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  1. Recently finished: Company Town by Madeline Ashby. I loved it... up until the end, whereupon it started getting incredibly preachy with magical Free Will stuff and a heaping side of normative sexism. It almost completely lost me on the latter, because the whole "women need to personally rely on men" thing usually makes me too furious to keep reading. I did like the protagonist a lot though. Also, it's now clear to me that cyberpunk is the most stereotypically Canadian SF genre ever.
  2. TBH I don't really like this test due to severe lack of nuance. e.g. I had to answer "no" on taxation because I don't believe governments have the right to punitively tax people who can't afford it. IMO one of the central purposes of taxation is to redistribute wealth.
  3. Oooh this new board software is pretty!
  4. Hiya! I haven't been around much lately, everything kind of exploded. Hmm. I've kind of given up on scenario design by now, writing prose is much easier. However, I would be willing to offer ideas/suggestions and do some programming. I'm lousy at C++ (never mind the functional C++11/14 stuff) but should be able to manage something useful. Might be better writing documentation though. (Am familiar with that from my time in sysadmin jobs.)
  5. Just finished The Power by Naomi Alderman. I love this book, and wish it had existed when I was 16.
  6. @Edgwyn At this point, if you can look at Trump and his cabinet in all their cumulative awfulness and just say that they continue a bad trend, you are in denial far beyond anything I can help with. @Goldengirl Agreed. I want to say I fault Pres. Obama in part for failing to curtail this, but it goes waaaay back and a lot of people share responsibility. (Including people like me, for failing to make enough noise about it.) But, I think that a Trump administration is a qualitative change, not just a quantitative one. Trump is a guy who doesn't even pay lip service to rule of law, and his cabinet will consist mostly of people who make the Bush Administration's worst look like Isaac Asimov protagonists. Trump's only detailed policy item during his campaign was ethnic cleansing. Various forms of bigotry are the only positions he's been consistent on. If the worst thing he does is stuff the political system with billionaires and make us all peons, I will be astonished.
  7. So, it didn't work. Lately I've been hearing stuff about how the Supreme Court could throw out Trump's Presidency. If this is legally possible though, I think it doesn't matter; the Republicans would probably ignore SCOTUS, because they could get away with it and they know it. Also, anyone notice how Trump has his own private security force in addition to the Secret Service? I do not think we have rule of law on a federal level any more. On a local and state level, in some places, but not federal. Good luck and best wishes to everyone here. Please try to keep your anger, if nothing else. I'm forcing myself every day to keep mine.
  8. Falling Stars has some hidden rooms that don't show on the map until you find them, even if you use the Char Editor or debug commands. I don't know exactly how that works, but suspect it involves terrain transformation nodes; i.e. when you open the secret door, a special node turns an area of wall into floor, producing the room. Edit: actually I'm not sure if terrain transformation would cover this, since it's not just floor - also book shelves, treasure chests, and other stuff. But it definitely works.
  9. Edgwyn - I'm just going to link this. http://www.nytimes.com/2016/11/11/magazine/a-time-for-refusal.html?_r=0 If you think the country will come through okay when left to its own devices, you are rationalizing. Please try not to let the normalization get to you. ... I think I'm gonna stop posting in this thread for a while. Need to actually be functional, which has suddenly become a lot harder than it sounds.
  10. Edgwyn, I think it's not realistic to deny the role of sexism, considering the rhetoric both from Republicans *and* from anti-Clinton guys on the left. Even if it ultimately played second fiddle to racism. I agree about the foibles of the Democratic party, but also think that's mostly irrelevant now. Once Trump is in office, with his buddies ruling Congress and a friendly judicial branch, the bigots will have carte blanche to oppress whoever and however they like. Now is not a good time for retrospective analysis paralysis.
  11. @Alex You might want to actually talk to some of the "self-styled progressives". And maybe pay attention to their living conditions. It's not just straight white people who can't make ends meet; and seriously, if you think that money is the only form of privilege and independent of anything else, you are either in some serious denial or have been living in a cave your entire life.
  12. Cumulatively, I've spent as much time devising and tweaking weird character builds as actually playing them. With Angband variants, I hack at the game, or fiddle with preexisting skill systems... But abandon my characters out of boredom 90% of the time. I barely ever play my own Angband variant. With BoE, I waste inordinate amounts of time on modeling PCs and parties, even though BoE's bugs and design flaws make most of it not matter. ... I don't want a game where you are an adventurer. I want a game where you train adventurers, and then send them out to do stuff. Or maybe an RPG that is all plot, dialog, and skill allocation, with fighting managed by the game AI. Like, Blades of Exile meets Oregon Trail. I wonder if this is just me being weird, or if there's actually a demand for such games.
  13. Heh. In belated response to the OP: I love Jethro Tull. Including "Aqualung." 1. I don't have any songs that make me uncompromisingly happy. Generally, I don't do pure happy; hopeful is the best you'll get... But for that, I always have Delain: 2. I once picked up a heavy metal habit from someone I knew. I left her behind a while ago, but the habit didn't leave me. And in those times when I feel emotionally overwhelmed, I usually listen to an album: "Hope" by Swallow the Sun I'm not linking it here because it's... pretty hardcore. But it's still the album that takes my hand and says, "I know the world sucks, but you're going to make it through this time." (And no, I have no idea why I find emotional solace in doom metal. I'm weird.) 3. Jan Garbarek does serenity well. I should probably start listening to him again; it might help. Not sure I'd call it calm, but definitely serene. 4. I, uh... yeah, I don't think I've got anything there. On we go. 5. That would be by Within Temptation. Because, you know... actually get out and doing stuff, instead of moping around and kvetching. 6. Interesting compositions by Pain of Salvation are... not exactly uncommon, but my favorite is probably "Enter Rain" which I'm not linking because of disturbing lyrics. But, it hits me really hard on both musical and lyrical levels. It also helps that Daniel Gildenlow is gorgeous: http://i.imgur.com/5sgOLCI.jpg http://i.imgur.com/8n0A1rZ.jpg http://i.imgur.com/FYoZHFY.jpg Seriously, tell me the guy doesn't look like an angel. 7. "Starships" by Nicki Minaj Well, maybe not "really enjoy", but it has its heart in the right place. and *. I found out that an old acquaintance is actually doing okay, despite my worries.
  14. Awesome. Congrats and good luck!
  15. Time for updates! For some reason I recycled the sulfras designation for a new router. This is an Optiplex GX620 (slimline) with an extra PCI ethernet card, running OpenBSD. Performance is better than the old Cisco router I was using for a while, and the pf firewall is great for stuff like this, much simpler to configure than Linux's iptables. Source-based updates are a bit annoying though. The original netbook sulfras is now grayarea again, this time with a 250 GB SSD. (The main benefit of this is fast boots; overall speed benefit is not impressive with a 32-bit Atom processor, and battery life is not in any way improved.) I'm waffling between grayarea and hoatzin (formerly defiant) for mobile needs; hoatzin has more CPU power, 64-bit support, and is astonishingly fast with the SSD, but is also very heavy and bulky (especially with the gigantic new battery pack I bought for it). And its large size makes it feel disturbingly flimsy vs. the netbook. So for now, grayarea is the one I take to coding meetups and stuff, even though it takes 2-3 times longer to compile stuff. harvest-lore is still basically the same, in terms of hardware. And that's basically that. Oh, and my Linux machines now run Void Linux. I was using Debian Stable with backports for a while, but there's just not enough stuff backported.