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  1. I decided to start this thread to share scripting advice with similar minded people so that we don't have to reinvent the wheel every time. Using "exhaustive search" technique and this trick: In a dialog script (signposts are nice), put this temporary script (Remember to remove it after testing!): code = num=10; // It can be whatever number you want from the creatures in the zone // you can see the numbers if you use the editor. add_char_to_party(num); temp=1; while (temp<3005) { if (char_in_party(temp) > 0) { change_coins(temp); } temp=temp+1; } break; You talk to the signpost, creature 10 is added to your party (if spawned) and then you see its number from the coins you gained. I don't know how good you're in scripting, so I'll add this: At the beginning of the zone dialogue txt, you should have: // dlg.txt begintalkscript; variables; short num; short temp; MY PROBLEM: And that's a big one, so please help. Not all creatures seem to have a "total" number! After ~20 hours of work I can't find the number for the mages in the bone peaks. I can do some stuff to circumvent it and not lose a whole quest chain, but it would be far simpler and more efficient if I could find, or generate, some identifier for them to see if they're in party. Else if I put a flag when they're recruited and then they die or are dismissed, the events will keep happening...
  2. The main thing that has kept me so far away from GF2, after a lot of people (this site and others) mention it as either the best of the games or one of the best instalments is... the clunky system. But I think I found a solution so that I can enjoy the game. Be warned: The way I will choose to enjoy the game will not conform with most of you. 1. I will play on easy. I do that so - that I can defeat battles without frustration and reloads after losing my favorite pets. I am one of the persons that reloads when they lose a creation. I am, at heart, a lifecrafter. I care about them. - that I can avoid challenge areas and their artifacts \ rewards, unless I am interested in them story-wise. - that I can avoid opening my inventory screen and character screen as much as possible. - that I can focus on mechanics\leadership without being weak in combat + endurance to survive. 2. I will cheat to get +10 strength to carry stuff and a +2 to intelligence to have more spell energy and essence. I will cheat to get the tinkerer gloves so that I won't have to look for them. Once I find Ice Spray and later Essence Orbs, I will cheat to increase my character's ability with those by +3 levels do be able to do some damage. 3. I will play a Shaper. I know Guardians are stronger. But I like Shapers. 4. I will play with an eye towards the Building Rebellion. Which may prove hard. It was near impossible in GF3 since while I abhor the Shaper Tyranny and all... I started as already a member of this elite, privileged group. People were talking to me with respect and all. And my personal convictions would have me surrender my place of power and superiority... over a bunch of people that killed everyone my character associated with the past 4 years except one teacher that allowed them to do it. Before trying to kill me for entering the wrong inn. The main argument of the mass murderess bully to my character as he escaped the destruction of the place he called home for the past 4 years was "Look, society is going down. You can either join us or go down with a sinking ship. We killed all your friends. We may kill you. I will allow you to make your choice" Not very convincing argument. Regardless I have high hopes that at least some of the Rebels will be better this time around. The Drakons are just being made I think, so that eliminates the bad part of the Rebels as bossy leaders and Shaper-wannabes. WHY WOULD I DO THOSE? In order to avoid clicking inventory and character sheet as much as possible. To Avoid having to micromanage. To avoid having to worry about equipment. Why not cheating my character to Godhood? Because I want difficult parts to feel difficult. The way I will play the game, ignoring equipment and sensible character creation in favor of story will heavily penalize me, so I believe it would be balanced out.
  3. I will kill him because I don't like him at all. Or, well, let Litalia kill him. Or actually kill him because I want the Wisdom charm. I can convince him to let me go. But if I attack him, he kills me. The gate guards? I found some serviles in a gate house but they just didn't attack me, they didn't deactivate the Pylons or anything. Can I convince them to let me pass? I have leadership 10.
  4. Blessed... Glaahks? I'm 19 level. I cannot afford Glaahks since I spent my money on Drayks (not worth the money, bad investment of 3000 coins. Damned Barzites) My Vlish cannot hit him, except Horrorshiver (Terror Vlish).
  5. After a lot of frustration, reloads, inglorious deaths, rage-quits, dead-end run-arounds... I cannot breach the Bazrite Gate to go to the Takers. I have to find a different route, perhaps from the Awakened or something. I can't even take my frustration to that rude Barzite guardian either, because he's too tough for me yet. He can kill me before I manage to run away and my creations have a low chance to hit him even if I do escape... But as we say here, "laughs better, the one laughing in the end " you arrogant Bazrite piece of crap. Make all the snide comments you want about your gates and pylons and power. You don't know that
  6. Done some tests on whether dex affects ranged weapon damage. Geneforge 5 Damage done with Physician's baton, dex 2, against Gazer creation. Missile 21, baton level 9, damage is d8, base damage is +16 181 173 168 139 154 151 161 144 149 136 Mean: 155,6 damage Consistent with 30d8 + 16 damage without adding dex. Dex 12, against the same creation, same equipment 142 149 165 157 152 148 158 154 160 143 153 Mean: 152,8 damage Consistent with 30d8 + 16 damage without adding dex. At least in GF5, I am positive that dexterity doesn't add to damage.
  7. Oh, well, English is not my 1st language. As long as we're clear I wasn't trying to pull a Zakary-esque deception on anyone, I don't mind. Although to my defense I do say it's a very basic mod that just increases melee damage. And I will probably continue not using a melee character in these games and I will not use that mod cause I don't find melee enemies underpowered. Well, I do, but I mean the encounters are balanced by the presence of adequate numbers / ranged enemies. It's not just that I find melee warriors underpowered; it's that I find them unappealing. But since other mentioned it, I made the mod. To be sincere, I saw this: and thought to do something nice for you as a thank you for your dedication to the series and your role in me trying GF2, crude as I find the mechanics. I know that you could have made that change within 10 minutes if you wanted, or change it to whatever number you want but I thought to spare you of those 10 minutes of going through a big database and checking imports. Then I thought "perhaps someone else may like it" after you implied you wanted something more balanced and concrete than a d4 to d6 mod and I have already made it.
  8. Thank you... now it's my turn to go and change the readme and that one mention of 50%...
  9. This very basic mod increases the melee damage done by weapons and creations for GF3-5. The mod doesn't affect the damage done by status effects. I.e. a Rotgroth's acid will deal the same damage, while the punch itself will deal 40% more damage. The mod is not compatible with mods that change the gfobjsmisc.txt like artifact baton mod. To install: GF3: Go to Geneforge3 > Data > Scripts folder and overwrite the gf3objsmisc.txt file. GF4: Go to Geneforge4 > Data > Scripts folder and overwrite the gf4objsmisc.txt file. GF5: Go to Geneforge5 > Data > Scripts folder and overwrite the gf5objsmisc.txt file. I don't profess to have examined the effects on game balance increasing the melee damage would have, but this mod is for those that feel melee damage for creations and the PC could benefit from some boost. DOWNLOAD HERE (Changed to a less obnoxious site.)
  10. I didn't call it a "mod" there because as you rightly said it is technically a mod. I did call it a very basic mod though and never said it is a comprehensive well-thought mod that solves the balance issues between melee and missile combat. It is what I say it is: A very basic mod that increases damage and gave a (wrong) example which I now corrected. I advertise it to other people because someone may want to try it despite your disagreement with its validity, or someone may think that a hefty increase in melee damage across the board would be fun. You don't like it and that's your opinion and is valid. I can't say that I like that modification either and I am the one that made it. That doesn't mean that nobody will like it. I made it and advertised it for people that want a quick patch to increase damage and that's what the mod is advertised as and that's what it does. You are also right that I changed the mean damage by 40% or 33% (I was thinking maximum damage, not mean). But it was a mistake, It was no attempt to mislead and misdirect. I have nothing to gain by misleading people. Honest mistake here. If I may, why you call the presentation "misleading at best"? Just because of that error or you think I was attempting to lie for some reason?
  11. Apologies, but I have tested the changes. In no way extensively but the "hasn't tested the changes at all" is inaccurate as it could be taken as "has not tested the mod works", which I have done. So while your criticism is valid, that comment could lead people to false conclusions.
  12. Of course, and let's not forget that you need to get to the enemy and fire. Which means that the missile character can down a pod, throw a crystal and then fire, while the poor melee character has to spend those action points to reach the target. That's also a big disadvantage especially for characters that rely on items for the magic. It also means you can't put your big many-hp creations to block the passage while you rain thorns from safety. I don't disagree on that at all. There's a reason I play missile warrior and it's not the damage. For near-solo, I would say that what I mentioned earlier, the wasted AP, are still important enough to tip the balance, again, to missile. Say you have drank a haste pod before the encounter... but you still can't get your 2nd attack because you have to move 4 AP. Coming from a missile warrior player that has several creations on tow: In my warrior mod one of the last benefits you get from the fort is that you may get a boost on your walking speed, meaning you get can move further per action point in combat. It is very good despite the creations and the missile weapons. I can move, throw heal spores and move back out and still fire. Action points in geneforge are very important.
  13. Of course there is a difference between a careful, thoughtful balance mod and just increasing melee damage by 50%. I don't disagree with that. That's why I called the increasing-damage a "mod" and not a mod. But the "random" increase from 4~>6, 5~>7, 6~>9 came from your nostalgic comment of "They decreased the d8s and 10s to d4s and d5s". Well, I changed them to d6s and d7s. Yes, melee entries were more than 5 but I checked which entries imported melee attacks and I believe I caught them all, including the well hidden Gazer's touch attack. And your pardon, but I didn't plan to ask you for a list. I didn't change the damage of the status effects that go with the melee attacks BTW, just the damage itself. Dex on missile weapons: To be sincere, I think those that say dex adds are right. I went with the tooltip, but it probably does. I'll make a check by reducing my missile character's check to 2 and then increasing it to 12 to compare. Oh, I completely agree that physical damage is subpar often, I don't disagree. I wasn't commenting on the "physical damage is underrated", I was commenting on the melee \ missile attack. Javelins and batons do physical damage too and the Unbound are as resistant to baton physical attacks as sword attacks.
  14. OK, it took me 10 minutes to make a "mod" that increases melee damage by 50% for GF5. I'll change GF4 and GF3 too and post them somewhere. I still think melee is not underpowered but since it's so easy... I'll just upload it and not use it.
  15. First, such a balance mod would be very, very easy to make. Melee attack dice are... 5 entries in the gfXobjsmisc.txt [X=3, 4 or 5] ? 10? But again, as someone that hasn't played melee warriors I have to ask: Are melee attacks worse when you can combine your weapon with some crystal for extra damage, strength adds dice like melee and you can wear better armor because of higher strength? Dexterity, doesn't add damage dice. So a character with strength 7, melee 9 and an iron broadsword (8 levels) deals 24 dice. that's 24-120 damage. A character with dex 7, missile 9 and a steel javelin (6 levels) deals 14 dice. That's 14 - 56 damage. Less than half what the melee character deals. Same missile character with a venom baton deals 14 - 42 damage + poison. By the time poison would have covered the 44 damage difference, it would be 2 rounds. That means that if you hit foe A, B and C in 3 rounds, you would have done more damage to A than a melee warrior, but less to B and C. If you focus on just A, and hit it thrice, you would have done a good 60-80 damage less than if you hit it with melee. Since most people agree that melee is worse than missile, I must miss something, but the numbers are in melee's favor just because melee weapons have more levels and strength adds damage.
  16. Yeah, GF2, which I like and enjoy very much, seems to suffer from several flaws that the other games don't have.
  17. Ahem... No armor in the warrior mod. Didn't have the space\time to incorporate it and most importantly: test it. 2 weapons, 2 shields, several batons. But the batons and the weapons give abilities so ... As for melee without the mod: Since the melee weapons get crystals and parry is more effective up close and strength adds both to hit and damage instead of just to hit like dex, and increased strength allows the character to wear much heavier equipment, I would say that melee warriors are good compared to missile warriors. As for Spells \ Shaping powers \ combat stats: All classes can opt for equipment that puts them at a respectable level in all those without having to buy skill ranks. An agent can for example opt for the equipment that gives +4 to +5 in shaping, which is enough to make most creations. Then, after making your creations, you put the equipment back to the chest in the place you've taken as your home and go adventuring.
  18. Here is a player that has not used daze in 4 geneforge games and only uses mind magic to unlock doors. I've played Shaper, Lifecrafter and Warrior. The Warrior in GF5 gets a blessing magic canister from Benhold late game, training in blessing magic for a ton of money for +2 points, captain's boots that give blessing magic somewhat early, the ethereal seal ring also somewhat early and I went for the lifecraft gauntlets (+2 blessing, +4 to creation stats). Even with just training and one of the +2 blessing magic items (boots or gauntlets), you are at a nice 4 blessing magic while you need just 3 to have access to speed. Yes, I miss out on the essence blade stuff unless I put on my blessing gear. But - I use chaotic spores in battle - While nice spells they are not necessary; with protection, war-blessing and speed I am fine - they take a huge chunk of essence so usually I forgo them unless I stand next to an essence pool - They are zone-duration, hence yes, I can put on my blessing gear and cast them As such I have not raised a single magic skill and I have no regrets about it. Would it be better to have magic? Yes. Is it necessary? Nah.
  19. Nope, you have to cast it per character. So if you have 5 creations, you need to cast it x5, which means you will barely have time.
  20. Good. I'll make Litalia's job easier then. After all, the Barzites are after the Awakened, so I assume the crazed witch will first wipe out my friends and then move to my enemies.
  21. Met Barzahl at last. FIRST thing I noticed, is that Lying Zakary the Deceiver's misdirection, knows no bounds. He told me Barzahl was a Guardian. HE IS A SHAPER. Should have expected it. Frankly I can't think of any statement of importance that Zakary didn't lie at. The intro describes Barzahl as a cruel-to-creations arrongant-to-blindness Litalia. Can't say I am impressed. Litalia seemed more threatening just because she wasn't making such obvious tactically flawed decisions. The man himself explains to me that they will do better than the Geneforge, that it was crude. Good going buddy, everyone should have goals. I am now looking to find his library, steal his books and some research, find someone to train me to make Drayks and leave this god-forsaken place of madmen. I will not sabotage their machinery that keeps the creations suffering at the time (and that's a hard decision) in order to be able to progress the story before I'm locked out of their ending so that I can retract less when I try to complete all of them. Of course, on the way to the Radiant College I had to meet some serviles that have been treated badly and do errands for them... And I have to find swamp spores so a Servile here can make a cure for the disease. I've seen one Swamp and I didn't like it. It was the roamer-fest. Also I met a Taker Spy. Another one in a long list of Takers that tell me that I should go to their fortress and that I will be attacked viciously on the way. I start to see where Litalia got the attitude of "Look, I won't stop making monsters. But I will change you so you can defeat the monsters I send at you". RADIANT COLLEGE: Met a nice modified superhuman alchemist. She says Bazrites realized the canisters make people mad so they give a couple to you first, see if you adapt well and then they go to the good stuff. And they have a college to educate Shapers in more traditional ways. Not bad. It seems the Bazrites are heading towards the right direction in that regard, but slowly. Too slowly. Either I or Litalia and her buddies will wipe them out first. Most probably I'll sabotage them and Litalia will take care of them. I also found a Gazer with a familiar name: Siakus Eye. Was he in one of the other games or I remember wrong? He seems quite obedient here. No rogue tendecies. Gazers seem easier to handle than Drayks; the Drayks of the Barzites need a very firm hand (and torture) to remain loyal. Speaking of Drayks, in the Radiant college I led the golems to the cryodrayks they positively wrecked them! The Drayks didn't even got a hit. Shaper rushness and puresteel: When Litalia and her superiors wiped out the Bazrites, they didn't take note on how they make puresteel. So we're left with just a handful of people in the Dera Reaches able to make puresteel. WAY TO THE TAKERS: Met a Barzite guarding a road. He tells me to explain myself. Having met with Barzahl, I tell him "Nevermind, I'll leave". He calls me a spy and kills me in one shot. Hide from him in side passages. Deactivate some mines. Move forward. Something that I didn't even see hit me for 95 hp (I have ~55). QUESTION: Barzal's place is -crawling- with 650hp guards. Is it possible to wipe them out by late game? Zakary I will probably be able to take cause I will just camp in his essence pool and send waves of tier 3-4 creations to do the dirty work. Or perhaps I'll finally invest in blow-up roamers and have them soften up the enemy.
  22. No it does not, you spend less AP to move the same distance in combat. I've incorporated that in the Warrior mod for some time; one of the changes the character may get (after witnessing an NPC get it) is that. It results in the player moving faster than creations which means that you may hit enemies alone first. However, for a melee warrior it is good overall since with the +50% speed I give, you can throw a crystal or use a pod and close in to enemies faster. It is efficient enough that I consider doing that for all melee creations I have in GF2 and GF3 since in those games you need 5AP to attack, not 1. Speed in GF5 is awesome since it affects everyone. I prefer it from GF1-4 speed.
  23. We just all witnessed that I don't process feedback at least as far as games go, except through the quite narrow and thick lens of my early-crafter bias. I also just wanted to say here that the reason I write those huge posts as I progress with GF2 is because I want to go "back in time" later and "gee, that was wrong!" or "That was impressive prescience. Kudos younger-alhoon". Sure GF2 is more of the first part and way less of the 2nd part but still. The reason I avoid spoilers in this game is that I love the surprises and the twists and the things I've missed. Like a Guardian and a whole lot of stuff in the Warrens, including tons of money. I wish I had found them in time cause I was really short on cash at that point.
  24. I was thinking the other day about the balance of gender power in GF (human) society based on what we can deduct solely from the (human) class system of the games. - Women and Men seem to be equally able in Shaping. We have male and female Shapers\Lifecrafters. - Men are better warriors than women. Only male classes are "Strong" in combat. - Women are better in magic than men. Only female classes are "Strong" in magic. So, we have no (human) women "Strong" in physical combat and no men "strong" in magic. That leads me to think: Millennia of real-world history indicates that when pre-enlightment human side A is stronger than human side B, side A dominates side B. It was during enlightment that very few people at first started questioning "OK, we could oppress women \ less advanced people \ less numerous people. But should we do it?" And let's not pretend that the "perhaps not" side has won worldwide even in 21st century. Undeniably, skill in magic is more powerful than combat skill. Before Shaping got in the equation, that would mean that women would be much more powerful than men in crucial positions. Which should have led to a vastly disproportionate number of matriarchies, Queens, female chieftains, etc etc. before the inevitable Shaper domination (cause Shaping is presented as somewhat more powerful than magic and Shapers are not bad in magic either). And yet, in GF5 and GF4, the remains of pre-Shaper people are not shown to be female-dominated as I think they should have been. So, I am asking, in such a world where the most powerful weapon was women spellcasters before the Shapers shouldn't there have been a culture of matriarchy that would have "infiltrated" the Shaper Society making Shapers too pro-female-dominant? I mean the first Shapers could have been "oppressed males" that became the equivalent of Guardian or Shaper but after the Empire started expanding and incorporating thousands of people that should have been female-dominated for centuries, shouldn't that have shifted towards female-dominance?
  25. Good. I want to align with them, but ... they seem at the time completely hopeless. I can attach myself to a poor-seaworthiness ship in a coming storm, but not an already sinking one. If I may, I wonder how their views survived to reach Astoria, or if Astoria came to the conclusion without realizing she's an Awakened supporter. What I meant to say is "The Rebels of GF4-5" (The GF3 ones are even more obnoxious than Drakons so I pretend they don't exist. I am looking at you Hoge and Litalia.)