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  1. Oh... that's good. A version that can take the terrain and ground etc map and put them in a 64x64 image like the Gameman: I used the tool and it is very, very easy. I think you're proficient with the spreadsheet. Well, what you do is make a nice image on paint or whatever you want but using the colors of the color code. At first, we start with something simple and crude Let's say something like this: - See how I avoided having walls disconnected. A wall pixel would look better if it ends up, down, left or right from another such pixel, not diagonicaly. There are no diagonical wall tiles in the game. - It's not obvious in the image but I've used RGB color 16/16/16 (i.e. gray 16) for the outer natural wall because that's the "tall wall", but used black to frame the river. - I also used a 64/64/64 (i.e. gray 64) for the wall that blocks the passage cause I want it to look like a nice big wall. - Just to be sure I put 2 lines of trees. That is not required probably, I'm just weird. As you can see... there are no doors, paths, items, creations... nothing. However the first image gives you a quick guide. So, next step, I complete the empty rough map, putting floors, bridge and doors. RGB 128/128/128 (I.e. gray 128) is worked floor. Tiles etc depending on the tileset. RGB 128/64/64 is bridge. I put one RGB 128/128/64 is doors. I put a few. And I end up with this: Now, if I wanted, I could run with this in the zonelab and add it in the game just to see how it looks like. For the purposes of this tutorial, I won't. For the third step: we have a map but it has nothing on it. Let's put in some creations and interactable items. RGB 0/128/191 are creatures outside. On top of unworked ground. RGB 128/0/128 are items on top of unworked ground If I accidentally put one of those on a gray tile, the map would have a ground post there not tiles. For the outdoors, I also added a few "terrain-outdoors" orange lines to represent a small farm. And a few creatures and a couple of objects on upper-right side that I will later change to a creature lair and a dead lootable body. Near what will be a farmer \ servile in the middle of the farm, I put a "terrain" that I will change to a cart later. I put a couple of indoor items, objects and terrain in the buildings and passage fort too. Some will be tables, some will be beds, some will be debris I end up with this: Now the -rough- form of my zone is done. It has objects, terrain, walls, creations etc. It has very little eye-candy. Litter, those decorative fires etc. However, for the purpose of this tutorial, I will leave it as is. Finally, I am ready to use Kian's awesome tool. I put my image to Zonelab > zones folder. I make absolutely sure it's the only zone in that folder! (we don't want two zones combined...) I change the name to forestTutot so that the editor would pick forest tiles. I press the "run" I wait 1 second. I have a txt file that has 64x64 matrices for me to put to ground and terrain, and generic object and creation entries at the places I had marked in the map. I now can take the relevant pieces of info, copy-paste them to the spreadsheet of Blades of Geneforge and then edit the zone as I would for any other already made zone. The above is an example that I made within a few minutes, not a well-thought, balanced, corrected and recorrected zone.
  2. Not direct accusations no. But there have been accusations that I did it on purpose to make him look like he made a mistake. That's not painting me in a bad light? I am not "someone who deliberately edits their comments after they have been replied to, then claims the people replying were wrong about what he said" As a note, saying "you do bad things" is not far from "you're a bad person" despite being different. Apologies, but someone who deliberately does what I was accused of is deceitful. And Slarty's post was not in the light of "this thing you did once was out of line", it was in the light of "You do things out of line, so I won't reply to you any more". I have been a member of several forums, my posting-editing habits have never led anyone to call my posts deceitful. OK, my post changed since he posted so the half line of "90% [Litalia conclusions]" seemed partially wrong. Why the the first explanation to come to Slarty's mind was "Alhoon changed it to cover his butt!" ? Why? That's what saddens me most. And it's the one I have not received any answer at despite asking several times. I think the answer is quite clear by the silence: Because Slarty had a low opinion about me to begin with. The second thing that saddens me: OK, let's assume that it was significantly different and then I changed my mind and edited it out realizing that it was erroneous. I am allowed to change my mind. Slarty hasn't seen the change and posted on the previous comment that within minutes I have realized it didn't belong there and deleted. I post "that's not what I said". And suddenly here we are because the edit made 1 line of slarty's comment redundant. As if claiming that one of the most respected members was wrong in half a post would achieve anything. The whole thread made toxic because I had to defend my actions and then I was asking of an explanation of why I should have to defend what should have been self-evident based on my history on this forum. Who would even care about what I have to say about the game now? Would Slarty even care to reply to a question about "lvl 22 Vlish or Drayk" or something now? Would you Triumph care to discuss the "what-ifs" of Litalia's history through your greater experience in the game and from your profession? How can I ask people that have more or less showed they wouldn't mind if I disappeared from their forum and have low opinion on me my behavior for advice or engage them in academic discussion? The third thing that saddens me: The haste to assume I would be making deceitful changes to make someone seem wrong, paints in a different light the comments I've received from the "old guard" of this forum. Guys I am not antagonizing you! I am not attempting to make you seem bad, or to "win arguments" or something. Where we disagree, I openly say so and say why and if I turn up wrong, I face the music. When you convince me, I give you a respectful nod. Editing since others posted: I try to do that, but sometimes I do other things (like playing the game or speaking on the phone) while I have not finished an edit or addition. I may not even be aware that someone else posted. You may see posts of mine growing exponentially through time. And again: Sure, you may call me sloppy poster. Acceptable. I am. You may say I write too long posts. I do. You may say that I shouldn't post unless I am sure the post reflects a position I have fully come to embrace and not developing positions. I disagree but no problem with such a suggestion. To my defense, I often write a post on notebook before posting here since either my position is developing as I write the post or I may add other things in it. Yes I will dial back the editing. After all there is a lingering threat of being called deceitful accused of deceitful changes.
  3. It probably was just not clear enough. And no, "a person that I've discussed in good faith for 2 freaking years suddenly saying I manipulate posts because of an edit" is not exactly a good reason. There are posts in this thread that I've edited -over 6- times. You want to call me sloppy? That's fine, I can accept that. But calling me deceitful? Again, why on earth even if I was a deceitful poster, would I do that?! Why would I change a post after your reply and then say "I didn't say that, I said this"? Did you ever see me shying away from mistakes I've made? From erroneous first conclusions? Did you see me editing the posts I made in the beginning that clearly make me seem like an idiot, about how Barzahl was a champion of Creation Rights for example?! About the inability of the Shapers to fix the colony? WHY ON EARTH would I do that for Litalia? Again: WHERE DID THAT SUSPITION OVER MY CHARACTER CAME FROM? I have been here for 2 years, I have ~780 posts in this place and good 20% of them are false, while ~80% are multi-edited (Including this post). I keep asking and I keep not getting a reply. Why you had such an opinion on me? Based on what? So... not "that far up" as the "No one expects posts that far up the thread to have their content completely changed" would imply... and it would be quite strange to have the whole content completely changed in a few minutes... EDIT: While it's not important, since what saddens me is the "I see change, I assume alhoon manipulated the post instead of assuming he edited while I was typing"... does anyone remember what I said before the edit in the "90% confident" post? Was what I was written there a lot different from the edit, or the edit was for clarity?
  4. Seriously? You accuse me for manipulating a post to make you, that until 10 minutes ago looked up to for your excellent work in balance and your knowledge of the game, seem like you made a tiny error... and instead of an apology for drugging my name through the mud, you still preach that I am deceitful? Really? Again: Buddy, what have I ever done to you? Where did that attack and this low opinion come from? Because I made a few remarks that you disagree with? Because I made a few comments about a game without consulting the whole lore and jumped to erroneous conclusions? Again, about a GAME?
  5. What? I don't understand what you're saying here, really. Have I put something in the post, edited it when you were writing something before you posted that something and then later, I saw the post as you had it at the time, as I quoted it and I am somehow underhanded? What have I posted*? Yes, I edit my posts. Sometimes (like a couple posts up) I complete lose the text on an edit! And how would I know you have been writing your post based on something I really don't remember I had there? It was never there in your post... Perhaps I had something that made you think that I was making conclusions on Litalia and then I edited it for clarity. There's indeed a small chance that I had accidentally posted something like "90% confident Litalia did X" (which I doubt but I don't remember) and changed it in the few minutes as you say that you took to post because I read it and said "meh, that's bizarre". THAT DOES NOT EQUATE WITH ME CHANGING THE POST AFTER READING YOUR COMMENT OR MANIPULATING REPLIES TO ACCUSE YOU OF... ? (I am not really sure what I accused you for or what I would gain from that crap you said I pulled). *Yes, I don't remember what I've posted and I don't think it was conclusions about Litalia that were eradicated suddenly while you were writing the post (and later accused me of manipulating it, no, I didn't read your mind cause that would be the only way to do what you accused me of initially). Is there a way to see the post history? I really, REALLY don't remember what I've written.
  6. And you want proof of that? The edit happened 4 hours ago While your post came 3 hours ago. (Yes, I edited it to add the image) After nearly 2 years that I am here, that we have discussed in good order even when we disagree, you accuse me of manipulating a post to make it seem you made an erroneous statement? Why would I do that? What could I possibly gain from that? What is your problem with me? Seriously. What have I ever done here for you to assume that I would be pulling something like that?
  7. Ahh... what? Are you serious now or joking? Do you really believe that I would do that? WHY would I do that?!? I edit all my posts, all the time. I don't "manipulate" the evidence. I really hope you're joking and that you don't have such low opinion on my character.
  8. EDIT: OH COME ON! I lost a nice big reply. In short: A)The "90% confident" was about my assumption that the author is not concerned too much about minor contradictions on the story. I wrote some nice explanation but it was big. Suffice to say that I am confident about that even if I haven't seen all content. GF2 even contradicts itself in some cases. B ) I agreed with Triumph that I am scapegoating Litalia and mentioned I've admitted that in previous posts. (And mentioned I don't do that for real historical persons!) I have agreed earlier with every person here that said "There's consistent evidence that Litalia was not an unstoppable force at that time but an apprentice\prospective. Do you really think Litalia would be leading an assault force that could take the force you have seen?" and I said mostly "not really, no. I just say Litapocalypse for convenience". I didn't agree that there's (to my limited knowledge) evidence to suggest that Litalia was not at the Drypeaks. There's perhaps not enough evidence that she was, but I didn't find so far any evidence she was not. I also said that I consider GF4/5 more canonical than GF3 since they came later. So even if GF3 Litalia says indicating (not outright proving) that she was elsewhere during the Drypeak Purge, I would consider the GF4/5 to take precedence. Sure, if GF3 Litalia says something along the lines of "I wish I was at the Drypeaks while the Drakons were there, but alas I have not been there" then I would say GF5 Litalia lied.
  9. Of course I will! I did all (well most) endings in GF5 and the Shaper ending in GF4. I am a completionist.
  10. Never said I do. All the examples of Litapocalypse I mentioned are from GF4-5 and I never professed to be an expert on Litalia-lore nor, I think, based the "Litalia did it!" on deep knowledge but was sincere and open that I base it on "convenience". And as I explained above, I am 90% positive that the contradictions in her story by the author are not intentional since he doesn't seem to be too much concerned with the minutae of continuity and if a line here contradicts a paragraph written 5 years ago.
  11. I didn't... I'm half-way through since I have put it on pause to finish my mod. I liked GF3 and I will finish it, but the Rebels, my beloved rebellion, doesn't make much of a convincing argument to join after Litalia attacked my character's school, killed the people my character has spent most of his time the past 4 years with and then tried to bully him \ tempt with power. I am not yet in GF3 at the point where defeat seems inevitable and canisters seem so sweet that I would join; what I saw from Canisters so far is a traitor melting and a psycho-path mass murderer with glowing eyes. I have left the game as I meet my first drakon. And I don't like drakons. In short... the game paints the rebellion in bad light and I find my Role playing dedication (Shaper student, pro-serviles but not mass murderer that saw his whole teen-age society collapse and die) at odds with my convictions as a person and player (Shapers need to go and they need to pay for their crimes). You see... Shapers need to pay for their crimes, but killing teenagers is wrong and so far the carrot\stick is not enough to sent me towards the Rebellion. I've been meeting a lot of pompous butthole Shapers but still not enough to join a madwoman and reptilian monsters. That true, but in the case of Litalia we can "explain" what is indeed probably an overwrite of the character's history 5-6 years after the event by an author that felt this paragraph suited the narrative better than the older narratives. I get the impression the author is not big on continuity. Still, we could try and explain the change as Triumph said above (while as I said, I am pretty sure the author just went with the text that fit best not caring if it contradicted slightly some paragraph written years ago...)
  12. OK found it. But thankfully I am not (that) stupid. You see, I use the graphics enhancement mod, so here's what I was seeing: As you can see, the box was barely visible and I assumed the guards were there are ... guards. I expected to find one box near the gate. EDIT: Now a question please. Is there an "unaligned" faction? I met some Shapers hiding in a fort while looking for a way past the gate and their Shaper boss told me that being unaligned is wise. I also already "finished" (year right) the game with an "unaligned" sounding ending. Or the Shaper boss meant "remaining unaligned won't get you many enemies and you don't want to make friends with these things either, even Zakary is unworthy, the traitor", thus giving me a wink and a nod kind of "there's an unaligned ending"? EDIT2: Takerland Platform for Shaping. Took out 4 Alphas and a couple of Glaaks (they were spawned 1-2 at a time) without a single hit. Confident like an Ashen island Shaper opened a door and chuckled at the message "the smell of death and rotting flesh, something bad is there". What can your creations do, pfft, kind of thing. Turn a corner. Rot. One hit and I'm dead. Lesson: Vlish can't save you if you're at the head of the line... Lesson 2: Remember my roots. Underestimating creation will be the undoing of many Shapers. You would think playing so many GF games I would have learned that... EDIT3: I read a sign; North-east to Zahk-Uss. I take the North-east exit. I end up in a cave of "misfits" (That's the actual name of the zone!) that I find people kicked out by the takers of all people. They seem to have been more picky in GF2 than in GF5... I am told there's a Gazer that if he hears the alarm would make everyone attack me, even the nice cultist servile that is polite and smiling and tells me he will have to attack me. Apparently the Gazer will attack me too if he hears the alarm so I'm not clear that the not-brightest servile is right that the Gazer would make them attack me and not the alarm would make the Gazer make them attack me. So of course, I have to explore that nice and interesting cover next time I play instead of going to meet the Drakons with their beautiful logo (Drayk head and under it two swords).
  13. And now, trying to pull more people in modding... And now, you have the ability to make "alternate history" scenarios and I'll be all too eager to play a long or short mod in the Awakened\Barzite\Taker finale world... Make 5-6 zones, fill them with interesting NPCs and foes and help us explore your vision of how the hints of post-???-victory finale world would be.[GF5 can accommodate up to 100 zones] The witch in GF5 that tells you she won't tell you your past? Add a question in the kind of "Can you show me how the world would have been if the Drakons have not been defeated in the mountains?" at which she would reply "Look at this glowing sphere" or "Take this potion" or something and you find yourself in the alternative world... Yes, it's that easy to make zones and alternative world scenarios now, thanks to the Blade of Geneforge spreadsheet and Zonelab.
  14. Can we please have a custom "double like!" button for this post? I tested the tool and it works. It works better than the one I made (for matlab) so I'll be using this. There may be some very minor mistakes in the zone, you are advised to walk around it and check for any wall that connects wrong or a dirt path curving upwards or something and manually correct it. You might also encounter the "invisible door" bug. While Kian tried to use the door that we assume is in all tilesets, there are two sets of doors so the one Kian picked may not be present in all tilesets (although it is in the ones I've tested). Kian: Can you upload it somewhere else too please? In case you change dropbox, delete it by accident, get hit by Drakon hackers etc? I'd suggest to people interested to not be intimidated by the apparent difficulty of adding a zone and the original alien-ess of the BoG spreadsheet. Yes, you should have backups and follow the instructions and you would hit a few Crash-to-desktops. But after a couple of tries you would get the hang of it. I've managed to create a zone using a more difficult to use tool than the awesome zonelab Kian made, populate it, put quests in it etc. If I can do it, so can you. And Kian made it easy. (alhoon wanted a shoutout for trying to convince you to do this, cheerleading to boost your efforts and the chromatic code)
  15. Pretty much that, as I've learned to my horror from dealing with Lying Zakary the Deceiver... As we discussed before we play in GF5 a person that lost his memory from canisters. A few spotchy spots on Litalia's memory that she chooses to fill with glory are expected. And of course there's the reason for her to lie as you describe. As for Litalia in Drypeaks: The GF3 part you mentioned doesn't mention her melting down and running for the rear disillusioned, more like deserting for the Rebellion disillusioned. It is the GF4 version with less details. And I believe she gives less details because the Rebellion is starting and she's below the Drakons at that point, calling them "masters". She's also already mad. In the GF4 the way I interpret the story is that she became disillusioned on the Drypeaks and then met Ghaldring. She also mentions that killing serviles was a task she did but she "failed" the loyalty check. I.e. the GF3 version is not much different from GF4. Her involvement is not stated to have ended with dealing a few disloyal serviles and then deserting. Litalia however seems to have been talented even before the Canisters. Jared also uses tons of canisters and he never reaches the level of importance, or power, that Litalia has. The second account, which I agree seems less reliable, is also Litalia out of the Rebellion. She can be more open about hitting the Rebellion hard because she's not as emotionally invested in it any more. So I believe the truth is somewhere between the GF3/4 tale (which I find similar enough) and GF5 tale. Perhaps more towards the GF3/4 tale than GF5 tale. While I don't remember specifics, Litalia is not the only one mentioning she was in the Drypeaks; Ghaldring says that too I think. I have to go find him in GF4 and read his tale. It would explain partially his iron-clad loyalty to Litalia. And the bottom line is this: I know that Litalia was not the deciding factor in the Shaper victory in Drypeaks. She was too young to be the Alwan of the place crushing the rebels or have any significant authority in an era where Shapers felt invincible. However... Litalia is the only one I know and she had had her hand in several genocides. If Lord Rahul had told me he was the leading Shaper in the force fighting in the Drypeaks, I would have believed him and I would be blaming him now for killing my friends. Litalia has the name-recognition so to speak and gives me a target to blame (even unfairingly) for the fall of my friends. So, I will still keep referring to the approaching purge as "Litapocalypse" and the Shaper expeditionary force as "Litalia et al.". I realize that's twisting the story and putting the blame on the one individual that had a small part of the blame and instead helped Ghaldring escape making the rebellion possible. It feels nice on the tongue though. And would positively infuriate the many other Shapers that took part in the battle and did the heavy-lifting to sideline them and remember only the apprentice that deserted. I realize that for a person making a living on historical accuracy that's worse blasphemy than a Barzite saying power is overestimated. Please don't take this as a kind of disrespect for the work you do or an indication on my stance on real world historical persons. In life, I don't put the blame on one or two persons for anything. I.e. I wouldn't blame the Roman empire's decline on 2-3 bad emperors or something "cause it was shorter than going through the long list of reasons and persons and I never liked Nero." TL;DR: I agree 2/3 with you Triumph. But it still is convenient and feels nice for me to put it all on Litalia for reasons. I do this for the game not in real life.