  6. Dude. Now I call foul. Alhoon, your "90% confident" line was NOT about anything about the author's intention. You just edited your previous post to make it look like that! Let the record show everything that came after "90% positive that" was completely different until after I wrote my post. (I mean, there is no record, but everyone CAN see the record of you editing that post after I replied to it.) I am not going to engage with someone who deliberately edits their comments after they have been replied to, then claims the people replying were wrong about what you said.
  7. These two statements would seem to be conflicting. You haven't seen all there is to see about her in-game. You don't claim to be an expert. Yet, you feel comfortable saying you are 90% positive in what you say about her despite having an elementary gap in knowledge? (And this isn't a not-first-language thing. 90% is a number )
  8. http://spiderwebforums.ipbhost.com/index.php?/topic/22188-geneforge-2-ending-chart/
  9. If you still haven't finished G3 either... then you don't even have all the info on Litalia! Dude.
  10. This is not actually the case, unfortunately.
  11. It also shows that Litalia is an unreliable source -- her level of canister use makes this point as well -- as I think alhoon agreed earlier in the conversation. I don't think it makes sense to assume that anything an unreliable source says is true unless there is outside evidence for it.
  12. It's really weird that nothing happens when you open it, especially if this really is an OS version compatibility issue. Like... literally nothing? Do you get a zoom rectangle, bouncing dock icon, or whatever stuff normally accompanies double-clicking on an app on your system?
  13. "I guess" != "definitely"
  14. That was the whole point of the nerf. Expert players were getting dramatically more value out of OP skills and spells than casual players were, because they zeroed in on them and made them centerpieces of their builds & combat tactics. Not having OP abilities means that the size of the gap between expert players and casual players actually shrinks. This is obviously different if all you need to do to use the OP skill is "press A." But when you have to build towards it or unlock it and it's expensive or might take multiple casts or etc... that puts up a wall that keeps casual players out. The good news is, expert players are OK with this, because they will be perfectly happy doing the same amount of analysis and work to get to a skill that is only slightly better. It's just as fun for them, but much easier* for the designer to balance the game in a way that works for everyone. *Still hard, just not quite as hard.
  15. Yay for testing! Alhoon, are you reporting total damage (including the amount blocked by armor), or just penetrating damage?