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  1. I decided I am going to have a party made up of 3 fighters and 1 mage. Is this an optimal formation?
  2. Hi there. I was just wondering if there is any point to having a mage character when you play the Romans?
  3. Hello there. I've never played Avadon before and i was wondering what your opinion on it is. Personally, I am a little turned off by the series due to the fact that I heard it was linear. Is there any truth to this? thanks.
  4. Right now I am at south bridge and the two doors there that should automatically open are stuck. They both contain caskets that increase leadership and anatomy. edit: never mind i needed the caretaker's amulet
  5. Although the canistes were useful, I decided to keep my skillpoints for Endurance.
  6. For Geneforge 1, Is it worth it to trade with the Drayk, skillpoints for canisters?
  7. thank you both for your quick responses much appreciated.
  8. Do I play Blades of Aernum before Avernum 1 or does it not matter?