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  2. Beta for Scenario: Skirmish in the Tunnels

    I killed them all. But nothing happened.
  3. Avernum/Exile Fan Art - Alien Blade Redux

    I like the second one better, too. It feels a bit less "messy", if that makes sense. Like the blade and the metalwork looks more smooth and less demonic than in the first rendition.
  4. In conclusion, AAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!

    History relies heavily on the written word. It's not that no one cares about the Americas before 1492, it's just much, much easier to speak with some degree of confidence once you get to an era with more written records to analyze.
  5. In conclusion, AAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!

    As a general point about the field, U.S. History courses usually are supposed to cover at least some Native American history, although often most of it is post-contact. (AP US History, a common advanced high school class, starts its history at 1491.)
  6. In conclusion, AAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!

    I ended up focusing on the Civil War.
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  8. Avernum/Exile Fan Art - Alien Blade Redux

    The second one, but the first maybe could be un activated.
  9. Exile Remaster

    (Personally, I disagree with that. While I can understand why you would find that to be best, it is very inconvenient for most people especially considering that OBoE has external dependencies that make it more difficult to build.) Anyway, it has been a while since I've posted here. Since I feel like this thread deals with OBoE in general, I'll post a few thoughts here: (Fyi: This is going off the latest Windows build that Celtic posted a zip for, so it is probably a bit of an older build.): 1) I noticed above that you state that save doesn't work. Has this been fixed yet (and if not, why not)? 2) Can we please use a different color (darker green would probably work) for the HP on the interface? The light green hurts my eyes a lot. (I'm pretty sure it was darker in the original version, but I may be mistaken.) 2b) Likewise, can we avoid using light green for items in the inventory? 3) It is not a major issue, but the screen does flicker a lot whenever a dialog box is open. Is there any way to reduce this? I'm going to see if I can actually make a scenario that works using the new scenario editor. Edit: 4) The game crashed when I tried to look at the info for a completed quest. 5) The priest spells menu lists mage spells instead of priest spells for some reason.
  10. Avernum/Exile Fan Art - Alien Blade Redux

    I reworked my original rendition of the Alien Blade from everyone's favorite* series. Take a look and let me know which design works better. *Unless you prefer Geneforge, to which I say that I do not share but respect your opinion
  11. In conclusion, AAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!

    I was joking about that rich family thing. Interesting, May I ask if US history includes native american history or post European contact/invasion?
  12. Spiders' Amber

    Please stop bumping old threads. Just make a new one, and if necessary, include a link to the old one. There's only one amber. If you gave it to the Queen, then you can't give it to the GIFTS.
  13. In conclusion, AAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!

    I studied US history. It's not the most fashionable of topics in the historical profession, but it's what interested me. In my case, well, if I have any rich family members, then they are utterly unknown to me. However, I got a pretty good score on the GRE that apparently was key to convincing two universities (one for my MA, and another for my PHD) to give me generous sums of money to come study there. And yes, a LOT of reading. I actually became a much better reader, I believe, thanks to grad school.
  14. Request to use Blades of Exile graphics

    I could post it on Github, but I am not sure it will be of interest, as you state it. Lately, I've stepped down from the concept of a game engine or any framework in favor for classes tuned exactly to my game's needs. I'm making a space shooter at the moment, so animations, for example, are fine-tuned to be applied to moving projectiles. Since characters will move around in space, their movement functions rely heavily on trigonometry, something an Exile-like game doesn't require. I could put all classes back into a framework (because that's basically what a "game engine" is) but whether you will find it of interest depends on what your expecations are. If you expect fancy renderers and full-fledged bounding algorithms you will be disappointed but if you'd like to use it as an example for your own games or experimentations or even use as a framework for your own game, you may like it. I have made a couple of small games in order to test out functions for my bigger projects. One of those smaller games is a space invaders clone in which the basics of game programming are presented. For game programming I use mainly Java as language (i've done some game programming in C++, Javascript and Python too, but I find Java best suited for small games). As a little footnote, all game elements (such as animations, moving characters, ...) are updated from a signle game-loop, with minimal threading, however, implementing threaded animations won't be difficult, since I use an OOP programming style. I would actually advise to whip up a program design specifically tuned to your game in question instead of using an engine, if it isn't a powerful, well equipped one. That's also the reason why I came here, to ask for graphics, because mine was perfectly suited for Exile-like graphics, but the game I'm making now requires radically diffrent classes, and I'm not for a chain of abstractions and interfaces to make it work. None the less, I'll be happy to share anything.
  15. That's how to use the Character Editor, once you have turned it on, Randomizer. I'm curious as to how to turn it OFF. Thanks for your response!
  16. Avernum 5, turn off Character Editor

    This used to be an answer in Tech Support, but I guess it got changed for this game. There is a cheat code. Type shift and D together. Then enter in the box, editor. The new one of course. Edit stats without those pesky skill points. The other method of deleting the Preference file would lose information you might want and require entering the Registration Code, if you still have the email.
  17. I turned it on without realizing that it was a "one-way street." Does anybody know how to turn it back off again? Thanks. (Sorry if this is a repeat question... I did search a lot.)
  18. Let's Play Blades of Avernum!

    Man, I was at the edge of my seat with that Horatio's Guard bit. Just one step. I wanted you to take one step with the armor. On the off chance that you are still not done with the scenario, you might want to buy the armor and do what you clearly thought about doing: complain to Branimir that you got ripped off. Edit: Also I wondered how I handled it if the player cleared out the bandits and undead before getting the quests from the captain. Apparently, the actual dialog for receiving the quests won't show up, but at least you got the rewards.
  19. Let's Play Blades of Avernum!

    Man, this is a very colorful group of characters here... https://youtu.be/1hHOCsLZMMM
  20. Spiders' Amber

    How about the amber from the GIFTS spiders quest ? Is it the same ? No indication as to where it is. I hope not as I already completed the Queen amber quest, and now have the GIFTS one in my log. Bumping a 13 years old thread ---> check
  21. Last week
  22. Chatroom?

    That's a nice offer, thanks. I might pop in, if you don't mind a lurker. I'm really slow to warm up, even on text-channels. There's nothing personal there, it's just a really long and rough patch of people treating me like dirt.
  23. Start late or leave early?

    Yep, it's sad to see that callousness has taken root in our world in such a strength. Well, still, methinks we can fight back, by upholding bastions such as these Spiderweb's forums where friendly atmosphere flourishes and we can strengthen and encourage each other to remain rational, sensible and helpful to one another in these distressful times. Also, thanks for the kind words. I haven't drawn anything in a long time since I've been focusing solely on writing the Downfall, but that might soon change. Time spent creating art is never a wasteful prospect.
  24. Chatroom?

    Quick note to Trenton's post: CalRef isn't always the most family-friendly of places. I think it's worthwhile knowing that before you join, should you wish to do so.
  25. In conclusion, AAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!

    Wow History, That's A LOAD of reading! And I use many comma's, because you know, Comma's are, like, great and junk.
  26. Remember Lost Souls?

    Yes in my waking dream's the clawing of distant places into my brain as a vessel to there most forceful needs for communicay. Those lost souls that no soul has in there minds or realize's exist... The reaching from dimensions not yet known by science. Like the feeling of mis-understood electron's through my arm from the mis-wire'd switch in my hand. Wait, this is a game?! please dis regard that pitiful text up there.
  27. A new member has joined your party

    Welcome! I recently joined about, maybe a blurry year ago! Nice to see the mentally deranged and super brain's are out and about. Me being the former, with an occasional creative and genius idea or two to give myself some positive trait's. I can also play the guitar! Both of them!
  28. Start late or leave early?

    Interesting, Being poor is treated like a disease these day's. Mean spirit's abound, and coldness everywhere including in myself. But somehow I think this trend of: big screen to little screen to work and to a photo op's is going to subside. But My personal boycott has left history with my own words on my life. And no proof of my most daring deeds. And I've taken a look at your artwork, very good stuff. My drawing of faces is never going to be that great. My drawing's tend to be cartoon like and kind of dark. Once again I have few that were never just given away or lost to time. And I've lost much of my technical skill's. (Just keep waxing poetic bender's ghost...) And Alorael I appreciate the insight into this issue. I think most don't realize even when you go to the hospital that the hour's of work per shift is that unreal. I'm hoping that Computer's and communication and procedures will change and or be implemented. As well as this fanatical attachment to tradition's no one really values or like's, get swept away in a neo-futurism that has the means and staying power to create that near utopia we HAVE the necessary component's of already. I'm tired of corporate feudalism and I'm typing from the safety of my mother's couch.
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