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  2. Start late or leave early?

    The research is actually a pretty mixed bag. Being awake for too long increases medical errors, but so does handing off patients to someone else. Work hour restrictions haven't clearly led to better results. To be fair, they also haven't reliably led to residents actually working fewer hours, and have created the idea of "night float" which research does consistently show is even worse. —Alorael, who thinks there is immediate and catastrophic consequences to sleep deprivation in pilots and drivers that doctors don't quite have. But another big difference is that if you don't let pilots fly or truckers drive, then the planes and trucks just don't go. Less work is done. That doesn't work for doctors; you can't have a doctor be off duty without another doctor going on duty, because there's no way to put people being sick on hold for a mandatory rest. Crises can't be predicted or delayed the way a transit route can.
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  4. Another GUI enlargement attempt

    Copy the URL of the image and paste it in your address bar.
  5. Start late or leave early?

    I'd wager that it's the sitting position and monotonic never-ending road that dulls the brain faster than situations where you'd have to constantly interact with other people, which would logically stimulate the brain more effectively. I'm not saying that it's right to keep people awake for 24-28 hours in a medical profession, but it's more likely to get into an accident if you're sitting and "doing nothing" behind a wheel.
  6. AV2 and Empire Caches

    Still took a while to locate based on just descriptions, here is the map with cache all the way west http://www.harehunter.info/Avernum2/Maps/GiantRegions.html
  7. Let's Play Blades of Avernum!

    Finally, a few rats to kill! But there's more we have to find... https://youtu.be/kuqu-BO0w9M
  8. Another GUI enlargement attempt

    I cannot see the images in the OP in Chrome and Explorer. Anyway, I think 2X magnification with no smoothing would be fine. I don't care if the game looks pixelated.
  9. Is it Possible to Magnify the graphics?

    I would like to see 2x magnification too.
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  11. Start late or leave early?

    I find it interesting that the research shows that medical outcomes do not change based on work schedule much. Commercial Pilots and Truck drivers have limitations on their work rest cycle/crew duty day that were supposedly established as safety measurers based on research.
  12. Some beginner questions on the skill system

    "Base" is your base value of the skill before any levels that you've "bought" (i.e., expended skill points to get) are taken into account. If I remember correctly, skill point cost is entirely dependent on bought values, not base values. The value on your skill sheet is the total of the base and bought values. If that's right, then the way that it works is as follows. Suppose you have skill X, which has a base value of skill Y / 2. Suppose you have never trained in skill X, and it costs 3 skill points to raise skill X. Your skill Y is 6, so your skill X is 3. If you raise skill Y to 8, your skill X will go to 4, but it will still cost 3 skill points to raise skill X. The base of skill X went up, but that doesn't affect costs in any way; it's just a free point in skill X. So no, in no way does having a high base value for a skill hurt you. In general, you'll need 17 points in Priest Spells/Mage Spells to get access to the highest-level spells. In very high-level scenarios (e.g., Exodus), you may need to go even higher (as high as 25). Int is good for casters, and I raise it a fair bit to get spell energy and stronger spells for them, but I've never raised it for non-casters. It does raise Arcane Lore, but it's cheaper just to raise Arcane Lore directly. It also raises whatever resistance, but Luck and Resistance are better for resistances anyway. But it's not really possible to give a value that you should raise Int to. There's no cap or anything. It just continues to help casters as you keep raising it, so as you gain levels, put some skill points into it regularly.
  13. Start late or leave early?

    No, but lack of salary limits quality of life. Again, I'm not suggesting doctors are getting more than they should on either account -- just that they are getting a lot more, on both accounts, than most other people.
  14. Start late or leave early?

    Salary and quality of life aren't quite the same. On the economic side the money is fine, mostly. From a free market perspective, highly qualified applicants vastly outnumber spots in medical schools; clearly pay could be lower and there would still be doctors. There are distorted incentives on speciality, but on the whole the money's good and job security is nice. But physician rates of burnout, depression, and suicide are much higher than the general population. Particularly with the much-touted doctor shortage, this seems like a problem to me. I'd certainly take a significant pay cut in exchange for getting out of nights and weekends! (Many of my colleagues in fact work additional nights and weekends. Partly for loans, and partly because of the somewhat perverse way moonlighting pays far, far better than our regular salary. It also feels very different when you opt in than when you are forced into it as a quasi-legal requirement.) —Alorael, who has heard that the situation is even worse in the UK, in part because there aren't the levels of protection for trainees that the US has, and possibly also because the monolithic NHS has such overwhelming ability to simply dictate what doctors must do and how they must work. Being limited to 80 hours per week and 28 hours in a row is better than the horror stories of the past, but can still be crushing.
  15. In conclusion, AAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!

  16. Some beginner questions on the skill system

    I'm very sorry for my late response.. Thank you very much Randomizer, Chessrook44 and Mr.Tic! I think I prefer general damage reduction to some good chances not to get hit. Unfortunately I haven't fully understood the matter with the base yet.. is it good in the case of ARC to have high INT, or is it more expensive to improve it with high INT? How many points in INT (and maybe in Priest Spells) would you recommend me to spend?
  17. Start late or leave early?

    It would be easier to make this part of the discussion if typical doctor salaries did not already afford them a quality of life far beyond the bulk of the country's population. Yes, I know residents and interns and so on don't make so much, despite being the ones to do most of these awful shifts. But they're on their way to a pretty dope lifestyle. I'm not, btw, saying that doctors don't deserve it. As a whole they clearly are a hard-working and important profession. But there plenty of other well-deserving professions that come with a significantly worse quality of life. This situation makes it difficult to complain about doctors' quality of life, because from the outside it looks pretty gauche.
  18. Let's Play Blades of Avernum!

    A new scenario, and a new creator, with the silly name of Smoo. Let's see what madness ensues within! https://youtu.be/fQxCeWgCKRM
  19. Geneforge Team Info?

    All Spiderweb art is contracted. People are paid to provide art, but they're not employees. —Alorael, who thinks Exile I was the only exception. He's pretty sure some of the graphics were crude creations of Jeff Vogel himself. It was a simpler time.
  20. Start late or leave early?

    In the US there has been a move to limit resident (junior doctor) working hours in a variety of ways, and intern (first-year doctor) hours even more. There's been pushback. The restriction on interns working more than 16 hours has been repealed, and they're now allowed 24 hours, plus a few extra to hand off work, like other residents. The tradeoff is always that each time someone ends a shift patients have to be signed out or handed off to whoever is still in the hospital. Handoffs are a known risk. But as risky as being awake for days? There's research, it's fairly consistent, and it tends to be expressed one of two ways: 1. The outcomes of patients cared for by doctors with limited work hours are no better, and therefore hours should not be limited; this reduces the number of handoffs. 2. The outcomes of patients cared for by doctors with limited work hours are no worse, and therefore hours should be limited; this reduces errors due to exhaustion. There is also work on making the handoff/signout process more efficient and effective, and there's evidence suggesting that doing it systematically really does improve patient outcomes. But notice also that lost in this is the idea of giving doctors' quality of life any priority. That's not under discussion. —Alorael, who can still work at the end of a 24 hour shift even if he hasn't gotten to sleep much (or at all). He can't sustain concentration to, say, read complicated medical literature (without falling asleep). He also doesn't store new long-term memories very well, so it's a terrible time to meet a new patient he'll be continuing to care for. But he can do a decent job of a workup and coming up with a plan of treatment that he can hand off. Is it an ideal system? No. But it's demonstrably non-inferior to other systems, and there's no clearly good way to provide 24 hour coverage.
  21. I think the text refers to other demons in the fortress, but not in the immediate area where you fight Grah-Hoth. There are some you can avoid by taking the shortest route and not going everywhere first.
  22. Hello Muscleguy, I'm not sure that Grah-Hoth's summons are actually supposed to disappear. They don't disappear on my version of the game, nor in the footage of a quick check of online videos of other players. I had a look, and there's nothing in the game's scripts for the fight that would remove summons after Grah-Hoth is defeated. Could your be misremembering previous playthroughs? As far as I can tell, the summons are supposed to stay around. The little bit of misleading text in the dialogue box you mention is: "You look around. The tiny, foul creatures gibbering in the corner have fled. The passages are quiet. Grah-Hoth's demons are gone. You are victorious. Now all you need to do is get out of here alive." I think this is flavour text, rather than actually talking about the gameplay. I've always interpreted the comment about the tiny creatures as referring to little imps that are watching the fight from the shadows. These then run off when Grah-Hoth is defeated, presumably to gain their freedom! The summons are, after all, massive, imposing and powerful undead creatures – 'tiny' and 'foul' doesn't really seem to be describing them, at least to me! Also, I wouldn't worry about something like this. Jeff is a very conscientious designer, and I don't think he would ever put anything into a game to deliberately undermine any one way of playing it – including using cheat codes. He wants people to play his games however they want to!
  23. Start late or leave early?

    With no lead time, ending early, particularly if I find out after I am already awake that day. Once I get started in the morning I will never be able to fall asleep for another hour, so the hour will be wasted putzing around. I would much rather just start the day on schedule and end early. If I have a lot of lead time, then I suppose it doesn't matter.
  24. Geneforge Team Info?

    Andrew Hunter and Brian Snoddy are credited for art in Geneforge 1.
  25. Request to use Blades of Exile graphics

    Hey, Could your "engine" be of any interest of a game? Like to test out?
  26. Start late or leave early?

    The 24 hour medical shift is a holdover because it's been used for decades and is getting phased out in some hospitals because it causes medical mistakes with exhausted doctors. It still exists because past doctors suffered through it so they assume new ones should. I'd go with sleeping in late because I usually get to sleep late.
  27. Start late or leave early?

    Starting later every time. I was recently forced to switch jobs, and my new job has a flexi-time system where I can do my hours between 8-6. I'm doing 10-6.
  28. In conclusion, AAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!

    Oh, congrats
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