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  2. Let's Play Blades of Avernum!

    Finally we reach the main town in the region. And it is... quite a silly place... https://youtu.be/UbJu8Xf6Chk
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  4. G3 Fanjul

    I figured out how to do the flag, (sdf 42 18 2) but I'm too pro-shaper for her. Is there anyway to slightly adjust my servile opinion? I don't want to use the 'iloveserviles' as it adjusts it too far to and I want to stay relatively undecided.
  5. G3 Fanjul

    I remembered that there was a cheap trainer in the Dhonal Keep and went looking after completing most of the keep. I spoke to her and told her that the shaper way is best befrore realizing that this would lock me out of her training. My last save is far enough away that I really don't want to go back there. Does anyone know how to reset the flag for her question?
  6. Start late or leave early?

    I'm not really an expert in either work-hour rules or the research about the subject, so take what I say with a little bit of skepticism. Better hand-off systems can be and have been designed. Getting hospitals to implement them is an uphill battle (medicine is a conservative institution generally, with some good reason, but making positive changes can be slow going), but it's happening. Still, it's pretty clear that hand-offs come at a cost. Even with the clearest summaries and instructions, overnight coverage doesn't know patients as well as the primary team unless it happens to be the primary doctor. But having the same doctor on-duty and knowing the patient well 24-7 doesn't work. It's all finding the optimal balance, and it's not obvious. Planes and flights are more interchangeable than medical care. You can have one pilot go off duty, another come on, and it goes smoothly. The same could be true for a patient, probably; it's less true for dozens or hundreds of patients at a time. Medical errors for these studies are often things caught before there is any potential harm. Things like ordering the wrong medication and nurses or pharmacists catching and correcting the problem, or something important being left undone and only caught with later review. Malpractice requires both actual harm and some kind of deviation from standard of care; not doing the right thing, or doing the wrong thing, can be noticed later and counted as medical error even if nothing bad actually came of it. You can also have bad outcomes with no error. Some of that comes with the job of taking care of sick people, some of whom will have bad outcomes because of the nature of illness. Some is because of mistakes; figuring out where things when wrong, like when the wrong thing was done or a critical sign or symptom was missed, is a big part of medicine (legally, with assigning culpability in malpractice, but also for root cause analysis to try to avoid having the same bad things happen again if it's avoidable). —Alorael, who is in favor of everyone having access to healthcare. There are a number of ways to accomplish that; single-payer is one, but not the only one. There are reasons to pick among the options, and he's not expert enough to have a professional opinion. Simply not providing coverage for people is a reasonable free-market choice, but he views it as morally untenable; the current system also doesn't let doctors or hospitals leave people to die even if they want to, so it's not even like there's a true free market now. It's just a really expensive system that will provide care without repayment only in extremis, which is the most miserable and expensive way to go about it.
  7. In conclusion, AAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!

    History, from when I asked that very question. A rich family can help one be able to afford education, but it's on the student to perform the work. That's up to intelligence and, as the reputation of grad school has it, endurance. —Alorael, who doesn't know what to make of the comma.
  8. Start late or leave early?

    In historical times? Yeah, they had those. You can find an article on Wikipedia about it. It wasn't a glorious existence, but better than dying on the streets. The origins of the poorhouses or workhouses went pretty far back into the medieval period. The poorhouse would always produce something that they could both consume themselves and also trade onward. The tenants would have to work for their share of the production, the amount of work for each one evenly confined by their health and age. If I remember correctly, monks in some monasteries would hold and upkeep poorhouses for people without money. They'd receive some kind of funding from the crown or the church, or just as donations. Or, as mentioned above, in the form of sales from the raw production of the poorhouse. It's 3 o'clock in the morning, though, so I might not remember all the details correctly.
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  10. In conclusion, AAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!

    Phd. in what, if you don't mind me asking? and also Wow, I forget people can do that. It takes an intelligent person, or very rich family to do that. Comma
  11. Start late or leave early?

    Without Obama care i'd be in the poor house too. Not that there is any poor house's left, was that a real thing anyway?
  12. Start late or leave early?

    Well, I know that if it wasn't for my country's socialized style of handling the healthcare via the government funding the healthcare across the country (paid for by moderately high tax rate), I wouldn't be alive. Well, if I was alive, I'd be in a wheelchair since my family has never been blessed with high income. Consequently we couldn't have paid the numerous operations it took to operate my spine which was deteriorating fast back when I was 11 years old. Same goes for my brother. Of his 40 years of life, he's been on disability pension for nigh 15 years. So, yep. Socialized healthcare all the way.
  13. [GF4] Monarch's motives?

    The Drakons never ever went that far. The Monarch was just spawning stuff acting like a volcano with Shaping. A force of nature, a destructive wave that leaves behind only ashes. The Unbound were made in a way to die off within 1-2 years of their creation as we learn in GF5. The Drakons planned to rule their parts and threw the Unbound behind enemy lines. The Monarch was spawning rogues right in his home, practically under his bed, putting all his confidence in a stick that would keep them away long enough to not eat him. That was nothing like the desperate plan of the Drakons. If the Monarch just wanted to do his naughty research, in that locked door that I never went into BTW, I think Litalia had the key or something, he could do it in the wilderness or deeeeeep in the mines under his house without saying "Hello. I decided to kill all of you! And I mean every last one of you." To his neighbors once they came knocking. Really, they started investigating when the monsters became too many. I think that maybe Triumph is right. He probably just wanted to see the world burn but unlike Nero that was reciting poetry as Rome was burning, the Monarch was using his spare time to do bizarre research as the Fens of Aziraph burned. But why? Nero was convincing himself he would build a better Rome. The Monarch just had a bunch of mindless serviles and didn't seem kin to make more of them.
  14. Start late or leave early?

    Interesting Question, I would opt for late start but all depends on the job. I've noticed that the medical profession has a whole big issue with malpractice and am a strong advocate of lowering shift hr's and weekly hour caps. But I tend to want to hasten the coming techno/scientific paradise world ran on reason and logic without undo stress and violence or undo awfulness, instead of our greed impulse, controlled near mob rule(nice as it may be). I can only imagine the complexity of the human body, and have enormous respect for all involved in the medical profession, Living so close to Johns Hopkins even I forget how quick emergency rooms get flooded. I used to want to be a doctor as a child (and be an astronaut heh) but you know how those teenage year's can screw up your plan's. Anyway I hate seeing people abuse the hospital's and vice versa. Any of your thought's on single payer or socialized healthcare? It make's me happy that professional's such as yourselves play these games! I guess it's good practice for quick math.
  15. [GF4] Monarch's motives?

    I would argue that Monarch essentially represents the results of Unbound (hehe) Shaping. He was excessively Shaped, and went mad, and in his madness, would not control his creations. He's sort of foreshadowing what the Drakons will become. Although he claims to want to form his own glorious empire, he clearly cares only about destruction, as a result of his insanity.
  16. [GF4] Monarch's motives?

    "Some men just want to watch the world burn."
  17. Let's Play Blades of Avernum!

    Ah, bandits. Another staple of the budding adventurer. Let's kill them! https://youtu.be/zoc1iGtT4sk
  18. [GF4] Monarch's motives?

    I honestly thought Monarch just wanted to kill things and do research on his dark pit area thing.
  19. Several year after playing GF4 and I still wonder over the Monarch. First thing first I like this villain a lot. Not gray lines there. A madman without redeeming qualities bent on evil. Still, what do you think the Monarch's motives were? Power? He could have made a nice underground kingdom for himself for his mindless serviles. And what's the point of having a big patch of land, as big as a moderate province actually, completely devoid of sentient life as your own? Even the vast majority of his Creations were not loyal to him but rogue. That's not power. He could have just gone to a nice empty place in the Dera Reaches and set up camp there if he didn't want a place with anything not Monarch-made. I really don't understand why the Monarch wanted to wipe out anything non-monarch made. He didn't wanted control over Terrestia apparently; he didn't conquer land. He emptied it. Was he a hermit? There are other ways, safer, to be anti-social than taking both the Rebels and the Shapers for the lulz if you don't like neighbors. Just go to a mountain, make things to eat and make those mindless non-sentient serviles to serve you. Problem solved. Was he a nihilist that just wanted to destroy anything non-Monarch made in the world? He GOT to have realized that this was impossible by just throwing out spawners and a control baton. At some point the creations would eat each other and stopped moving away.
  20. In conclusion, AAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!

    Sorry. Wasn't aware of what a thesis is. Now I know!
  21. In conclusion, AAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!

    He accomplished exactly what he stated in his post?
  22. Start late or leave early?

    I've been hearing about medical malpractice in some detail recently from a friend who is an attorney. Apparently a decent chunk of malpractice cases involve a course of diagnosis and treatment with enough different components -- and often a large number of doctors and other staff involved at different points -- that it can be difficult to assess which component (or which professional) is most likely to have erred, even when dealing with conditions and procedures which are well understood. Of course, malpractice cases are clearly not representative (at all) of all cases of medical error. But this definitely made me think about similar difficulties surrounding those statistics.
  23. Start late or leave early?

    But you can work on better handoff procedures and develop shift procedures. Commercial planes on domestic routes often have more than one crew operating them in a single day because of duty day limitations. Longer international routes travel with a larger crew so that adequate rest can be maintained. Air Traffic Control has a very strict duty day limitation as well and has a much harder handoff problem than piloting or driving do. I wonder how accurate the patient outcomes statistics really are. Our knowledge of how an airplane is put together is really how as the most complicated airplane is something that we have engineered and built and is far simpler than a human. The default finding in an accident investigation in aviation tends to be pilot error unless some other cause can be clearly identified. Even then, pilot error is often listed as a factor. That has created a major incentive to reduce the amount of human error possible (and will lead fairly soon to self-flying planes and self-driving vehicles). I wonder what portion of medical errors are obscured by the greater complexity and greater difficulty getting data on a human being. Aviation accidents tend to be fairly noticeable, medical errors can be far more subtle and I would think that they would be more likely to be under reported (they are harder to determine).
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  25. Chatroom?

    If you'd like to join a chat that's active with mostly Spiderweb Software members, Global Moderator Sylae's satellite site, 'Calamity Refuge' is a niche that holds a lot of the regulars. The chat there has quite a few people constantly. We sure wouldn't mind new faces over there. https://calref.net/ We discuss Jeff's games, cats, terrible bosses, music and a wide variety of stuff from time to time
  26. In conclusion, AAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!

    I'm confused. What did Triumph accomplish? Is this based on his almost PHD thing before? If so, congratulations That's a very difficult feat to pull off
  27. Start late or leave early?

    Clearly, the solution is self-driving doctors! I would think, as a matter of policy design, it's probably easier to design better handoff systems than to design more sleep-deprivation–resistant humans. So if we're looking to reduce medical errors (and improve working conditions as an ancillary benefit), we'd probably want to reduce hours and improve communication. You mentioned that there's some work being done in that direction, which I'd expect to be a good thing.
  28. Let's Play Blades of Avernum!

    Ah! You've finally gotten around to playing my stuff. Perfect! You see, like most other designers, I too am a raging egomaniac, so I will now play closer attention to this Let's Play. Rat's Aplenty, despite being shorter than some of my other stuff, has probably the most easter eggs, hidden stuff and all around alternative methods of getting thigs done, so I am curious to see how you do things and how much of the content you manage to discover. I already see that you've missed two of my favorite gags: You did not inspect the altar of the Great Spirit in the undead side of the caves (although maybe you will still in future videos) and you did not try to leave the Belching Patron before you had received your quest (Honestly, as someone you tends to freeroam quite a bit, I am surprised you did not try to leave right away, even by accident.) Then again, you did find the Hidden Grotto (where the fat orange bunny is) accidentally like I thought you might. Some of the bunny's antics can actually be benificial to you and there is a tiny quest-type thing that involves it, in case you never do return there.
  29. Let's Play Blades of Avernum!

    I will be honest here, I never expected to find anything like THIS. I like him... https://youtu.be/u1avzNJBVEA
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