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  2. Equivocational School

    Slarty Ranks Everything

    Also, I meant to comment on this... with what's been asked about thus far, I suspect this would be a nearly impossible task.
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  4. Randomizer

    Vahnatai Crypt in Avenum 3: RUINED WORLD

    It's tricky to get out of there because you need to use move mountains spell to open the way to a portal.
  5. Bender89

    Slarty Ranks Everything

    So.. This should be easy, masonic lodge Elks lodge Orange lodge or Odd fellows lodge. Just for fun.
  6. I entered a room with boxes and their was a sound like fire, when I go out of the room there are flames growing everywhere. Is there any way out of this predicament? I don't see anywhere to retreat.
  7. SkeleTony_13

    CBoE downloads gone?

    I may have mistakenly added the 'C' to the 'boes' extension Celtic'. All I know was that I had a version that could not open or run any scenarios save for the three included (Za Khazi, Small Rebellion, Valley...) which themselves had the '.boes' extension. I don't think I want to mess with newer, unstable versions for several reasons : I am on Windows XP and now days fewer and fewer games will run on such and also I don't think I have the time or patience right now to deal with massive bugs.
  8. lorein0688

    SHELL.DLL not found

    The shell32.dll file contains Windows Shell API functions and is therefore necessary for your computer to work properly but in many cases this gets corrupted and showing error messages. So to fix the shell32.dl file missing error try some manual solutions. Also avoid downloading the shell32.dll file from a DLL download website as this can case various serious problems like DLL file might be virus infected, outdated and the DLL download sites could host DLL files that could compromise your computer's security. So here try some manual solutions like restore the DLL files from the recycle bin, Run a SFC scan, update the drivers for the hardware device and lastly if none of the solution helps you then perform a system restore. However if you want to fix the Shell32.Dll error automatically than make use of the DLL Repair Tool, this is free utility that scan detect and fix the DLL errors automatically. Source: http://www.fixwindowserrors.biz/blog/what-is-dll-error-and-how-to-fix-dll-errors
  9. lorein0688

    Corrupted files, cannot launch, cannot delete. (A:EFTP)

    Scan your system with the good antivirus program or else update the outdated drivers from the manufacturer website or from the Microsoft official website. Hope this help you to resolve the Error 0x80070570: The file or directory is corrupted and unreadable.
  10. Chessrook44

    Let's Play Blades of Avernum!

    Ugh, Politics... how I hate it... https://youtu.be/KZHAdCmr4pc
  11. Dintiradan

    Slarty Ranks Everything

    (I like how Eph made jackalopes a thing in Mote. In general, critters from Tall Tale folklore make for great benign encounters.)
  12. Kelandon

    Slarty Ranks Everything

    Also ligers are amazing! Huge and cuddly cats!
  13. GiantFriendlyTalkingSpiderman

    Slarty Ranks Everything

    But ligers are real though... Maybe I should give you something more difficult then, like say... Rate the first six StarWars movies.
  14. Dintiradan

    Slarty Ranks Everything

    Colonialism as an explicit theme in games like Archipelago Colonialism as an implicit theme in games like Puerto Rico Colonialism being omitted entirely in games like Settlers of Catan
  15. Equivocational School

    Slarty Ranks Everything

    Text search functions: I think my feelings on these are well-known. Dead trees: Uh. Uhm. Well, I mean, you can do some pretty great things with their corpses, but I'm not sure that improves my opinion of trees being dead per se. Stairs with uneven steps: I've been trying to think of any time I've encountered this, and I can't think of any. This doesn't seem like it should be that hard to find, and yet... am I crazy? Vancian magic: It's hard to get more arcane than this. I support it on that account. Public libraries: A wonderful thing on so many levels. The Mary Tyler Moore Show: As mainstream sitcoms go, there aren't many that are so good on the details. Also, I mean, Ed Asner, come on. Your favorite nonfiction book: I'll rank this one, but it's remaining unidentified, because it's esoteric enough to be potentially personally identifying. Your least favorite bug: Wasps. They're so big! It's just creepy how big they are. The White Rabbit: Gets more appealing with each new adaptation, but in the original, it's hard to feel great about this guy. The March Hare: Equally crazy each time -- in a pretty generic way. The Jackalope: How in the world did we go from coming up with chimeras and hippogriffs to jackalopes and ligers? Yeesh. The Killer Rabbit of Caerbannog: Vorpal bunny FTW. The Easter Bunny: Yet another patronizing, paternal, panoptical icon stuck on a holiday. The Harehunter: Per earlier statement, I am not including any members on the list. Dogs Square One Television Alphabets A nonfiction book (identity redacted) Subtle, tasteful symbolism Chrono Trigger Cyberpunk Bilbo Baggins Waving Hands Titus Andronicus Hamlet Lord of the Rings "Zombie" (Cranberries song) Pet Sounds "Pierre Menard, Author of the Quixote" Spirited Away Cait Sith Exile II: Crystal Souls Nethergate Billie Holiday "Nephil's Gambit" Kierkegaard Gilgamesh Slartibartfast The Tarot Deck Madeline Kahn Hades Storm (X-Men) Hugs The deck of many things Seinfeld Egizia Coffee Public libraries Thai food Croissants Les Misérables (novel) Text search functions Bossa nova Disco Jiji (character) Mice Upton Sinclair History File compression Sliced bread Bagels Subways (transit) Sailor Moon (first anime) Marie Curie Medusa P-zombies Ducks Deontology Willow Rosenberg Prossis-Bok Working out Russian literature Simon & Garfunkel Nina Simone Sea slugs Samuel Clemens Ninjas Circular saws Jiji (in Nikki's lap) Inanna Ziggurats Reality TV AD&D 2nd Edition Maggie Simpson Shamhat Ghosts Frankenstein (novel) Tiki drinks Snakebird Ice cream Vancian magic Utnapishtim Juvenalian satire 70's cars Georg Cantor Shanti AD&D 1st Edition w/ UA —Alorael C++ Good grammar Macbeth Cor Blok's Tolkien art Bacon Falafel Fall Black Panther Party Henry Wallace OK Computer Catharism Cookie Monster Minotaur (Knossos) Zombies (necromantic) Romeo and Juliet The Northern Lights The Mary Tyler Moore Show Speedy Gonzales screenshot Saunas Vinyl records Trumpets Chainsaws Linux Sans serif fonts The aesthetic qualities of the Greek alphabet The Queen is Dead Schuyler Colfax Gargoyles Roguelikes Chess Geneforge 1 Lady Gaga Video games Super Mario series Lawsuits Wine A Midsummer Night's Dream Robert Heinlein Heracles Jeff Vogel Ravens Smartphones Whiskey Hydra (Lernaean) Heathers Xanth series Isaac Asimov The Evil Overlord List Arthur C. Clarke Match Game Liches Exile III: Ruined World The Cranberries (band) Bartenders Forum lurkers Black Panther (character) Sock puppets The Killer Rabbit of Caerbannog Flamingos Cluny the Scourge The Chronicles of Narnia "Mr. Green Genes" Muppet Babies Paul Simon Penguins TLC Rhinos Civilization (human phenomenon) Beer Frodo Baggins Mexican food Bob Dylan Richard Garfield Ontology Chimera (Lycian) Science museums Achilles Ella Fitzgerald Pelicans BitTorrent Nevermind Tom Waits 70's prog Sliths Rats Avernum II: Crystal Souls Slarty Ranks Everything Ranking lists "...Gottfried Reads Fifty Shades..." Heavy-handed symbolism Princess Peach Elephants Donuts Cats Trombones The Muppets The Eiffel Tower Solidarność screenshot Civ II Helen of Troy Zorro Revolutions Casablanca Avadon series Goldfish (snack) Gilbert Gottfried Football (American) Nephils Star Wars original trilogy James Garfield Jury nullification Avernum 4 Batman Cinnamon rolls Hubble space telescope History museums Pegasus 2001: A Space Odyssey The Beatles Aretha Franklin Homestar Runner They Might Be Giants Sherlock Holmes Tennis Posting games Inspector Peanut Subinfeudation Solitaire Werewolves The Big Lebowski Nelson Rockefeller Goldfish (fish) Art museums King Arthur The aesthetic qualities of the Hebrew alphabet Zeus Windows 3.1 Summer Carmen McRae Richard Cheese Bark spider Spiders Mummies Dolphins Metahumor Nixon's foreign policy Sparkling water Grant Wood Paprika Spam (meat) Cabaret (film) Harry Potter series Peanuts The White Rabbit Standard playing cards Norman Rockwell The electoral college Nick Cave MMORPGs Table saws Horatian satire "This is a Trent Reznor Song" Google Odysseus Xian Skull (item) Spam (e-mails) Running Dead trees Puggsy Checkers Facebook Runtz Pineapple pizza The LP rendition of Slarty's voice Gilmore Girls Hockey Wheel of Time series George Clooney Film noir Abugidas Vitamin C supplements Twelfth Night Blazing Saddles Louis Armstrong Discarded chewing gum Art Garfunkel The Trojan Horse 70's movies New York City Abjads "Lackadaisical" The March Hare Dick van Dyke's accent as Bert "Mr. Tambourine Man" The Matrix GIFTs (Spiderweb) Godwin's Law Poseidon The aesthetic qualities of hierogylphics Russian Bimetallism Beowulf (character) Angry Birds Alf screenshot Jackalopes Pyramids with eyes on them Centaurs Moderate rain all day Korean food Microsoft Phantom stair step (bottom) Word Rescue Elvis Presley Minecraft Galactic Core Bumper stickers Novelty mugs Apple Ferris wheels Mechanical pencils Vultures John Wayne Amazon The post that asks me to rank itself Virtue ethics Roller skates Greek yogurt KISS (principle) Agamemnon Salty liquorice Westerns Friends Getting a triple word score in Scrabble Phantom stair step (top) Turkey/cat video Dieselpunk Life of Brian AOL ELIZA Zombies (infectious) 80's fashion KISS Hipgnosis Expensive wristwatches Salt lamps Cologne My Little Pony Whaling Rudyard Kipling The Taiping Heavenly Kingdom The War on Drugs (band) Queen (band) Fifty Shades of Grey Jane Austen books The Byzantine Empire The Let's Play series Stubbing your big toe Basketball Baseball "Acceptable in the 80's" (song) Halloween Bertrand Russell Cats (musical) Stubbing your little toe Pirates Elfpunk Ennui Charles Dickens "Hiphopopotamus vs. Rhymenoceros" (song) Hercule Poirot The Easter Bunny Ferrets Soccer Robin Hood (character) Star Wars prequel trilogy Tess of the d'Urbervilles Thomas the Tank Engine Freefall (webcomic) "2500 things Mr. Welch..." Fedoras Johnny Cash Deconstructivism The Microsoft Office Assistant Steampunk Cyclops (X-Men) Kitten/rat box Athena John Calhoun (politician) Mr. Toad of Toad Hall The Xavier Files BGG Top 10 Ethical intuitionism Sock puppets (fake accounts) Birthdays The Barber Paradox Turnips Anchovy pizza Wasps U2 Wings (band) Fictional names that use a lot of apostrophes Twilight Saga Deconstructionism Final Fantasy VIII "Stuff from the 90's!" (song) The Olympics The Big Bang Theory (TV show) Consequentialism The Crusades King Leopold Handlebar mustaches (i.e., thin and spindly ends)
  16. Geneforge 1-4 has the screen pretty zoomed in, but Geneforge 5 in particular, everything is very zoomed out. Solutions?
  17. Yesterday
  18. Hmm. I just walked through the whole thing again - talked to Ginny, talked to Sloan ("You make note of the location"), went to the body... But nothing happens (doesn't say "You don't find anything else" or anything like that). Went back to both Ginny and Sloan for good measure - just the same, original dialog. Not sure how I've messed this up, but I can't finish this quest. Oh, well...
  19. alhoon

    [GF4] Monarch's motives?

    Well, Monarch says such things himself... Taygen is not much better, he is also a misanthrope. But Taygen didn't act (at least on that scale). Monarch's solution to clean house was "I have to go to the store and buy Clorox. What a bother... it may rain. Oh, wait, I have a ton of nerve agent next to the kitchen counter! It would also clean my place. Yeah, I will go with that. Faster". This detachment he shows, the "I can create life so I don't value it" taken beyond the scale is fascinating for me.
  20. Chessrook44

    Let's Play Blades of Avernum!

    The leader of this whole plan is located inside, so let's go take him out. https://youtu.be/LEKJpNeXYfA
  21. Yup. A common standard for mobile interfaces is that you tap for a left-click and hold for a right-click.
  22. GiantFriendlyTalkingSpiderman

    Have their been any mods for CS or RW? [Update]

    I'm pretty sure It didn't work, if you look I was the next comment after that post. Thanks anyway. I've already started updating the mod myself. I found a few errors in it that I'm also correcting. I'm trying to make it easier to copy the changes into RW so it wont be as much of a chore when the time comes. [UPDATE] While I'm doing this does anyone have any change requests? (Maybe I should start a new topic?) I thought of some changes I'd like to make but I'm not sure if I could do them. 1. Bring back blunt weapons, (Based off the stick, they wont scale with any weapon skill, [?instead scale with Endurance?]. They will weigh at least twice as much as other weapons, good for paladins or tank builds). Not sure how to make it scale with endurance, I'd also have to replace existing items with hammers, any suggestions? 2. I heard slith and nephilm were underpowered. They get less traits right? I want to offset that with items that are somehow exclusive to those races (I would rather make them level the same as humans do but I'm pretty sure that's hard coded).
  23. It didn't when I tried it. You need to get Sloan to tell you where he lost it.
  24. Thanks! I figured it was a special item. But here's the thing - I have talked to Sloan. However, there's a good chance I found the body BEFORE I talked to Sloan. I've gone back to the body. (So many times. So, so many times.) Did finding the body before talking to Sloan mess things up?
  25. Hey all. I've got 48 magical notes. Who the world wants them? Hope it wasn't anyone at the tower of the magi cuz that place got REKT. Thanks in advance. Love these forums, will be looking for ways to contribute.
  26. Val Ritz

    [GF4] Monarch's motives?

    Monarch was a man with infinite power and no sense of scale--a madman, as we'd call such a creature in our own world. There's a pretty great John Mulaney skit where he says the line "That's the thing about crazy people, they just have unlimited crazy currency, the things they say don't mean anything to them." This was someone who was at a power level where he could lift a finger and wipe out a swathe of countryside with a horde of ravening beasts. If he wanted to be rid of society (either as an end in itself or as a means to get peace for his research) it took comparatively more effort to pick up and go someplace else rather than just raze and kill everything within a hundred-mile radius of his laboratory. We see that canisters erode a user's empathy, and indeed their ability to care about anything but their own pursuits, their ability to so much as recognize the sentience of other life forms. What if Monarch was so far down the rabbit hole that this was just his solution to finding a mess on his kitchen counter? What if everything he did, from his perspective, was no more unreasonable than taking some Clorox bleach spray and cleaning house?
  27. Last week
  28. The ring is a special item so you didn't sell it. However you need to have talked to Sloan and got the body's location from him to get the ring. Welcome to Spiderweb Software. Please leave your sanity at the door. It's just wasting space that you need to play the game.
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