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  2. Ok, I created a new game and just skipped everything and walk to Island and see if I can join Anama and enter the member quarter. Yes, after some maneuvers going around towns, I managed to join, and the barrier came down accordingly. There are some flag problems, that's it.
  3. That works okay. But you can't read the other three spellbooks, the magical defenses can see right through the fake rings!
  4. Let's Play Blades of Avernum!

    A terrible creature is ravaging a valley. First things first, let's gather some information. https://youtu.be/dXX4t4Q8rOI
  5. I tested with an older savegame and eh… it doesn't work either. Just stuck at the door and cannot go thru as a member of the church even.
  6. You can buy the fake Anama rings to get upstairs just for that spell.
  7. Level 3 Divine Fire for non-Anama, can't find this anywhere... Temporarily joining the Anama until you get what you want, then you leave them. This is a solution but not a satisfying one.
  8. Funny enough, I even prayed at the altar to rid the fake ring and then joined anama cult, but still the door is too complicated to open and can't pass thru the barrier.... so back to the basic question: how can you enter the member area? Is it bugged or something?
  9. Aha. Thanks Edgwyn! Sneaky, sneaky. And there I was looking all over the downstairs central area. Sneaky!
  10. It is in the South East corner on the entrance level.
  11. Am looking all over the Slime Pit for the level 3 spell. Where is it? Where Where Where???
  12. Yesterday
  13. You leave the Anama and relearn the spell. Some places have walls that can be removed with Move Mountains. But for the most part you just can't get into them.
  14. Joined Amana but I loose dispel barrier. How do I get through lv 2 + barriers now ? TNX Tom LFOD !
  15. Gremlins, Squiggus, reward is Mass Healing. Where is Summon Aid found?
  16. Let's Play Blades of Avernum!

    Ah, the wonderful glorious pleasure of THIS SHOULDN'T BE THAT HARD!!! https://youtu.be/6gGORMerkQ8
  17. Note, however, that you don't actually need to kill Zang to get rewarded by Starcap; you can simply claim that you killed the guy after talking to him.
  18. Last week
  19. It's still helpful for any party to rapidly gain levels to make game play easier. If you kill him for Starcap's quest, then you gain access to a level 3 mage spell.
  20. Zang!

    He gives direct xp. The xp decreases with level and then precipitously drops off a cliff near level 35 at which point the xp amount is only 60. As far as I am concerned he is essential to use for torment singletons so that you can actually damage creatures. Not sure for larger parties. All party members get xp for that price. On normal difficulty for instance I had no need of him with a singleton.
  21. Zang offers training for 3000 gold a shot. What does he train?
  22. too late; I planted them in my garden. Maybe they'll sprout into an army of pet spiders
  23. Let's Play Blades of Avernum!

    A new scenario by a new creator is begun, so let us see what sort of issues we must deal with today. https://youtu.be/LlfVecWmqE4 EDIT: Hamlet of Bovill, Part 1
  24. WE'VE LOST

    Fare points for sure, but yes I think everyone agree's there are a few slight mismatches in the series we'd hope to see patched
  25. Slarty Ranks Everything

    Isaac Asimov started off as a short story writer. Some stories like the Foundation Series were originally published in magazines as novellas that were collected in novels as reprints. I don't think the intent was to originally write a novel, but to get published to make money and only later reprint it as a novel when he became more successful. Later on Asimov decided to fill in gaps between his earlier works and merge series into a large coherent universe that led to really bad novels.
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