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  2. Let's Play Blades of Avernum!

    A new scenario is begun, and of course, we must begin by talking to everyone. https://youtu.be/OjD-JkPK_m4
  3. G2 Training

    Hm, is there either a cheat setting on number of "points trained" (with regards to canisters/rewards/books) in the same setting of the canisters used cheat, or any idea on the config setting between 2 and the later games that counts it differently?
  4. Blades of Exile for Linux :D

    We are trying to make it cross-platform. My primary OS is Linux Mint and I only use Windows when I absolutely need to. So I would love to have BoE work on Linux. Mind you, I'm talking about Blades of Exile, not Exile III. They are different games. The Exile Trilogy will, hopefully, be someday possible to plug into Open Blades of Exile and play, but that's a ways off. EDIT: Wait, I think I misunderstood. I just woke up. You ARE interested in breathing new life into... something? Which is... not programming, but just running it on an old computer? I think that's what you said...
  5. Geneforge 2 - Question on Trainers

    No. Moderator note: Please don't necro old threads that no one has posted in for literally 10 years. Instead, start a new topic and, if necessary, include a link to the old one. Thank you.
  6. Blades of Exile for Linux :D

    Okay, I guess we are on the same page about Exile. Maybe I can breathe new life into a 486 I have languishing in my bedroom. I suggested Windows on Linux because I assumed your primary os was Linux. But if you don't use Linux that much, there is no point. https://xkcd.com/1891/
  7. Geneforge 2 - Question on Trainers

    Any mods to fix this?
  8. TheKian's G1 PC Assessment

    I have tried to play GF1. It's not the graphics that is the problem. It's the more to do with the User Interface. Things like the inventory (that was a problem for me in GF2 too), the way merchants work. To a lesser extend the different mechanics and things like "anatomy" that don't tell me much are also a turn-off. GF2 was already a stretch with one of my problems being quest items looking the same. I don't expect many to agree with me that the UI is so important to turn one off such a nice game. But I do hope GF1 is remade using GF5 engine. I don't understand what you mean about the story to be sincere. In case you thought that GF1 story should be rewritten in a remake... Nope. I want to play a remake with a good, solid UI the same story you all did and got you hooked.
  9. TheKian's G1 PC Assessment

    First of all, to dear Alhoon, remaking Geneforge 1 IS HERESY. The original Geneforge is the best game of the series. Remaking it would be like remaking a SUITABLE SIMILE! Really though, if you just install the graphics mod, there's nothing to complain about. In regards to the story, the later games should be more compatible with the original, not the other way around. Also... (Spoiler alert) If you go with a Sholai alliance route, you discover that many of the Sholai have been succumbing to canister addiction, growing mad with power in the same way that people in the later games do. I'd disagree, then, about Triumph's point about it being a later idea in the series. However, those of greater mental fortitude, like a Shaper apprentice and Trajkov, don't suffer those effects as much. I'd agree with Triumph, though, about the original canisters being of higher quality. Keep in mind that, even though Barzahl was highly skilled, and was the one primarily responsible for the survival of canisters, he was using stolen information about the technology after the Shaper purge of Sucia, and even if he managed to get his hands on an actual canister, the new canisters would likely be less well-made.
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  11. TheKian's G1 PC Assessment

    I really like those games... I hope he will revisit them at some point. Add more in-between games. Like the invasion of the Rebellion in Ilya Province or Alwan's campaign to reclaim it etc.
  12. TheKian's G1 PC Assessment

    Jeff said he hopes to do the remake in two years. *sniggers at the thought*
  13. TheKian's G1 PC Assessment

    Damn, I should have known this would have spoilers instead of just stats... IMO a GF game without canister madness (includes GF5) is just bizarre. And that's from reading a few lines in this thread. Bye all... Please use this thread to put peer pressure to the developer to update GF1 to something more fresh whether it has canister madness or not. Could we do a kickstarter about it? Probably we wouldn't gather even a sizeable fraction of the funds required to convince him to do it, so it's a rhetoric question. Still it would show us and the developer how many are interested for that and who are content to wait for 2+ years.
  14. TheKian's G1 PC Assessment

    Although it gets into the dicey question of game mechanics versus flavor (since the former do not reliably representing the latter), I have wondered if it would be reasonable to suppose the canisters on Sucia were different than those found in subsequent games. Although the PC in G1 is noted to grow more distant and aloof, he never experiences "canister madness" comparable to what we see in G2 / 3 / 4, where he flies into a rage and starts and attacking someone. Possibly this is because Jeff just hadn't thought of the idea until G2. Perhaps, though, it's because the OG Sucia canisters created by Danette and company were somehow purer or better made than the imitations created later based on imperfect knowledge passed down by the drayks, and thus the G1 canisters did not inflict the same level of damage to the PC's mental health as later canisters would do.
  15. Let's Play Blades of Avernum!

    All the stories have finally been heard. I think we have enough material for our routine, don't you? https://youtu.be/lGqjmYckxK8
  16. Lately I've been replaying the older Geneforge games, and it occurred to me to assess what exactly the canon G1 PC was like. So let's begin. In canon, though we have no direct proof of this, it seems likely that the PC used all the canisters he could. He'd need them to survive the dangers of the island, and he never suffered the control issues that others did as a result of canister usage. Assuming he did those quests which improve your primary stats, and not counting items, he'd have a minimum of: Strength: (2 minimum base) + 4 (canisters and quests) = 6 Dexterity: (2 minimum base) + 4 (canisters and quests) = 6 Intelligence: (2 minimum base) + 3 (canisters and quests) = 5 Endurance: (1 minimum base) + 5 (canisters and quests) = 6 From the hints given by the Awakened in Geneforge 2, it seems likely that the PC was Awakened, which, combined with the canisters, gives combat ability bonuses of +5 melee weapons +2 missile weapons +3 quick action +2 anatomy (tombs) +4 battle magic +3 blessing magic +3 mental magic +5 spellcraft These bonuses alone account for some decent melee and ranged combat ability for any PC. There is a fairly balanced set of magic abilities, though not quite as powerful as melee. The PC clearly had some fighting skill, at least, as the Awakened mention that there was fighting between Trajkov and the PC, so he didn't go with a full stealth route. However, obviously, the PC also didn't go for a full omnicide run of the place. As both Akkat and Rakkhus are alive in Geneforge 2, it is safe to assume that they were not engaged in combat by the player, as would likely happen if the player fought through the quarters area or if Rakkhus sicced his cryodrayks on you (Send your creations against me? You have valuable items? Prepare to die, jerk!). To bypass the quarters area, they player would have to go through the holding cells, and likely the vats as well, which implies that the PC had a decent mechanics ability. To pay his way past Rakkhus, the PC would need at least some leadership, so that's likely as well. The Shaper, based on the good reviews offered by the Awakened in Geneforge 2 and that one really old Taker from Geneforge 4, was pro-Servile rights, and having not joined with the Takers (which would entail killing Ellhrah and helping Trajkov), was most likely part of the Awakened. Given his unpopular opinions, and having been heavily Shaped, the PC would have likely been happily sent far away on the diplomatic missions with the Sholai that the ambiguously canon epilogue mentions, which would explain his lack of involvement in later games. After all, characters as powerful as Geneforge PC's change the entire course of wars, which makes their involvement with later games less than fully likely. Given the PC's power yet lack of ultimate notability, as a result of his extensive canister usage, he is also a likely candidate for the position of the Geneforge 5 PC. However, as there's no reason for Alwan to recognize him, there are some more likely choices. Feel free to leave your thoughts.
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  18. Complete Exile 2 outdoor map (massive spoilers)

    Some users have it set up to automatically send them an email when they get a PM.
  19. Complete Exile 2 outdoor map (massive spoilers)

    Did you try PMing him? Although you did seem pretty lucky in that your first post got a response from him in a day, when he hadn't posted in over four years on the boards.
  20. Let's Play Blades of Avernum!

    Sometimes... you just get a story of someone's really bad day. https://youtu.be/ir13iVBowto
  21. @wackypanda: Thank you very much for your attemp in fixing this Remix mod. It's a pity it never was finished. Kudos!!!!
  22. Anyone have Duskwolf's contact info?
  23. Let's Play Blades of Avernum!

    Ah, a crisis of faith. A classic tale. Wonder how this will end up... https://youtu.be/TyD4MVp4cIo
  24. Blades of Exile for Linux :D

    EDIT: Ugh.
  25. Let's Play Blades of Avernum!

    We knew the temple had fallen, but how exactly did it REALLY happen? https://youtu.be/1FGc92GAVUQ
  26. Leveling Intelligence

    Ahhh... I had tried that several times, but it was always my main character who would walk up to the container and, I had thought, automatically went to her inventory. As far as the rest I had no idea, so thank you. It makes gaming a lot easier.
  27. I actually made it to day 1600 before my computer died and took that game to The Grave - there was a Troglo Prison being run in Sharimik and everything was in absolute ruins - I'd destroy walls and magical barricades for fun - Role Playing that the Refugees hiding from you will need to bring them back online once you leave the City - would also loot and buy nice things like plants from the surface - then started buying things like bricks and assaulting the Empire Army over 200 times XD Every day for months I logged in and massacred at least 250 Empire Soldiers - Just started a new game and buffed my Characters using the Editor and have already wiped out the surface in 30 Days -
  28. Moved because it's about one of the games, not a general topic. Is that number correct? Day 1200? That's an awfully long time, if so.
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