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  1. G4 Barrier Bros

    Hmm... I didn't know that you could pass mostly-free to the first Drakon city (the one with Salassar) if you had low rebel reputation. Taking into account your insight, I should better have said: The Shapers pay better but if you're a hardcore Shaper and do all their quests you have to fight armies of Drakons. However, I remember several areas swarming with drakons. Are all those reachable "peacefully" by Shaper supporters? (It's not that the Drakons let a rebel in complete peace either). won't go combing for scripts, but it seems weird that a clear pro-Shaper would be entrusted by both Litalia and the Drakons to go deep in Drakon-held lands and then Northforge. Khur: Is he the "We're all going to die!" servile? That one joined me. Moseh liquefied him I think.
  2. G4 Barrier Bros

    OK then, Nim is right. From the Script even if you betray the Rebels twice they still allow you to help.
  3. G4 Barrier Bros

    Khur? Khur can join fence sitters? I didn't have him with me and the Shapers were not trusting me either. Low rebel rep means you have to fight through armies of Drakons that otherwise you can just walk by.
  4. G4 Barrier Bros

    Yes because the Shapers are the most evil of the two evil sides. The Drakons are bad, but the Rebellion is more than the Drakons.
  5. G4 Barrier Bros

    I don't think so Nim. I think TheKian is right and if you restore Moseh and give the papers to the Shapers Greta will not allow you to go into Burwood.
  6. G4 Barrier Bros

    Perhaps killing the others first, reporting to the rebels and then killing Moseh? Of course that means you don't have their help...
  7. geneforge 3 editor

    Well, now they work for me too. They didn't work when I saw theKian's post which is when I tried.
  8. geneforge 3 editor

    I was not.
  9. Geneforge 3 Lankan

    In the umodified version of the game which isn't the one alhoon is playing. Keep in mind that keeping them when playing a Shaper is taking slots more powerful creations *cough* leveled Vlish * cough* could take. So it is balanced. But Vlish are overpowered enough that you don't have to worry too much.
  10. G2 Training

    Not that I am aware of such a cheat, but it's probably getting saved in the save file. As others have suggested (for replays or other GF games down the line) I find it best to use trainers for secondary skills. Like train my Shaper to a point of parry here instead of dropping 4 much needed points to something somewhat trivial. It won't save me, but it will help. Same with missile weapons training (in later games). I got it since I could afford it to get a little more out of Crystals in GF4.
  11. TheKian's G1 PC Assessment

    I have tried to play GF1. It's not the graphics that is the problem. It's the more to do with the User Interface. Things like the inventory (that was a problem for me in GF2 too), the way merchants work. To a lesser extend the different mechanics and things like "anatomy" that don't tell me much are also a turn-off. GF2 was already a stretch with one of my problems being quest items looking the same. I don't expect many to agree with me that the UI is so important to turn one off such a nice game. But I do hope GF1 is remade using GF5 engine. I don't understand what you mean about the story to be sincere. In case you thought that GF1 story should be rewritten in a remake... Nope. I want to play a remake with a good, solid UI the same story you all did and got you hooked.
  12. TheKian's G1 PC Assessment

    I really like those games... I hope he will revisit them at some point. Add more in-between games. Like the invasion of the Rebellion in Ilya Province or Alwan's campaign to reclaim it etc.
  13. TheKian's G1 PC Assessment

    Damn, I should have known this would have spoilers instead of just stats... IMO a GF game without canister madness (includes GF5) is just bizarre. And that's from reading a few lines in this thread. Bye all... Please use this thread to put peer pressure to the developer to update GF1 to something more fresh whether it has canister madness or not. Could we do a kickstarter about it? Probably we wouldn't gather even a sizeable fraction of the funds required to convince him to do it, so it's a rhetoric question. Still it would show us and the developer how many are interested for that and who are content to wait for 2+ years.
  14. Registered to say this!

    Please do so.
  15. Academically, I was trying to think of non-Drakon Lifecrafters in GF4-5. Perhaps make a list. Some like Jared are clearly Lifecrafters. Others... I am not sure if they count. The clear ones: - Jared (GF4) - Greta (GF4-5) - Shaila (GF4) - Burkes (GF4) And the perhaps-they-count ones: - Sage Olipha (GF5). Not a Shaper, not geneforged, studies on how to Shape creations, has canisters. I would call him more of a unaligned shaper-wannabe than a Lifecrafter personally. - Footracer (GF5). A Servile with a control tool that allows her to Shape. Supposedly fights for the Rebellion although she and her bunch are more like bandits connected with the Drakons through mutual dislike of the Shapers than actually allied with the Rebellion. Not sure if she counts because the control tool allows her to Shape. - Litalia (GF4-5). Well, she was a Shaper and Shaper-trained, but has gone canister-junky. I think she counts as a lifecrafter. - Bennhold (GF5). He doesn't Shape in combat but he has a ton of creations in his lair that don't hurt him so... perhaps he is a Lifecrafter after all? Personally I would put him in the same category as Olipha even if he could Shape. - Talis-Eye (GF5) (perhaps I have the name wrong). Non Drakon but not human either. Still, it can Shape and is\was a rebel. - The Rogue Mind in Control Core B (GF5). Well, it can Shape and it is against the Shapers... I would count it as a traitor Shaper though and not a Lifecrafter. - Monarch (GF4). Shaper trained because of his age but against the Shapers (and the Rebellion). Still, he makes the "perhaps he counts" list. I probably forget some. Anyone willing to help?
  16. Hmmm? I don't remember him. Is he the guy that teaches Spellcraft in the early parts of GF4? Can he shape or he's just an unapproved mage?
  17. Monarch? Closer than Bennhold to Lifecrafter; rogue Shapers are in the perhaps-they-count group.
  18. Cool credit

    Welcome. This is the Geneforge forum, another series of the Spiderweb games. If you don't like the older-fashioned games, I would suggest, in fact strongly recommend as awesome, GF4-5. They're "new enough" for me. Although I have to say that even though the older games in the series are clunky, the story is very entertaining.
  19. Grand Poll 2017: Results Part 3

    If I may ask, how do non-meat eaters (Vegans and vegetarians) fare in the rights of creations?
  20. The main thing that has kept me so far away from GF2, after a lot of people (this site and others) mention it as either the best of the games or one of the best instalments is... the clunky system. But I think I found a solution so that I can enjoy the game. Be warned: The way I will choose to enjoy the game will not conform with most of you. 1. I will play on easy. I do that so - that I can defeat battles without frustration and reloads after losing my favorite pets. I am one of the persons that reloads when they lose a creation. I am, at heart, a lifecrafter. I care about them. - that I can avoid challenge areas and their artifacts \ rewards, unless I am interested in them story-wise. - that I can avoid opening my inventory screen and character screen as much as possible. - that I can focus on mechanics\leadership without being weak in combat + endurance to survive. 2. I will cheat to get +10 strength to carry stuff and a +2 to intelligence to have more spell energy and essence. I will cheat to get the tinkerer gloves so that I won't have to look for them. Once I find Ice Spray and later Essence Orbs, I will cheat to increase my character's ability with those by +3 levels do be able to do some damage. 3. I will play a Shaper. I know Guardians are stronger. But I like Shapers. 4. I will play with an eye towards the Building Rebellion. Which may prove hard. It was near impossible in GF3 since while I abhor the Shaper Tyranny and all... I started as already a member of this elite, privileged group. People were talking to me with respect and all. And my personal convictions would have me surrender my place of power and superiority... over a bunch of people that killed everyone my character associated with the past 4 years except one teacher that allowed them to do it. Before trying to kill me for entering the wrong inn. The main argument of the mass murderess bully to my character as he escaped the destruction of the place he called home for the past 4 years was "Look, society is going down. You can either join us or go down with a sinking ship. We killed all your friends. We may kill you. I will allow you to make your choice" Not very convincing argument. Regardless I have high hopes that at least some of the Rebels will be better this time around. The Drakons are just being made I think, so that eliminates the bad part of the Rebels as bossy leaders and Shaper-wannabes. WHY WOULD I DO THOSE? In order to avoid clicking inventory and character sheet as much as possible. To Avoid having to micromanage. To avoid having to worry about equipment. Why not cheating my character to Godhood? Because I want difficult parts to feel difficult. The way I will play the game, ignoring equipment and sensible character creation in favor of story will heavily penalize me, so I believe it would be balanced out.
  21. GF2 - My playthrough (full of spoilers)

    Told my sister my GF2 adventure while we were in a road trip. Down to explaining the different factions etc. She seemed to like it most from the GF stories I've told her so far, although that may be the case that I spent a couple of hours telling her my experience with GF2 from the beginning to the end as a story instead of telling her this and that while playing the game. She didn't agree with my view on everything (including my unmitigated hate for Lying Zakary the Deceiver) despite hearing the story from me, without any effort from myself to give her an unbiased view and certainly not about LZtD. She also didn't share my admiration for Tuldaric, disagreed with my view that Shanti had to die and doesn't understand what appeal I saw with the Takers. Yet, aside of some diverging opinion on the above we are in agreement with my sister about most things GF2-story-wise.
  22. Grand Poll 2017: Results Part 3

    Thank you for the trouble. If I may, what is the correlation (if any) between cat-people and coffee drinking?
  23. Geneforge 4 small mods

    By trainer mod, I meant the one that grants the user all creations...
  24. Grand Poll 2017: Results Part 1

    Personally, I was stunned by the large number of people that avoid coffee and to a lesser degree those that don't consume alcohol. I frankly expected a 0 on no-coffee and 3-4 on alcohol. I would also be interested to see how it correlates to guns, if it's not too much work. Thank you for the efforts.