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  2. Watched the video, and once again a lot of fun! Very interesting to analyze how you make your decisions, especially toward the end when things got more tense. How, in the cemetery, you essentially ran straight to the crypt in the back and chose to go in was delightful for me to watch, as I had hoped that this would happen. Now, if you were to play this on a Mac, there would have been custom music in the church. You can still download it from my website I think... ...Yup, go here for that: http://thralni.ermarian.net/The_wrath_of_the_purty_potatoe/Blades_of_Avernum_HIM2.html I'm of course sorry you felt cheated by the abrupt ending (and it's something that was frequently mentioned to me by both testers and reviewers after release). You are right of course: there was going to be a third installment. Then, life got the better of me, plus I got a new computer that wasn't compatible with some key software I used to plan the story, and that's how it all sizzled out. Having seen you play through HIM, though, has made me interested again to dust it off and finish the third installment, though possibly I'll be less ambitious - which is part of the reason it got never finished. Simply tried to do too many fancy stuff even though I wasn't up to the task. I was trying to give the player choice, like in Mass Effect, which I think I had probably played around that time, but of course the many story threads ended up dooming the project from the outset... Looking forward to see you play Where the Rivers Meet. A much, much longer scenario - and also the first one I ever made. And yes, this one will have an actual ending
  3. Found the bug and fixed it. Download and install the newest version and load your game. It should be fixed. You had really high mechanics to hit that bug... the bugged option is available only at mechanics 12+
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  5. Hmm... thanks for that. I'll get to it and correct it. And thanks for the kind words for the mod. It would help if you told me what choices do you see, whether you have Phyllida in the party, if you have got the Key from Guardian Volgon (or something, I'm bad with names) etc. Oh, and if you can create Gazers.
  6. Love Spiderweb games!  Have been playing them for approximately 30 years!  :)

  7. People have TALKED about making a tabletop RPG of Exile / Avernum for years. And usually when they do, they ask if there's any extant work or other useful info from previous attempts. I don't recall ever seeing anything of the sort, however. If anyone in past actually did get further than just talk, then I don't think it's ever shown up here on the forums in any substantial way.
  8. Hey all, Problem with BoA here. I'm on macOS 10.12.5. BoA fails to start properly. Downloaded twice now, opened the dmg and moves BoA's folder to Applications. macOS complains Spiderweb is not an "identified developer", so I go into the System Preferences to allow it to open anyway. The BoA icon appears for perhaps half a second on the dock, doing it's bouncy animation, then disappears and never comes back. On second try, BoA's icon doesn't even appear on the dock anymore - it's like I didn't even try to start it. Any ideas?
  9. Glad you're enjoying the vids Thralni. And I hope you enjoy as I keep going. Well now, I must say this is a pretty effective way to convey horror... https://youtu.be/dgUt4GB7ykI
  10. Hello everyone. Let me get right to the point. I have loved the Avernum setting ever since I got a shareware disc back in the 90s with the original exile trilogy on it. The setting has always been something I've wanted to try doing in a tabletop format. I know a lot of people have tried to hash out Avernum as a setting for d and d or other games, but it seems no one has managed to pull it off (or at least if they did I couldn't find any information about it) So, I have decided to give it a try. I was wondering if anyone had any info or work from previous attempts etc? Anything would be awesome. As to how I plan to run it I am thinking of using a kingmaker like hex map that the players will explore. Thinking of setting it around escape from the pit. Anyway thanks in advance.
  11. Hello! Thanks to everyone who put in hours to get us more Geneforge content! I am really enjoying playing though the mod! I have encountered a bug however in the Foundry Core East. When I try to unlock the door in the core, I am given a choice to make a creation. However, no matter which option I pick the game bugs out. I get the message "z5westfoundlg.txt Error: Unmatched right bracket in line 1463" followed by "Talking Error; Dialogue Script broken or absent." If someone could help me out with this issue, I would appreciate it! I very much would like to finish this amazing mod!
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  13. BoA version 1.2.1 runs without issues on macOS 10.12.5 and on the developer preview of macOS 10.13 for me.
  14. Really? I tried to open it but it closed instantly.
  15. Gazak-Uss is retroactively plot-important, as I found it was confirmed as becoming Gazaki-Uss by, I believe, Ghaldring himself (or some other important rebel).
  16. I'm on 10.12 and it runs just fine for me.
  17. Hi Chessrook, I was alerted by Nikki that you are doing this! Pretty amazing project, I gotta say. I have to say I have been really enjoying seeing you play HIM and its sequel, and I would like to commend you for your thorough explorations. By doing that you are definitely getting everything out of the scenarios, and making it a lot easier for yourself;f down the road (finding the stairs in HIM2 before you actually needed them, for example!). I'm looking forward to the next episode! Incidentally, this remind me I never finished HIM3. I actually tried just yesterday, having watched you play HIM, to download and open BoA but it seems it doesn't work anymore on the newest macOS... Oh well. At least I can relive it through your movies
  18. We played HIM, and now it is time for the game's sequel. And the atmosphere here is quite effective... https://youtu.be/KNxp0BvQCOc
  19. Uninstalling and reinstalling fixed the issue. Just wanted to share that in case anyone else had this problem.
  20. Sorry, just realized I posted in the wrong place. Please disregard.
  21. I'm running windows 7 and I've only tried Avernum 1 so far, not any of the others. But ever few minutes the game will go unresponsive for a few moments and then be fine. Is there anything I can do to fix this? Is it a known issue? I asked over on GOG but it's been 3 days and I haven't gotten a reply. I also want to say, I loved Geneforge and Nether Gate Resurection so I am looking forward to getting this series under my belt
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  23. Unfortunately, "fishing at the edges" is exactly what the pros do. This is one of a few interface issues that gets discussed with every new Spiderweb release, but that have persisted for years. I assume that Spiderweb knows about them and that there just isn't an easy answer given the way they have things set up. It really is too bad. On the plus side, you do get used to it, at least somewhat, after a while.
  24. There is an option (that is set ON by default I believe) to move with the arrow keys. It's a bit tricky to use at first but more precise than the mouse. To move diagonally hit both direction keys at once, it doesn't take up 2 movement points. If you're like me and use the arrow keys to scroll the map, I usually find the left corner of the square is the best place to click to move. Save often and take your time before moving; I've frequently sent my characters into the middle of battle instead of casting fireball.
  25. A two-parter as we work on completing this scenario. Bit of a bother, the final fight. https://youtu.be/82veQAsSsYI https://youtu.be/WMJhxKsAyZs
  26. Some boss monsters get automatic extra scripted attacks on harder difficulties even when stunned. One thing is out wait his immunities to some damage types that are scripted to occur when the dragon reaches certain damage levels. It isn't easy and usually requires raising dead characters in combat. I like to have a sorcerer in the party since with focus mastery you get recharged and take less damage by magical attacks. Then keep a blademaster with high armor and health next to the dragon to take most attacks. Everything else hugs the walls to survive. Summon monsters also help as a distraction.
  27. Some boss fights like the Freehold are insanely long and hard unless you find a trick in how Jeff scripted the fight. Even then I remember it taking a long time on torment difficulty. Newer games are going to be worse since boss monsters get extra abilities on harder difficulties.
  28. My team currently averages level 25, and I have no idea how to kill the dragon without dropping the difficulty to Casual. I managed to slay his constructs, then run off upstairs. Should be easy now, right? Just lure him out for a 1:1 outside his frozen room? Well, he keeps two-shotting my squishy NPCs (what the hell is Slow even supposed to do if it isn't stopping him from acting twice?) and basically ignoring warriors hammering on his thick hide. I tried several different parties, and never managed to take off more than half his health.
  29. Also, at least in some games, the bug causes certain other interactive objects such as levers to act as containers instead of functioning normally.
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