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  2. Hi guys! Was not able to reach for some days. Working on a scenario for 4 days. Before that, I was just inserting codes and tested in randoms. But now, I started my work and my journey is positive.
  3. Is there any penalty for killing all the dragons? I've already completed their quests, I'm high level, about to complete the game, and bored. EDIT: Apparently not. I killed them all, finished the game, no one mentioned their deaths.
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  5. luck is good to have but to noticing its effect is different thing.
  6. yea best thing is to uninstall game and reinstall it. do you have any security software installed? it's also possible that antivirus etc blocks game's access to graphic card or prevents it to run at all beyond resolution questionnaire and thereby game won't launch (I had that issue with A1-3 remakes and still some issues even I have reported Avernum*.exes as false positives).
  7. Since I'm being quoted without attribution or a link, and there is other relevant information in the original post, here is a link: http://spiderwebforums.ipbhost.com/topic/21108-effectiveness-of-gymnastics-and-sniper-for-extra-actions/ The second quote appears to be from Triumph, and I would note that we also speculated, from some testing in A2:CS, that Luck may contribute 1% per point to the damage percentile multiplier (where almost all percentile bonuses are summed). I don't think we ever sorted that out conclusively.
  8. unless is completionist then no need to get all spells to L3, just healing and curing spells and boost and protection spells and major dmg spells (lightning spray, firestorm, icy rain, smite etc). tried to get missing L3 spells in ARW but after not getting 1 spell from where it was supposed to be (in library in that town where party gets thrown to jail quite quickly) even after reading all books I gave up and moved on.
  9. yea like 50 fake buttons and players searching in darkness that right button.
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  11. rist

    Early SWS releases

    Thanks, that was my memory but I wasn't sure!
  12. Kelandon

    Early SWS releases

    Mac. Jeff used to do Mac-first releases.
  13. rist

    Early SWS releases

    Was Exile originally released on Mac, or Windows? Or were they simultaneous?
  14. For what it's worth, I'm sort of slowly replaying A3RW again (been away from it for a few days & had an hour or two to goof around this morning) & just ran across a reasonably high level spell book. Everyone gained the knowledge from it, even my fighters with mage level way below what's needed. So, while he can't buy the two other levels of the spell yet, once he reaches that level he won't need to backtrack to get the third level. We now return you to your regularly scheduled monster bashing...
  15. Again one of my characters became over-skilled. But, this time it is clearly after levelling up and also he is a human. I believe that he don't gain bonuses. But, he is divinely touched. Maybe this is the reason? But I will stick on with this party as it is not bad as last one.
  16. Thank you for that, Kelandon. I clearly understood it. I won't come back until I do it! (Reverse talking is humorous)
  17. 1) How to place an anti-magic field or a quickfire or something related to that in an area? Use the put_field_on_space() call. 2) How to change a character's attitude (Friendly/Neutral) if a particular action is done? Use the set_attitude() call. 3) I have seen secret passages telling that "You could not have seen this secret passage from the other side." How to make passages like that? Use some combination of the block_entry() call and a flag. It depends on exactly how you want to do it, but the easiest way is to have something like the following on the space, where (1,1) is the flag that you set if you've found the passage: if (get_flag(1,1) == 0) block_entry(1); And then set flag (1,1) on, say, the space before that if you're coming from the direction where you can find the secret passage, probably with a pop-up message saying that you found the passage. A slightly more complex way—which I usually use—is to have a block_entry() call dependent on both a flag and the location of the lead character. It would look something like this, where the passage is at the x-coordinate 15, you can enter from the west, and the flag is (1,1): if (get_flag(1,1) == 0) { if (char_loc_x(first_group_member(0)) < 15) { message_dialog("You find a secret passage!",""); set_flag(1,1,1); } else block_entry(1); } I did something resembling this (though not exactly the same) in Bahssikava, town 19, state 12.
  18. HELLO EVERYONE AGAIN!!! I was in war with the rebels of the empire, as empire is friend of Avernum. So, I couldn't reach this forum. Now, however I have good amount of doubts to be cleared. I have learned about custom objects, creatures and it's much easier than before. Thank you for Dintiradan. Questions: 1) How to place an anti-magic field or a quickfire or something related to that in an area? 2) How to change a character's attitude (Friendly/Neutral) if a particular action is done? 3) I have seen secret passages telling that "You could not have seen this secret passage from the other side." How to make passages like that? I will be thankful if you reply.
  19. That sucks. I may probably want to reinstall the game if nobody replied. But the problem has very limited internet connection. However, I'll try.
  20. Yeah, yeah! You're right Ess - Eschas. I am used to not train during creation even in the trilogies. However, due to the thing I mentioned I have to create a new party today again! 2 days will be lost in creating parties itself??? Crap. But, it's OK if my party comes out good. I have also posted a message in editor forum. See that too! Have a good day!
  21. I suspect we may be talking at cross-purposes. I think Kelandon and I were fairly clear in our explanations, so it’s possible you’re misunderstanding a certain point about the game mechanics. There is a difference between character creation and character training. Character creation happens right at the very beginning of your time with a party. This occurs when you select a new game, and you are presented with a screen in which you define your party. This is the same screen, incidentally, in which you set the character type for each party member. When you’re creating a character, in the same screen, you can click on ‘Edit Statistics’. In addition to allowing you to add traits, this also allows you to spend skill points to improve your party. This is the case regardless of your character type. If you select a Custom character type, you are given a full set of skill points to assign to your character as you see fit. The idea is that you assign these skill points before you start the game. Otherwise your new party will have negligible skills, and will be extremely weak! If you assign Mage and Priest Spells to a character on this screen, they will have access to the level 1 spells described in the posts above. If you think about it, it makes sense. You’re creating a character with a past, one that you only start interacting with when you create the party. If these characters have trained in magic in their past, they are going to know some spells. By contrast, if you teach them magic within the game, those spells are not just going to crop up out of the aether – they need to be learned from sources that can teach the information to you! All of this is different from character training. This happens after a party is created, and is something you do during the game itself. The problem, then, is that you are not assigning points to your characters during the creation process. Maybe you’re doing that because you want to spend all your points at once, but it’s also making life more difficult for you – including the need to teach yourself basic spells!
  22. But, I saw with my two eyes. My two characters started with Mage/Priest Spell skill of 0, and after I trained them after levelling up in HLPM, I had to buy every spell including healing level 1 and bolt of fire level 1! I have to make a new duo today as yesterday's duo was followers of Thsss planning to destroy Bahssikava, and I had to kill them. (Humorous, right! ) The reality is .... when I created my custom duo, my first character started with Str-2, Dex-3, Int-2 but my second started with Str-8, Dex-9, Int-8! (The numbers are my rough guess as I don't know the exact right now.) I don't know how the hell he did got this much skill and he is a human! I didn't even give traits to him. Can anyone tell me how this happened? I had to improve his skills to 16 where 9 was enough for my first character to get extra skills. I didn't even equip him anything powerful. However, I don't want one of my characters to be unevenly powerful. So, I am going to create a new duo today and check their skills.
  23. What does black basalt do? It's listed as a high quality crafting material, but I can't find anything that is actually crafted with it.
  24. I am pretty sure that you do not even need to back track. From what I remember (and I paid a lot more attention to A:CS details then I did to the other games), there is no order requirement. You can get the one level from a book and the two levels from trainers in any order. In order to read the spell books, you must have a minimum arcane lore level or your cannot benefit from the book. You do not need to have previously learned the spell at all. I do not have the A:CS software on the computer that I am using, so I can't check, but I thought that all members of the party get a level in the spell when you read the book, irrespective of their mage/priest level. The mage/priest level if I remember correctly is a requirement in order to cast the spell, not to know it. If you are in the game, it would be fairly easily to check. Look at the spell lists of all four of your characters. If you have non magic using characters and they have one level of a spell that you learned from a book, it would be a pretty good confirmation.
  25. Everything above seems accurate, but I'm doing Avernum II right now, so it's all fresh in my mind. A good thing to check is whether your other (not trained in that magery) characters have level 1 in the spell. If they do you've got the hard to get level, and just need to buy the easy levels.
  26. To add/expand on what Randomizer & E-E said: For each spell there are three levels. It's probably easiest to think of them as three equally powerful levels that can stack on each other in any order (increasing the overall power). You have to pay for two of them & you get one 'free' one (reward/book). It generally doesn't matter in what order the 'free' one arrives (buy the first level, read the book, go buy the third level ... or ... buy the first two levels & read the book for the third - you're going to buy two levels one way or another) You 'can' get one level of a spell as a reward before your characters are high enough level to cast it. You will still have to buy the other two levels at a trainer to be able to cast it above the first (rewarded) level once they're able/skill high enough (if you got the spell as a reward before buying from a trainer, just think of it as then buying levels 2 & 3 to keep the timeline somewhat coherent). When rewarded a spell, everyone in the party gets access to that 1 level of the spell even if they can't cast it right then. If you run across a spell in a spell book, (iirc) you have to have the minimum skill level available to be able to cast that spell to be able to understand/get that spell (ie, say 'spray acid' is a L6 spell but your mage only had a skill level of 5, he/she wouldn't get the spell level right then. If he/she was L6 then he/she would get one level in that spell (leaving the other two to be bought from one of the assorted trainers (it's been a while since I've played, your mage 'might' have to have at least one level of 'spray acid' to understand the book))). What's different than being rewarded that spell though is, say you decided later on that you wanted your fighters to have mage abilities, once they (the fighters) reached L6 they would 'not' have the book level of the spell learned. You would need to go back to where you found the book & let them (fighters) learn it (your mage would just stand around twiddling his/her thumbs and not get another level). I don't believe that you have to do things in a certain order to get the knowledge, but if you read a book (like in the above example) before having the ability to cast it then you'll have to backtrack to look at the book again to get that third level.
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