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  1. I noticed that with Potion of Disguise also: I found five in my playthrough. I used one, so I can't say anything for the fifth, but the other four... three of them stacked together, and one would not. Odd behaviour, but there may be a reason for it?
  2. I just completed my first playthrough... at last. I bought the game within moments of its release but just had a crazy busy past year. For what it's worth I did it on Torment and explored every small piece of map, so on top of being busy IRL, it was a (worthwhile) slog of a game. I'm going to play through the ending sequences a few times to see different endings. I played as basically a sycophantic Redbeard loyalist. Besides earning all my followers' trust. Which apparently . After I tinker through a few endings, I'm going to do another playthrough on casual just to experience the story of playing the opposite way. And then I'll try out the Bovine and a few other mods. Whatever will tide me over until Ruined World comes out. I have some post-game thoughts but I didn't tag the thread title as potential spoilers so bear with me. And okay, the Wyldrylm has a legitimate concern. Why did I have to spend two and a half games thinking they hate me and I'm destroying their culture because of tolls. And anyway, bearing the series in mind, here's my revised map of the world:
  3. I think perhaps my one small exception, a nuance I forgot to include in the poll, is rooms behind locked doors. I'll save the game, use my lockpick(s), and if there's nothing I wanted on the floor/chest/etc in that room, I'll reload, sparing myself that lockpick, and technically leaving that room unexplored.
  4. While I enjoy earning all my companions' trust... I'm so tired of Wildrylm people.
  5. Is there any way to ?
  6. I was wondering how many people who play Spiderweb and similar games are map completionists. I was thinking about this the other day, because I'm many hours into my Avadon 3 playthrough and still not finished with the game. It's taken me quite a long time to finish pretty much all the Spiderweb games. I almost obsessively uncover every piece of map I possibly can, going all the way back to my playthroughs of Exile 3 in the 90s. I could finish the games a lot quicker without doing this. And it's tempting because I want to get through the story quicker, but I feel much more satisfied when I've taken the time to uncover everything... even if I had to battle zillions of bats/rats/chittrachs/etc and even caught myself cursing in some of those Avernum caves when I discovered a trap door leading to yet another sublevel... I went and uncovered every drop. And then when I got the Orb of Thraalni, go back everywhere to make sure there's no little nib that I've missed... and so forth. Does anyone else play these games this way?
  7. I think being a map completionist (wanting to kill all the hostile things and exploit every possible nook of map that I can reveal) is making the game take a lot longer than it could, though that seems to ring true for any SpidWeb game. It's easy to lose track of time just tooling around... and alas that I dont have as much time to play it. I started in January and I just now had the arena become available (but haven't gone in yet). If I can say one thing for Jeff's games, the amount of time I spend exploring easily justifies the price of entry, even when I only do one playthrough... though I usually do two. Now then. Last night I dreamt that I saved some humans from a wretch camp near Goldcrag and one of them was James Taylor, and the dialogue choices when talking to him affected whether the music in the epilogue was happy or sad. However, if you didn't bother with him at all, instead he told a story about two wretches and started singing "Livin' on love" ... which is actually a country song by Alan Jackson from the 90s.
  8. I like to complete/explore all the details possible of all the maps, and today in Vana's Reach, the map exit just south of Trupo's Outpost, I think I discovered a bug in doing so. When you get to the shaded area and it asks you if you are ready to leave the area, select "no" and keep going to the edge of the map. If you click back and forth at the very edges, and get someone to walk off-map, they disappear, and then if you wait until the next "are you ready" dialogue and click yes this time, doing so while they are off map, they will be permanently gone. This happened to Khalida in my case. I went back to the hand camp, the hands dispersed, I left the area, chose Khalida, and she was still "not there". She showed up as being a party member, but was simply not there. I had to load a save from before I did that to get Khalida back.
  9. I am playing Avadon 3 in bits and scraps as I get time, and I noticed that... while you're not supposed to be able to insert or remove scarabs outside of certain places, you can actually unequip one anywhere by just right-clicking on it. Don't know if this was already reported somewheres. Playing on Windows 10.
  10. I finally had time to start the game the other day. Great seeing Nathalie and Khalida again. Last night I had a dream that I was cleaning a house, and Khalida was helping me... she kept forgetting where all the dishes went and I was getting annoyed. Then I went in the bathroom and saw a bottle that said "Hand Sanitizer" and thought it was the funniest thing ever and thought if I sprayed some on her, it might help her memory issues. But she didn't get it.
  11. Bastard Bonds seems interesting at first look...
  12. Bought the game on release date - can't wait to have time to play it! Excited to see what's up with some of the returning hands, and to finish out the story. (Then to prepare myself for Avernum 3: Ruined World... )
  13. California (Los Angeles). I did live in actual Chicago for two years once. Maybe a good term to refer to Chicago and a somewhat vast suburban area (but not Iowa or Wisconsin) would be "Chicagoland." Also previously would have been able to answer Ohio, Western Pennsylvania, Pacific Northwest, New England, The South, and Other x2. I have lived at three addresses starting with a 1, but also nine addresses that have not, and five I can't remember/don't know.
  14. You might want to look at Pillars of Eternity to see if that interests you. It's a slight divergence (a little base-building, and the combat, while turn-based and strategic, is kind of a card game??) but high on my wishlist is Thea: The Awakening - I too was searching for games like Spiderweb games and found that as something I think I'd really enjoy. You might like AntharioN. I will also third the Age of Decadence. If you're hungry for something similar to Spiderweb combat check out Tales of Maj'Eyal
  15. You're right. Some things would be stuck, but a mostly baked translation would be good enough for a lot of people, including my own enjoyment on an extra run. Two years ago I was flirting with translating EFTP into French but I never did really have time to do it. It's way too much text for someone to [accurately] translate just from the goodness of their heart, and I don't think a hired translation will ever happen, so unless someone makes a real passion project out of it...