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  2. Don't you have to strike the Creators?
  3. Arch-Mage Solberg

    What Exile/Avernum you begin with ?

    The first game from Spiderweb Software I played was the demo to Exile 2: Crystal Souls I found on a Galaxy of Games CD in the summer of 1997. Three days later, I found Exile 1: Escape from the Pit on another disk. 4 months later I was able to come up with the money to register both games. Post #725
  4. I'm now even more perplexed.
  5. I mean women might not be as attracted to the visual effects and sound as men. I know this from watcing many movies with men. A large and growing segment of gaming is 40 ish mothers taking a quick break and I can't imagine that many have a gaming computer and controls, although I have done so in the past. 40ish people and their spouses. Many were introduced through silly things like Candy Crunch. I could go on but I think that is enough. I am a marketer and of course there are segments to any market. An attitude was unnecessary and ridiculous and I don't particularly appreciate it, although I am not going to dwell on it for any length of time.
  6. Yeah I know that. I wanted to see how the gobo caves were on hard as they're my reference point now. Well, it's fun now. Easy but with the fear of getting mobbed and I was one shotted by the shamen. Hard is my bag now baby
  7. That's correct, apart from the base skills like Melee Weapons and Mage Spells, which don't have a limit to how high you can raise them. Also, you know that you can change the difficulty at any point during play, right? If the game gets too easy or too hard, you don't have to start over.
  8. Someone *ahem* may have gone and beaten G3 without ever striking a blow...
  9. Graakhatmeksha

    near Fury Crossbow

    Thanks again, Randomizer. Just enough help to noodle through.
  10. I decided to give the middle finger to my torment run. I've rolled back to Hard and am starting again. Even though I got to levels and completed the Goblin cave and was going through the Wolf pit it wasn't fun. I guess that's the most important thing. I don't want to min/max I want some wiggle room to roleplay & make interesting builds. Like paladins, or pole wielding archers etc. So hard difficulty it is for me so So, last question. 10 is the max skill point allocation yeah? You can go to 12 if you leave skill trainers until you reach that cap yeah? As in skills can be raised from trainers twice?
  11. Randomizer

    near Fury Crossbow

    Look for hidden switches with the "u" command. It takes a few steps with switches and a wheel to open everything to get to the next puzzle.
  12. I cleared the Lower Pit of the Wyrm but cannot figure out how to get into any of the three crypts. Please help.
  13. Chessrook44

    Let's Play Blades of Avernum!

    Marching our way through the fiends within the tower, I must deal with my toughest foe yet... TECHNICAL ISSUES!!!! https://youtu.be/CTJ46OMgjmc
  14. I seem to be unable to complete the quest to retrieve the mayor's golden necklace in Formello. I have travelled to the Nephil fortress and slain Anastasia, along with everything else in there except for the guy in the dungeon and the demons. Found the secret rooms with the spellbook. And i collected the golden necklace from the electrified room. When i look on the character info screen it shows i have the golden necklace in my special items list. When i return to Formello and speak to the mayor she just dismisses me without acknowleging the necklace or the quest or anything. I might have caused this bug by returning to her once in the middle of the quest because i had collected a regular golden necklace and when i realized that wasnt the real one i just sold it. After finding the real golden necklace she gives the same response as i got when i didnt have the necklace. Her response indicates i need to gain experience, My characters are level 10. If this is a bug it is most certainly a known bug because of how easy it is to cause. I did not find any descriptions online of this issue.
  15. As a Guardian I don't know. As a Vlish swarm leader Shaper it is totally possible. Regardless, I would guess that playing a Guardian unarmed would be more frustrating than nightmare difficulty.
  16. I don't know about Geneforge, but some have tried Avernum games using a stick as a weapon. It probably depends upon whether you use spells like Daze to control fights.
  17. I'm playing on tricky right now because torment is wayyy too frustrating lol. Random question, is it possible to play unarmed through the whole game?
  18. Have you tried just... increasing the difficulty of the game? For a completionist, the end of geneforge games is always easy-ish as the last levels are designed to be passable even for those that have not gone through everything.
  19. Slarty -- I will say even on torment difficulty you can run as closer to a glass cannon party with no additional endurance than any recent game. However you reach a point after the Isle of Bigail where you start running out of places to go where you can find experience to significantly level up besides buying it from Zang. That becomes the major way to get those few extra levels instead of increasing endurance. I went through lots of trying to do areas before and after getting two extra levels to see that just a few points to endurance lets you clear them out without need invulnerability potions (fixed number in the game) or raising dead members in combat.
  20. My Geneforge 3 character made extremely short work of the Alpha Creator at the end of the game so any suggestions or pointers to what enemies are left or mods to check out to maybe poise a threat? Guardians are super op if you know what you're doing with it btw. If you want to know what gear I'm using just let me know. https://imgur.com/a/YPE72dW https://imgur.com/a/NOEzYz7
  21. Vinlie

    Let's talk about bees

    Bees are cool and all until one of those guys decides to hitch a ride in your car.
  22. TGITG16

    E3: Dealing with evidence

    Yeah. I mean the depiction of all the dragons has always been a little inconsistent, displaying very different levels of subtlety in different games. Khoth being a knowledge mercenary is right in line with what we saw of him in the first game, anyway. Actually, now that you bring up that Khoth-Erika alignment, she sort of seems to have a piece of all the dragons in her. The strength and pride of Sulfras, the sagacity and precision of Khoth, the reclusive misanthropy of Athron, and even, for a time, the benevolence of Motrax. Okay, okay, not Pyrog so much -- or maybe Pyrog represents the curse Garzahd laid on her. I'm amused at this idea. (This, of course, contrasts with Rentar-Ihrno, who has a piece of all the plagues in her. The patience of the slimes, the indirectness of the roaches, the might of the Giants, the principles of the Troglos, the cold inhumanity of the Golems, and the, ah, warped nature of the Alien Beasts.) -- Your plot is very interesting but I don't understand why the Dragons would want to aid the Darkside Loyalists -- even if they want to cause chaos, surely they would use some other mechanism than to support the group most virulently in favor of the extermination of non-humans; the group most opposed to Avernum (which the Dragons ultimately found much less annoying than the Empire); and certainly the group most likely to slay Athron's clutch, grown or not. This admittedly has a nice symmetry with the discovery of that orb used to communicate with Garzahd in X1.
  23. Enemies hitting you twice as hard means only about double penetration damage since your armor/resistances are percentage and not a fixed amount. So that extra endurance means you have the extra health to survive it over normal difficulty. The to hit chance and initiative aren't significantly different from normal difficulty in practice. The unique abilities on harder difficulties are more significant, but are very recent addition to Spiderweb games. The extra scripted attacks per round are a real difference especially since they occur even for stunned and slowed monsters. Take the fight with Elhoic beneath Castle Troglo, the fight goes to sometimes a second round of Soul Jars on higher difficulties, but how you fight and what happens to your party still stays the same. The extra damage you take in the fight comes from more rounds of fighting and not that the monster's attacks have a greater chance of hitting. There are more attacking summoned monsters from the fight taking longer and not from their abilities being increased. Only in the demo section when you have a low to hit chance do you notice monster's having higher evasion chance. By the time you reach the Slime Pit, you should have a maximum to hit chance for your entire party. The enemy hits you because you aren't killing monsters in the first round before they hit you.
  24. Yesterday
  25. Respectfully, Randomizer, that is a ridiculous statement, especially from someone who's so fond of saying that you need more Endurance on Torment 😛 Yes, monsters are at least twice as hard to kill. They also do twice as much damage, are much more accurate, have much higher evasion, have better initiative... and a lot of harder monsters and unique encounters have actual scripting on Torment (and sometimes Very Hard) that they do not have on Normal -- including extra actions per round (which all do twice as much damage) and access to particularly strong AoE attacks that they do not have on Normal. Yes, the AoE thing means you change your tactics, and that's why it's so much less relevant -- you adjust your tactics and then it's almost irrelevant. Lots of things die in round one to adrenaline-rushing spellcasters (and yes, on Torment, it is fair to assume that the player is using strong tactics); for those that don't, if you are relying on AoE's, that's what knockback effects are for. I mean, that was already a strong tactic in previous games simply to keep melee monsters away from you while you blew them up. Also, the friendly fire thing has far less of an impact on cone AoE's than circular AoE's, and a lot of the best attack spells are cone AoE's. (And of course, it has no impact at all on Divine Retribution.) You cannot simply "change your tactics" and then pretend enemies aren't hitting you twice as hard! There's no getting around that bit.
  26. Ess-Eschas

    E3: Dealing with evidence

    Ah, fair enough! I was being a little too hasty in interpreting what you said here. Thinking about it, I think it might be possible to make an analogy between Erika and Khoth, at least in terms of how they might approach revenge against the Empire. Like Erika, Khoth seems to want to attack only very specific targets – presumably powerful people who were directly involved in his capture. Khoth's behaviour in the Za-Khazi Run always struck me as slightly odd. I'm not sure if it's just me, but he seems to be a little different there compared to his other appearances. I'm not sure I can put my finger on exactly why, though. Perhaps it's his sudden reclusiveness and the huge amount of protection that he's built around his (very isolated) lair, something that only really Athron has ever done before. It's a huge escalation from the couple of golems that defend his lair in Exile I, or the lack of any protection at all in Exile III. He also seems to be far more mercenary than he's ever been before, but that not's entirely out of character. In any case, even here Khoth expresses a desire for vengeance against the Empire, although somewhat dulled compared to Exile III: "[The Empire] drove dragons from the surface! They stole from us and harassed us and even enslaved me for a time. Me! I will never pass up on a chance to harm the Empire. Never." It would have been nice if Jeff had gone down this route, since I feel it's a bit of a shame that the three Dragons essentially disappear from the narrative. I think you could probably wangle Melanchion into the plot too, at least at the level of Avernum 5. Consider this: The story of Avernum 5 plays out much as it does in the version we know, but with more serious destruction of the Empire's political systems. However, when meeting the Darkside Loyalists, you discover that they are actively being aided by a powerful creature, one the party has already met: Melanchion. The other dragons are too careful for there to be any hint of their involvement, but Melanchion is young and headstrong, and actively going against the advice of his mother. He has been brought up in an environment where he was constantly taught to hate the Empire, so I don't think it would be overly surprising if he went out on his own and tried to hurt the Empire by aiding the Loyalists directly. The final fight of the game, assuming you don't join the Loyalists, would not be against Dorikas, but instead against Melanchion himself. The party then discovers the orb which Athron uses to communicate with her son, and Athron learns of her son's death. She is furious, and vows revenge. At the same time, the party learns that Sulfras and Khoth have been behind the attacks on the surface, which presumably stop while the dragons regroup. The ending is somewhat dour. Cue Avernum 6, where the Empire (and perhaps Avernum simultaneously) are being attacked, this time openly, by all three Dragons. It's a bit of a hack, granted, but I think it would work. Of course, you do lose the nice imperial Melanchion of Avernum 6. I always thought that was a good touch.
  27. Chessrook44

    Let's Play Blades of Avernum!

    Deeper into the tower we go, past traps and tricks to get inside. https://youtu.be/WwrshyWwCvA
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