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  2. Thanks for suggestions. There is not a switch on lead’s guy left btw. I will start again from Sulfras’ place.
  3. You're in for a good time as there are 5 more chapters to the Avernum story. I'd love to be seeing them for the first time again Yeah, that's the 'atrium' (you've got a ways to go before you finally get out of there - with several good fights along the way... (evil laughter). In the picture it looks like there is a hidden switch off to the left of your lead guy, did you push that one? As Randomizer said, there are a lot of hidden switches in that 'dungeon', especially the first part. I'm glad that you know about the 'u' thing (for others who happen to read
  4. https://hizliresim.com/QSkW8p Sorry for the low resolution photo. But when i try to take screenshot i just take black screen. This where i stuck. There is a switch other side of the bars. But i cannot use it.
  5. I looked at my notes and this area has lots of hidden switches to useful items and wheels to open gates. So you might have missed the one you needed.
  6. First of all, thank you for the welcoming. I really enjoyed the first game. Long scripts was scary first, but then im absorbed by the world of avernum. I guess, im talking about the atrium which is a strange green field. Iron bars are closed although i have four parts of the password. Also i didnt see a switch on the walls (i always smash “u” button when i was walking, so pretty sure i couldnt miss that.)
  7. And welcome btw, always nice to see a new face that enjoys SW games. However you must leave your sanity at the door...just one of those rules that we all have to deal with (some easier than others as you will see...)
  8. It's been a while so... The gate to the atrium (for lack of a better word) or the absolute final gate after you've cleared the entire map? Iirc there was a hidden switch that opened up a passage to the upper map.
  9. I killed the Alternate Giant and have four parts of the password . But the gate is closed. I killed Grah-Hoth btw. Pls help me.
  10. Chapter 2 is complete and finishable. I'm making a few final tweaks to the ending, but Chapter 2 is basically done.
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  12. This is a topic I don’t think has been touched on in this thread so far, but I think I’ve just stumbled on a name cameo for an item. In Exile/Avernum II, there is a grand altar at the centre of the ground floor of Ornotha Ziggurat. On this altar is a special weapon, which heavily curses the party with negative status effects when they take it. In Exile II, and only in Exile II, this weapon is the ‘Krysknife’. I think it’s very likely that this is a reference to the ‘Crysknives’ from Frank Herbert’s Dune Series. These are knives made from a crystal tooth of a sandworm –
  13. Probably the way the difficulty mode scales the damage I'd reckon. I imagine similar to Skyrim difficulties, the game is jacking the damage output of enemies by around 200% on Torment based on how everything hurts like hell, even with the theoretical best armor and resistances
  14. I'd be surprised if Essence Mastery didn't influence your max Essence, similar to Endurance for Health or Intellect for Energy. I wonder if does anything else, though - maybe it also affects Healing Craft spells since those are in the Shaping Category. Or maybe it passively enhances your creations? Regarding Anatomy - maybe it was rolled into Quick Action? Quick Action's skill point cost appears to be higher than Melee/Ranged this time around (although that's not necessarily indicative of a chance in functionality - a lot of skills seem to have had their costs rebalanced)
  15. Last week
  16. Really? How? You have a ton of resistance.
  17. Funnily enough, wingbolts on torment still do over 100 damage per shot.
  18. In 4 Geneforge games I've played, I've never seen an Eyebeast up close.
  19. So... you got the Ur-Drakons just to finish battles easier, right? 😁 I don't think anything in the game can do more than a couple of damage to you all bulked up.
  20. Jeff mentioned that once as a poor eye beast he placed there and never got around to using. So it's stuck in there with no way out.
  21. Continuing along with my finalization of G4, as I was scouring in world (with showmeall mind you to find random straggling enemies faster), upon revisiting Quessa-Uss I noticed in the arena to the right side of the room I noticed that there's a sliding door with someone seemingly behind it. It could just be a placeholder type of thing, I ain't sure. If anyone knows what it is and/or how to access the random room it'd be great. Probably the last remaining corner I've never explored. https://imgur.com/a/yNBb5rZ
  22. After many hours of meticulously planning out and playing through dozens of playthroughs of Geneforge 4. I have finally crafted my personal best character. I played Rebel but kept the minimum Shaper reputation needed to start the Moseh and Fens quest, so I wouldn't be locked out of a couple of goodies; I still ended up getting max Rebel reputation by the end of it. This character is a rebel warrior canister junkie with max stats and you bet I'm damn proud of him. This will probably be my final playthrough of Geneforge 4, at least for a long while. I've exhausted this game to death and reaching
  23. Pity about Evasion. Anatomy was a lot more interesting -- with the GF1 Guardian being able to do tons of damage, but also being more vulnerable due to having to be in melee range (and enemies also having stronger melee attacks).
  24. I wouldn't worry about it too too much. I tend to explore everywhere/do all the side quests & even with doing that I never really felt a time crunch that 'the cities are falling apart, go do 'x' RIGHT NOW...' IIRC, even if town 'x' is destroyed/taken over any NPCs that you actually interact with/do quests for, relocate to the nearest big city so that shouldn't be an issue. I think in all my assorted play throughs, only once have I puttered around enough so that enough time passed for 'the' big time related event to happen (ToM). So again, time matters but not 'tha
  25. Good news in this month's update but nothing too surprising. The game is progressing very well, they are hoping for a February release... so I guess it would be March at the latest since they don't have many delays so far. They have about a week left to finish off everything and then it should be ported to windows, beta-testing next month and a release in February. Stealth skill works... well, frankly how it worked in Geneforge as a trait, but as a skill this time. I.e. the higher your stealth, the radius at which enemies detect you temporarily shortens (the ? sig
  26. Some interesting things in the stat list. Evasion instead of anatomy, which I suppose makes a lot more sense than parrying kill spells. Essence mastery is a new attribute, which leaves one wondering how it interacts with intelligence. Does it reduce essence costs, perhaps? It would make spellcasting for Shapers a lot easier. Also an actual stat for stealth. Not sure how much of a point it has when running past enemies in combat mode still works. Perhaps he's making it so enemies register you running past them on your turn.
  27. I finally completed A2:CS, and am about to start my A3:RW playthrough. Does anyone have an certain suggestions for areas/town I should be near on certain days?
  28. November Update The end is in sight or is that a mirror reflecting the headlights? Now scheduled for February 2021 release. Only 3 more zones to finish the world. "Geneforge 1 - Mutagen is getting very close to done. Five days of work to finish the world. One day for the ending. A day or two more to finish everything we forgot to finish. And then it’s time for the Windows port and pushing the boulder uphill to a February release." Stealth Skill: "We haven’t talked much about ways we’ve changed the game for the remaster. So we want to preview one
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