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  2. Zone Environment Data

    Well: "Zone 0 - Pacification Fields: 0,0,9,0,4,0,5,0" "Zone 61 - Inner Gazaki-Uss: 0,0,9,0,8,0,2,0" So I would say that the 3rd number is not the weather, since Inner G-U doesn't have the same weather (possible snow) as Pacification fields.
  3. I have not played descent but I applaud your effort!
  4. Let's Play Blades of Avernum!

    Down below the fortress we go, to the deepest depths, all to kill the leader of the Giants... and find a way home. https://youtu.be/-JY1iU52AXM
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  6. Hello there, This is a post where I'll be showing you guys my current progress on the content I've been poking around with for Descent: Journeys in the Dark Second Edition. I have no idea if there are people around here who does play Descent, but I thought, why not check. In case there is, I'd love some feedback about it, since other than myself, I pretty much just have my two brothers that I play Descent with. If you have not played it and do like board games, I'd definitely recommend it since the combat system reminds a lot of the Spiderweb games, but as they might have been in board game format. I have tried to preserve as much of the feeling of the classes/characters/creations as possible when converting them, but unfortunately I won't be able to add all aspects because of balance or mechanics issues. I also realize this will make no sense if you have not actually played Descent. I apologize about that. But if you're curious about a potential Geneforge board game, just try and google descent, and maybe this'll make a bit more sense. Also, be sure it's the second edition. I would put a link in here, but I'm not sure if that's allowed since it might be seen as advertisement or something. Some things might look a bit weird since I wrote all this with heart emojis for damage and lightning for surges. It seems I only need to rewrite the hearts as damage though. I apologize in case of confusion. If the lightning emojis are only visible for me, please tell me and I'll rewrite them as surge. Litalia (Healer) Move: 3 Health: 8 Stamina: 4 Defense: White Strength: 2 Lore: 4 Willpower: 4 Awareness: 1 Hero Ability Each enemy figure who enters a space adjacent to you becomes terrified. Heroic Feet (Action): Switch place with a hero withing your line of sight who is at most 5 spaces away from you. Figures and obstacles does not block your line of sight when performing this action. All enemies adjacent to your and the chosen heroes new destinations become stunned. The passive terrify on Litalia I felt made sense because of all the canisters she's eaten. Her skin glows, and she probably doesn't look very sane. I guess that depends on when in the story of Geneforge you'd be looking at, but I feel that even early on she started with the "raw power is more important than anything" concept. Anyways, I felt this fit quite well with her. Her heroic feet on the other hand doesn't really make sense at all, Geneforge-wise. I just felt it fit quite well with her hero ability, plus that it was kind of like Master Thorn's heroic that was removed, except this one after all puts her, a squishy mage, potentially into a lot of enemies, which makes it seem alright. The reason why she has such mediocre (or, pretty bad) stats, in case you're wondering, is because of how good her hero ability can be. With good positioning, no melee enemies can surge her or ranged allies. That, I felt fit pretty well with a Shaper/pet class as well; being able to support the team. Lifecrafter (Healer) Shaping Major Heal 1 Aura of Thorns 2 Place one of your avaliable Choose a hero or creation Your creations and any creations in an adjacent space. within 3 spaces and roll two heroes adjacent to them If one was already summoned, red dice. The chosen figure gains; remove that one from the map. heals the amount of hearts Whenever an adjacent Avaliable; rolled. enemy deals ️damage to you, Fyora deal 1 damage to it. Clawbug Vlish Stamina: 1 Stamina: 2 Full Shaper 3 Banish Affliction 1 Regeneration Aura 2 Use this card when you Choose one hero or creation Exhaust this card and use Shaping to place withing three spaces from keep it exhausted until Kyshakk, Rotgroth or Glaahk you. That figure removes all you decide to, at the adjacent to you instead of any of their conditions. of your turn but after of the normally avaliable Reg Aura has taken creations. Stamina: 2 effect, un-exhaust it. Fyora now has +2 Health, Speed 1 While this card is adds a brown die to it's exhausted, apply -1 to defense pool and adds Blast (Action): Exhaust this card. your stamina, but to it's attacks. Choose an adjacent hero additionally, at the start or creation. That figure of your turn, all heroes Clawbug now has +2 health, immedietly performs an attack. and creations heal 1 damage. has a black defense die instead Continue your activation as of a brown, adds a red power die normal after the attack. If you at the start of to it's attack pool and gains; your turn decide to ⚡️: Immobilize. Stamina: 1 un-exhaust this card, the former reserved stamina Vlish now has +2 health, adds is now healable, but still a brown die to it's defense pool, counts as fatigue. adds a yellow die to it's attack pool and gains; Improvised Shaping 2 ⚡️: Curse Fyora now adds one Stamina: 1 green power die to it's attack pool. Mass Restore 3 Clawbug now has Roll one red and one yellow Pierce 2. die. All heroes and creations recover the amount of ️hearts rolled Vlish no longer requires and removes one of their ⚡️ to do weaken. conditions. Kyshakk now has; Stamina: 3 ⚡️⚡️: Pierce 4 Rotgroth no longer requires⚡️ to do Terrify and gains Poison. Glaahk now has Reach. Creations (In this section, the notes in between parentheses without the "IS" before them is referring to the stats the creations will get when you buy the "Full Shaper" skill. The ones with the "IS" before them is referring to what they get after you buy the "Improvised Shaping" skill.) Fyora Clawbug Vlish Move: 3 Health: 4 (6) Move: 3 Health: 4 (6) Move: 4 Health: 3 (5) Defense: (Brown) Defense: Brown (Black) Defense: (Brown) Attack: Blue + Yellow (IS:+Green) Attack: Blue + Red (+Red) Attack: Blue + Yel (+Red) ⚡️: Burn (⚡️: Immobilize) ⚡️: Weaken (IS: -⚡️) (Blast) (IS: Pierce 2) (⚡️: Curse) Flying Ranged Melee Ranged Kyshakk Rotgroth Glaahk Move: 3 Health: 5 Move: 4 Health: 8 Move: 5 Health: 5 Defense: White Defense: Defense: Brown Attack: Blue + Red + Red Attack: Blue + Yel + Yel Blue + Red + Yellow ⚡️: +2 ️Damage ⚡️: Terrify. (IS: -⚡️) ⚡️: Stun (IS: ⚡️⚡️: Pierce 4) ⚡️⚡️: Immedietly perform ⚡️: +2 ️Damage another attack against the (IS: Reach) same target, but only once per activation. (IS: Poison) Ranged Melee Melee Note that anything here is subject to change. This is a pretty early stage of my "poking around" with this idea. However I do hope it'll lead to something fun. Once again, please throw some feedback at me, it's always fun to talk to other people and exchange some ideas!
  7. Reactivate Taygen Questline?

    All zones have multiple scripts. The least complex ones have the zone script (e.g. z68wwastes.txt), which sets up positions and such, as well as crime tolerance etc., and a dialogue script, which contains all the conversation data. Looking at everything here, I believe that this set of codes should fix it: Press shift-D to open the cheat menu, and enter these 3 codes: SDF 64 7 1 SDF 68 1 1 SDF 68 2 0
  8. Only enemies resurface, heroes stay forgotten.
  9. Let's Play Blades of Avernum!

    Endgame approaches, as we break our way into the Giants' fortress. This may not be easy. https://youtu.be/B9KknKYK3XA
  10. Resistances increase according to a formula based on enemy level, with some enemies having extra resistance to specific damage types on top of that. Physical resistance increases a bit faster with level than resistance to other types of damage. The result is that in the late game, when you're facing high-level enemies, they'll all be taking greatly reduced damage from whatever you throw at them.
  11. I have run into a problem where I accidentally hit disable character editor in Avernum 3. The trouble shoot says to delete the avernum3.dat file in the Data folder where the game is installed. Thats fine and good except my game for some reason only has the following files listed in the data folder: ###.bmp (many), Outdoor.dat, OutFight.dat, Town.dat. but no avernum3.dat. i have searched the entire computer for the avernum3.dat file and found nothing. Am i missing something? Is this a problem with just my computer? My Computer is Running Windows 10. But it originally had Windows 8. i had also migrated over files from an older computer that ran windows xp years ago. I do not know if any of that affects my situation.
  12. Reactivate Taygen Questline?

    The zone is White Wastes, which looks like number 68 in the scripts folder. Taking a look, the files aren't exactly... easy to read for someone with my inexperience. xD There's two files, one's 'dlg' and the other isn't.
  13. Some monsters are just highly resistant especially to physical damage after the early part of the game. There is usually at least one damage type that will do at least enough damage so you can kill them. Avernum: Escape from the Pit is worse in that there are some that are 95% resistant to either magical attacks or physical.
  14. I've played the two games on Normal, and even then it really seemed to me as if every enemy, even the basic ones, had really high resistance to every type of damage. Even enemies that seem to be weak to certain kinds of damage (like sliths against ice) seem to have over 50% resistance. What gives?
  15. Hey all! I'm kind of late to the Crystal Souls party, but having analyzed all the info in this forum and others, I have come up with what I think is an optimized party build for a completionist's run through torment difficulty. Thanks to everyone who contributed so much great info on this forum. If there is anything I missed for a complete run with all medals, please let me know. Not notated below are the following bonuses: If you have graymold salve, a drake in the Scree Pits will give your whole party +1 spellcraft for 2,000gp In the NE lava pits in the Vahnatai lands (the place where you get the fiery sword), there's a building where you can find a bug husk, and a building with an altar where you can place a bug husk (the second altar requires the Orb of Thralni). Go back and forth 3 times, and the whole party gets hardiness +1 In the Vahnatai Castle, there's a green crystal in a secret room. If you have a total of 13 Arcane Lore (Vahnatai lore doesn't help with this), then the whole party gets resistance +1 In the Empire Archives, there is a "Cleaning Room" that requires 15 tool use. Whole party gets +1 hardiness. On the top floor of Ornotha Ziggurat, in the Southeast section, there is a room with two chairs. The game will ask if you sit on them. If you do, everyone gets +1 magical efficiency. Any feedback is appreciated. Thanks in advance! Human Priest 1 (Buff Tank) 8+2 Melee +2 Poles +2 Bows +2 Thrown 10+2 Hardiness 9+2 Parry 14 Priest Spells 5 Mage Spells 7+3 Spellcraft 10 Resistance +2 Cave Lore +2 First Aid +2 Luck Intelligence x1, Endurance x5, Swordmage x3, Parry Mastery x2, Blessing Focus x5, Health Traits x3, Nimble Fingers x2, Quick Learning x1, Great Wisdom x1, Negotiator x1 Human Mage 1 8+2 Melee +2 Poles +2 Bows +2 Thrown 10+2 Hardiness +2 Parry 16 Mage Spells 1 Priest Spells 7+3 Spellcraft 10 Resistance 9 Arcane Lore +2 Cave Lore +2 First Aid +2 Luck Intelligence x5, Endurance x5, Swordmage x3, Elemental Focus x3, Health Traits x3, Nimble Fingers x2, Quick Learning x1, Great Wisdom x1, Negotiator x1 Human Mage 2 8+2 Melee +2 Poles +2 Bows +2 Thrown 10+2 Hardiness +2 Parry 16 Mage Spells 1 Priest Spells 7+3 Spellcraft 10 Resistance 4 Arcane Lore 4+2 Cave Lore +2 First Aid +2 Luck Intelligence x5, Endurance x5, Swordmage x3, Elemental Focus x3, Health Traits x3, Nimble Fingers x2, Quick Learning x1, Great Wisdom x1, Negotiator x1 Human Priest 2 8+2 Melee +2 Poles +2 Bows +2 Thrown 10+2 Hardiness +2 Parry 14 Priest Spells 7 Mage Spells 7+3 Spellcraft 10 Resistance 7 Tool Use +2 Cave Lore +2 First Aid +2 Luck Intelligence x5, Endurance x5, Swordmage x3, Elemental Focus x3, Health Traits x3, Nimble Fingers x2, Quick Learning x1, Great Wisdom x1, Negotiator x1
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  17. Zone Environment Data

    Hello, all. In the course of working on my Geneforge 5 modding tool, I have discovered that there is a certain set of 24 bytes in the zone data that appears to control the environment of a zone - things like background noise, weather, tilesets, and so on. I have extracted the offsets for this data for every single zone, and hope that anyone with enough time could help to deduce what each one does. What I have discovered so far is that the third offset (third number on the first line) is likely tied to weather, since the weather in zone 0 and zone 1 is the same. I have confirmed that the seventh offset (second to last number on the first line) is the zone ID, corresponding so: 0: Broadleaf forest 1: Swamp 2: Cave 3: Desert 4: Coniferous forest 5: Snow Data:
  18. Reactivate Taygen Questline?

    In addition to the normal cheat codes, there is also an SDF (stuff done flag, which holds data on the actions you've taken) cheat code which allows you to set codes from in the game. As Triumph suggested, search through the scripts (Geneforge 5/Geneforge 5 Files/Scripts) for the zone dialog script (it will look something like z65westalphdlg.txt) and find which SDF is set for this event. You'll probably want to (if there are multiple SDFs involved) set the one for helping the rebels to 0 and the one for helping the Shapers to 1. The SDF cheat code is (after pressing shift-D): SDF <id 1> <id 2> <value> I'm not entirely sure which zone this is, but if you can tell me the name of the zone (as displayed in the world map), I can probably come up with the cheat for you.
  19. Let's Play Blades of Avernum!

    Ah, the old barricade. Literally, this is the original version. I wonder how different it looks... https://youtu.be/BVao4nHgJ30
  20. In Avernums 4-6, do the heroes of the previous Avernum games ever show up in anyway? In Avernum 2 and 3, there is the occasional reference to the characters from the previous games, but nothing more than that. Do the heroes of A1-A3 ever appear in-game in A4-A6?
  21. Nightsade Perimeter quest bug?

    Did you place the stone after killing the skeletons in the top level? After doing the second stone, you get told by Cerise that another Hand is doing the third stone placement in the southwest corner so that might be the problem. You need to go there and see what happened. Doing it out of order shouldn't make a difference and you shouldn't need to start over. The worst would be going back to the autosave file from before getting into the zone.
  22. Nightsade Perimeter quest bug?

    I’ve got a similar problem. I completed the first stone circle task with no problems, but I’ve just completed the SE circle task- placed the stone, killed the many skeletons- and I get no love from Cerise. I know i’ve done some other game tasks out of order- would that cause it? I’m thinking I’ll have to start the game all over, but I don’t want it to happen again. Any ideas or info on how to avoid trouble on my second go-around?
  23. I found God of avernum 5!!

    Agreed, if in doubt destroy pylons. At the Vahnatai trap downstairs I always make sure to go around destroying ALL the pylons before going to talk to Rentar Irno and the Demon in Athron's refuge. I summoned some creatures and let them occupy the demons. My tank advanced to the first pylon and used a scroll of acid on the next one. Second tank same. Hasted mage went up spray acid the first two. Whack! whack! Smite. All pylons gone tanks turn to demon. No point wasting anything other than perhaps a slow spell on him until all his pylons are gone.
  24. Reactivate Taygen Questline?

    The game splits significantly over Taygen because the other factions want you to do things that are the opposite of what he wants. You'll find that out for more than Camp Dranir.
  25. Reactivate Taygen Questline?

    There's a cheat in most (all?) the Geneforge games that can reset the hostility of an individual zone (e.g. turning Icy End friendly after you made them angry). That's different from failing a quest so that an NPC will no longer hire you. I'm pretty sure it's technically still be possible to change you access to Taygen's quest line, but a bit more complicated than entering a cheat code. You'd need to dig in the scripts to identify the flag triggered by this Camp Dranir, then alter a zone script somewhere so you could change the flag to whatever Taygen's flag-check requires (e.g. add text so that when you, say, click on a sign, it sets the flag to the correct number). Disclaimer: I've never done this, nor played G5 (except the demo), I'm just going off what I've seen of various other posts on the Geneforge games.
  26. Let's Play Blades of Avernum!

    Or for just an episode. :3 Onwards we go into the second half of this Giant Town. Should be easy to clear out. https://youtu.be/JcWaMJPSjLQ
  27. This one's a long shot but you tech-minded folks might be able to help me. I'm kind of a pedantic completionist when I play games with faction divisions. I like to make a BIG save after doing as much neutral stuff as I can, then progress down to all the faction endings in order to experience as much of the game as I can in one go, since let's be real, these games are longer that God's penis and when there's 4/5 factions that's just too many to leave for future playthroughs. Worked great for G1, 2, and kiiiinda 4, though I only got the 'helped the rebels' version of the ending. Not too fussed about 3 and 4 though since with only TWO options I can just play the Shaper version in a year's time. For G5, I decided to again play rebel-aligned, however with that Shaper Cora...Cora... something... guy-who-can-make-Shapers-forget-you're-rebel-scum, I figured I could still give all 5 factions a crack if I was careful despite making rebel decisions throughout the meat of the game. I ALMOST succeeded in this, but I buggered up Taygen. Didn't realise helping Camp Dranir locks you into failing his first loyalty quest and totally shuts down any ability to join him, so now all my saves are from too far in and there's nothing I can do. HOWEVER, I remember back in 3 when my rebel PC buggered up Icy End by annoying a drakon in a nearby location, wound up turning the town hostile and screwing me out of some quests. A google search saved me, someone had some miracle code thingy in answer to another forum question that just... made Icy End friendly again. Entered it, worked a treat, got my content back. So uhh... in short... MAGICAL COMPUTER PEOPLE, HELP. xD Is there any kinda totally cheat-tastic code to trick Tay-tay into thinking I didn't bugger up? If not, ehhh, I guess 4/5 ain't bad, but I kinda wanted to see what that horrible nazi bastard had to offer, dammit. Replies to the tune of 'you're a bad roleplayer' need not apply, I am aware of myself and fully accepting of it.
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