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  2. Welcome to the inconsistent equipment bonus levels of modern Spiderweb games. I too miss the days where everything Bronze was +1 and everything Steel was +3.
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  4. Have you looked in the Shayder sewers? The Anama are a CULT of anti-magical extremists who routinely persecute and, apparently, bury alive any who dare stand against their agenda. Robbing them might not exactly be a GOOD deed, but I daresay it's morally gray at worst. Which just makes it all the stranger that their charismatic leader is the only one with the chops to help you with Dread Curses...
  5. To put it like this, if you go around robbing churches, why would you bother fighting off a bunch of drakes just because they eat people. That's what righteous heroes do, who haven't angered the only man holy enough to lift the curse the nefarious drakes place on them.
  6. Ya know, I'll give you the whole 'bedroom invasion' bit... that's basically a classic 'sucker trap', and you are indeed warned. But the fight with the Lucre-cultists can very easily happen by accident. If you run into the nearby patrols, they demand a 'toll' for passing through 'their' lands - classic banditry, basically. And if you refuse, they'll attack you. If you kill them, the remaining patrols will attack you on sight... and if you subsequently approach the compound (to complete the quest), THEY will attack you TOO. And bang, ya got a Dread Curse. Which, yes, DOES make a sort of sense, but what DOESN'T is that there's nobody besides Ahonar who can help you with that. And like I said, fighting a group of self-admittedly man-eating Drakes hardly seems evil OR foolish, any more than trying to learn the third tier of a mid-level spell is...
  7. It's not like you are not warned at least a couple of times that robbing the Anama will have permanent consequences, and the unavoidable Dread Curses (at least if you want the loot) are all quite late in the game and all due to obviously evil or foolish acts like robbing temples that don't worship demons or breaking into the bedrooms of cranky hermits. The one exception to this would be the Level 3 Summon Aid spellbook, which isn't particularly useful so I suppose it's another one of those cases where the reward does not always match the obstacle. This discussion makes me wonder if perhaps you should have to accept some form of penalty to gain truly powerful spells and artefacts, just like how I find Dark Thoughts adds to the ambience of a party of adventurers delving into the dark places of the world. However, I suspect this would unpopular. I'll have to find those drakes before my party heads to the final confrontation and see what happens.
  8. Well, since I pissed off the Anama ages ago, it's not an XP-penalty for me, but rather a permanent penalty to EVERYTHING. Only a small one, but enough to make you consider whether the stuff you can get out of that encounter is really worth it. Ultimately, 90% of what you do in a game like this is about increasing your combat-potential, right? Acquiring new spells and gear, collecting gold to buy new spells, gear and training, earning XP to level up and get stronger... a permanent Dread Curse is a step BACK in that regard. And thus you have to ask yourself - is it worth it for the sake of leveling up a spell I'm probably never gonna use? Is it worth it for getting THIS much gold, or THIS much, when there's so much other gold to find? Is it worth it for getting a unique Chaos Halberd when I'm on my way to pick up the presumably-better Black Halberd anyway? So you wind up having to decide between doing something that's ultimately counterproductive, or just NOT DOING STUFF, which is the exact opposite of what a game's supposed to be about. Plus, running into, like, FOUR things that's cut off from me by the threat of a Dread Curse, rather quickly after each other, kind of ratcheted up my frustration. First time, it just seems like an anomaly. Second time, it starts to get annoying. Third time, you're grinding your teeth. Fourth time... yeah, that's when you start to feel like swearing at the screen. Ultimately, my problem is this: Early on, a Dread Curse is an understandable penalty for doing something stupid. Praying at a Dark Altar instead of Sanctifying it, leaving a vampire's tomb without making sure he's ALL the way dead... stuff like that. And that's perfectly fair! But lately, it seems like it's just a penalty for DOING STUFF, period, with the only way to AVOID it being, as previously mentioned, 'not doing stuff'. But, sure, I probably wouldn't be so frustrated by it if I still had a way to get RID of the Dread Curse. But I don't. Because in this huge world of clerics, archpriests, wise hermits, wandering healers, reclusive mages, master wizards and diverse charlatans, there is exactly ONE GUY who is willing and able to fix a Dread Curse for you, and you have the option of permanently pissing him off really early in the game. Frankly, my entire complaint would be rendered invalid if there was just ONE OTHER GUY (or girl) willing to do it. They could even charge you for it, so that losing access to Ahonar (who does it for free) remains a penalty. (Oh, and the Drakes are in the mountains just west of Dorngas... I found them while I was basically just exploring it east-to-south. You have to fly to reach them. They're nonhostile, but make it clear that it's only because they're currently well fed, and suggest that you'd best be gone before they get hungry... so that they can prey on some poor Empire-patrol or a helpless peasant or two, presumably. But if you elect to fight them, hep, Dread Curse! And a unique Chaos Halberd, and some gold.)
  9. The cheat code "letsbefriends" will probably reset things. Shift D to open up the box to type it into
  10. Wow, you must be playing a really hardcore, no-reload Torment run to be so stressed out by a 500 xp penalty. I think I missed the drake one (where is that?), but you don't have to actually wipe out said cult to complete the quest, the Empire only wants to know their location. And it's not like that bedroom has anything particularly valuable in it, so you can choose to respect the wizard's privacy (which the curse is there to protect in the first place). The only curse I've noticed that was worth it was the cult one, since they have a Quicksilver Plate which otherwise requires a far tougher fight to get, and it goes great with the Black Halberd.
  11. Random Items Help!

    Ok so the almighty doer of stuff, what you suggested is exactly along the lines of what I'm trying for, It seems to work..atleast to the extent of what I understand..So here's what I did and what I want to do exactly, if you could help me more on this. I set the node in order to--> Random number--> then Place item, before I walk on the exact location that I set it doesnt show the item UNTIL i walk on that spot. I was hoping that the item would show up before I walk there..this I can work with if its not possible but IF it is possible that the item would be there already, that would be great. Here's my biggest problem at the moment.. and I dont completly understand why..it keeps repeating the node everytime I walk on the spot and more and more of the items I have set keep appearing. how do I make it END after the item that appears once goes there? I have messed around with it for hours so I atleast tried a few things before Im asking this..Im assuming its done with stuff done flags which I dont get at all..if you could go into detail about this or give me a exacmple it would make my day.. edit- lol went messing around and now im getting a error? whuttt? cant even open the scenario anymore
  12. Let's Play Blades of Avernum!

    Well that was incredibly frustrating... https://youtu.be/9nd51XkoEsY
  13. Geneforge 5 Tweaks

    If you put in the artifacts one could have and items that give your creations huge boosts, I think they are not. Weeeeeeeell... some people have tried it. Yes they are OP but not "horrendously". They are like 1 1/2 War Tralls more or less. And let's be sincere here: even without them towards the end game a completionist is ridiculously OP already. My endgame Shaper had a ton of artifacts and items that boosted creations giving them like +8-12 to stats. Throw in the regeneration aura so they get back ~30 hp per round and they're like +15-20 levels or something (and they started high because I had a different set of items to boost my Shaping skills).
  14. I suppose that you can take a shortcut through the level grind by using Zang for training, which alleviates some of the level/XP scaling problem. Did you end up just doing delivery missions for money for a long time while buying XP/levels from Zang or accumulate money organically? There's honestly not that much to spend cash on past the early skill/spell training so it's probably a good investment in any case.
  15. Seriously, towards the end of the game, these things are being handed out like candy on Halloween. Seems like every time you turn a corner, somebody's putting a Dread Curse on you. Read a spellbook? Dread Curse! Step into somebody's bedchamber? Dread Curse! Complete a quest you picked up to deal with a hostile religious faction? That's good for a Dread Curse, all right! Oh, did you piss off the Anama ages ago? Then enjoy your PERMANENT DREAD CURSE! It's ridiculous. ESPECIALLY when there's only ONE, EASILY-LOST WAY to clear them, and even then it costs you XP. And it's only made worse by the fact that the priest in the Tower of Magic outright says that he COULD decurse you, if he felt like it, but he won't because he needs to 'conserve his strength'. For what, eh? Just in case some nutso wizard decides to summon a powerful demon-lord to the tower (again)? Yeah, fat lot of good your precious 'conserved strength' is going to do you at that point. Methinks you'll need the help of a group of powerful, demon-slaying adventurers at that point, but ya know what? They might just be busy somewhere else! Might need to 'conserve their strength' for important stuff like, I dunno, SAVING THE WORLD?!? EDIT: Woops, found another one... deal with a band of man-eating drakes? DREAD CURSE!
  16. With the help of everybody I was able to get past the tunnel maze and working myself north. Come across Squiggus and some patrols outside start attacking, okay no worries. However now both the town of Squiggus and the nearby town are KOS to me. Does the game offer reprieve after so many hours or do I need to hopefully find a save file before this?
  17. I thought that was a joke. I didn't notice anything different in the dialog box when I ran into them to suggest otherwise. Maybe I didn't pay close enough attention?
  18. Well, they ARE a Cult, no matter what they say. Ahonar talks a good game, but the more you poke around, the clearer it becomes that they've got a lot of skeletons in their closets. Or, ya know, walled up in the sewers, as the case may be. Which, of course, totally justifies raiding their vaults.
  19. Similar problem in the Pit of the Wyrm. The name, and the giants' obelisk-carvings of giant worms, no longer make sense since it's all Deepstalkers with a boss Deathstalker at the end. There's a couple of Phosphorescent Worms hanging about near the end of the dungeon, but it's pretty clear those aren't the centerpiece... Much like the way the left-behind horse-traders who all have some vague reason not to sell you horses, it's an unpleasant reminder of all the stuff that's been cut out of the game for the remake...
  20. The Cloak of Curses level 3 is in a hidden area. The switch is not nearby.
  21. Thanks, I got the right message thread and got the training. Now I'm stuck trying to find Cloak of Curses 3. Lair of Ursagi is where I guess I need to find it, forums said it was laying on the ground, I've checked and I can't find it. So I must have picked up the book, read it but didn't have high Lore, and then sold it or dropped it. Am I screwed?
  22. They have different bonuses, one for critical hit and the other to hit chance. At least that's what I remember.
  23. The weapons have the exact same stats. Weight, damage, crit chance. Is there a hidden bonus to the waveblade or something? Otherwise, wtf?
  24. Good to know re: Negotiator, thanks! I'm trying a risky band for my 2nd play through; dropped the priest/archer dream, but that's a matter for perhaps another thread.
  25. You don't need to do a plague quest, actually. Just go to the surface, venture just far enough to get 3 (?) text balloons, for lack of a better word, get your achievement/medal if you haven't done so in an earlier game, go back to Anaximander, and go see Mazumdar. Barrier dispelled for you. However, at that point you will be lacking the Arcane Lore to read either pedestal.
  26. BoE or BoA scenario: vahnatai lands

    A reference to Most Writers Are Human, I assume. —Alorael, who doubts all extant BoE scenarios are provably not created by neural networks. There are some especially interesting efforts out there.
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