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  2. Let's Play Blades of Avernum!

    Ah, the old barricade. Literally, this is the original version. I wonder how different it looks... https://youtu.be/BVao4nHgJ30
  3. In Avernums 4-6, do the heroes of the previous Avernum games ever show up in anyway? In Avernum 2 and 3, there is the occasional reference to the characters from the previous games, but nothing more than that. Do the heroes of A1-A3 ever appear in-game in A4-A6?
  4. Nightsade Perimeter quest bug?

    Did you place the stone after killing the skeletons in the top level? After doing the second stone, you get told by Cerise that another Hand is doing the third stone placement in the southwest corner so that might be the problem. You need to go there and see what happened. Doing it out of order shouldn't make a difference and you shouldn't need to start over. The worst would be going back to the autosave file from before getting into the zone.
  5. Nightsade Perimeter quest bug?

    I’ve got a similar problem. I completed the first stone circle task with no problems, but I’ve just completed the SE circle task- placed the stone, killed the many skeletons- and I get no love from Cerise. I know i’ve done some other game tasks out of order- would that cause it? I’m thinking I’ll have to start the game all over, but I don’t want it to happen again. Any ideas or info on how to avoid trouble on my second go-around?
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  7. I found God of avernum 5!!

    Agreed, if in doubt destroy pylons. At the Vahnatai trap downstairs I always make sure to go around destroying ALL the pylons before going to talk to Rentar Irno and the Demon in Athron's refuge. I summoned some creatures and let them occupy the demons. My tank advanced to the first pylon and used a scroll of acid on the next one. Second tank same. Hasted mage went up spray acid the first two. Whack! whack! Smite. All pylons gone tanks turn to demon. No point wasting anything other than perhaps a slow spell on him until all his pylons are gone.
  8. Reactivate Taygen Questline?

    The game splits significantly over Taygen because the other factions want you to do things that are the opposite of what he wants. You'll find that out for more than Camp Dranir.
  9. Reactivate Taygen Questline?

    There's a cheat in most (all?) the Geneforge games that can reset the hostility of an individual zone (e.g. turning Icy End friendly after you made them angry). That's different from failing a quest so that an NPC will no longer hire you. I'm pretty sure it's technically still be possible to change you access to Taygen's quest line, but a bit more complicated than entering a cheat code. You'd need to dig in the scripts to identify the flag triggered by this Camp Dranir, then alter a zone script somewhere so you could change the flag to whatever Taygen's flag-check requires (e.g. add text so that when you, say, click on a sign, it sets the flag to the correct number). Disclaimer: I've never done this, nor played G5 (except the demo), I'm just going off what I've seen of various other posts on the Geneforge games.
  10. Let's Play Blades of Avernum!

    Or for just an episode. :3 Onwards we go into the second half of this Giant Town. Should be easy to clear out. https://youtu.be/JcWaMJPSjLQ
  11. This one's a long shot but you tech-minded folks might be able to help me. I'm kind of a pedantic completionist when I play games with faction divisions. I like to make a BIG save after doing as much neutral stuff as I can, then progress down to all the faction endings in order to experience as much of the game as I can in one go, since let's be real, these games are longer that God's penis and when there's 4/5 factions that's just too many to leave for future playthroughs. Worked great for G1, 2, and kiiiinda 4, though I only got the 'helped the rebels' version of the ending. Not too fussed about 3 and 4 though since with only TWO options I can just play the Shaper version in a year's time. For G5, I decided to again play rebel-aligned, however with that Shaper Cora...Cora... something... guy-who-can-make-Shapers-forget-you're-rebel-scum, I figured I could still give all 5 factions a crack if I was careful despite making rebel decisions throughout the meat of the game. I ALMOST succeeded in this, but I buggered up Taygen. Didn't realise helping Camp Dranir locks you into failing his first loyalty quest and totally shuts down any ability to join him, so now all my saves are from too far in and there's nothing I can do. HOWEVER, I remember back in 3 when my rebel PC buggered up Icy End by annoying a drakon in a nearby location, wound up turning the town hostile and screwing me out of some quests. A google search saved me, someone had some miracle code thingy in answer to another forum question that just... made Icy End friendly again. Entered it, worked a treat, got my content back. So uhh... in short... MAGICAL COMPUTER PEOPLE, HELP. xD Is there any kinda totally cheat-tastic code to trick Tay-tay into thinking I didn't bugger up? If not, ehhh, I guess 4/5 ain't bad, but I kinda wanted to see what that horrible nazi bastard had to offer, dammit. Replies to the tune of 'you're a bad roleplayer' need not apply, I am aware of myself and fully accepting of it.
  12. Huzzah! I'm NOW Dr. Triumph! - edited

    Congratulations.... doctor!
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  14. For Gnee, look around Olgai in the southwest area and say the right things. But you can save time by looking in Avit for a hidden switch in the southeast building.
  15. Let's Play Blades of Avernum!

    Oh, that poor soldier. Stuck in that oven forever
  16. Let's Play Blades of Avernum!

    The giants have a very small town. I think we can wipe it out with ease, don't you? https://youtu.be/HExKHTDRMjY
  17. Let's Play Blades of Avernum!

    Onwards we go, into the lands controlled by the giants. This won't be easy, I'm sure... https://youtu.be/-sM7O5HaWT4
  18. av3itemschars.txt

    Hello Avadon 3 Player, Welcome to the forums! I've had a quick look, and I've come up with a way to alter the Scorched Greaves for you. I've also written a little about the general format of the items in av3itemschars.txt underneath. Before going on to the solution, though, I think it's worth mentioning for reference that the Scorched Greaves giving a sorcerer skill isn't actually a bug. It's intentional. According to the designer, he wanted the strange magic of the greaves to make other characters behave a little bit more like a sorcerer: http://spiderwebforums.ipbhost.com/topic/22430-scorched-greaves-glitch/?tab=comments#comment-292662 In order to allow the Scorched Greaves to be equipped by a sorcerer, first make a copy of av3itemschars.txt and put it in a safe place. This is just to make sure that you can revert back to the original game should there be any problems. In the version that is still in the scripts folder, find the Scorched Greaves (item 213), and add this line: it_sorceress = 0; Make sure it's somewhere before 'begindefineitem 214;'. Crucially, you also need to add: it_sorceress = 1; to the following item (the Pitted Greaves). This allows the Scorched Greaves to be worn by a sorcerer, but prevents all the other greaves from also being allowed to be worn by the class! It's worth noting that the Scorched Greaves require a minimum strength of 10 to be worn, and it's possible that your sorcerer might not have reached that level of strength when you first find the greaves. Even making the alteration, it's possible your sorcerer won't be able to wear them! One other option, then, is to make a different change. Instead of allowing the item to be worn by a sorcerer, you could change its properties to not add Focus Mastery, but have a different effect. For instance, you can revert the item's effect to that of Avadon 2 (adding 20% fire resistance), by changing these lines: it_stats_to_affect 0 = 58; it_stats_addition 0 = 1; to: it_stats_to_affect 0 = 206; it_stats_addition 0 = 20; For reference, the format of av3itemschars.txt takes the same sort of format as many of Spiderweb's recent games, but the Avadon series as a whole does make a few changes. For a quick summary, items are grouped into sets (such as, say, a set of shields, a set of helmets and a set of cloaks). The first item in each set is fully defined, which includes information about which characters can equip these types of items, the minimum strength needed to hold them, the amount of protection they provide etc.. Each subsequent item just updates this base item. This will include its name, and icon, but not necessarily anything else. If the item is more or less powerful than the base item in one or more stats, this will be changed. The items generally seem to be arranged so that they become more powerful as you move down a set. I'm guessing it's arranged like this to allow an easy way to balance items over the course of the game. It means that the items are all going to be consistent, and can easily be made to be consistently more powerful by only ever updating the item stats. The characters that can use an item are defined by the variables it_sorceress, it_shaman etc.. If these have a value of 0, the class can use the item. A value of 1 means they can't use the item. A value of 2 means that only that class can use the item.
  19. av3itemschars.txt

    1. Is detailed information available about the format of items in the av3itemschars.txt file? if yes, where? 2. More specificallly, I want to change an item so it can be equipped by a Sorcerer. It is currently prohibited from being worn by a Sorcerer. 3. Even more specifically , I'm trying to fix the bug where Scorched Greaves have +1 Focus Mastery, which only applies to Sorcerers, but the Scorched Greaves can't be worn by a Sorcerer. Yes, I've read the related forum post that says +1 Focus Mastery will apply to whomever can wear the Scorched Greaves. Like all RPG players, I'm a little OCD , and I want the Sorcerer to wear the Scorched Greaves so she can get the +1 Focus Mastery. Thanks for your help.
  20. The sorcerer (I think) with the corrupted circle intimates that she does not think the Shadowbeast needs to be killed. Heart Miranda gives the Hand the authority to make the people obey in all of the territories. That being said, can I kill Moritz and save the Shadowbeast. is there any way to save the Shadowbeast?
  21. Yiss! Can't wait to buy that creepy house from Lorelei again with a grumpy housekeeper and a pet ghost in the garden! Every adventurer's dream come true!
  22. Let's Play Blades of Avernum!

    The option to sell to him was never "hidden." It was always there. You just forgot about it.
  23. Let's Play Blades of Avernum!

    Yeah, originally. But I was referring to when I thought I looked at him later on during my frantic searching. We're approaching the end of our explorations of civilized areas, so let's explore the last of it. https://youtu.be/Pl7T3oZMd-U
  24. What will happen after Avernum 3 Ruined World?

    I know it's not going to happen, but "Blades of Avadon" for Nintendo Switch would be epic.
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