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  2. Nothing I guess; they are still resting until the Exile party has caught up with them.
  3. Hello! I hope that this scenario is not too long. What happened to the progress?
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  5. I'm still playing Exile, it's just that I haven't managed to get enough spare time lately to play significantly. Right now my party is in the Nephilim Fort near Formello, trying to recover the necklace. With them levelling up, fights have become less frustrating.
  6. Hello lucabar, Sorry to hear that you’ve had the same problem! Unfortunately, this seems to be a bug that happens very rarely, and that makes it rather difficult to track down. Still, I might be able to help you. First off, make a copy of your current save file in a new save slot. This is just to make sure you can get back to the original state of your game should anything go wrong! Once you’ve done that, go to Fort Haven and stand near Miranda. Hold down ‘shift’ and press ‘d’. A little dialogue box should appear. In this box, type the following, exactly as shown here:
  7. Hello AdventureDarg, In addition to Randomizer’s comments, I just wanted to clarify something else. Avernum 3 is quite lenient when it comes to high levels of spells like Move Mountains and Dispel Barrier. There is no place in Avernum 3 where Level 3 Move Mountains is mandatory, and you will never be blocked from continuing the game if you do not have this spell. All you will miss out on are item caches, and shortcuts around difficult locations and challenging fights. If it looks like your progress is being stopped by rocks or other objects that you can’t de
  8. Mazumdar is the one you need to go back to for permission to get the level 3 spell book access after first Berra for evidence and Anaximander for quest completion. The later games are very picky about doing things in a specific order. You need the evidence from a plague so the Slime Pit quest would have worked as well and you can always go back there for the evidence (Erka's Rune in room by boss monster) if you missed it the first time. Welcome to Spiderweb Software. Please leave your sanity at the door. Oops, too late.
  9. Hi all- I have tried looking through the previous messages regarding Move Mountains level 3 and Avernum 3. I figured I will post a question before I just give up and move on to a different game. So far, I have defeated the slime plague and the cockroach plague. After the slime plague, I was able to report to Mazumdar, Berra and Anaxaimander to move ahead. After destroying the filth factory, Berra still won't let me move ahead and I can't get Move Mountains 3 in Fort Emergence. It seems like I need to have that level 3 spell in order to complete the Giant-Troglody
  10. i can quote verbatim what this user is saying: all clear, but barbs bastion quest still open.
  11. Nine years later, this end game still sucks. I'll just pretend I killed him and move on to Avadon Corruption.
  12. "The plot is basically melancholy but in a weirdly understated way for videogames. The frog's only ways of acting are by jumping and shooting so it's unable to help its friends until their emotional problems get bad enough for this hyperspecific skillset to become relevant again." -Stephen Gillmurphy, writing on the game Kero Blaster
  13. I had no problem getting the reward for replacing the third Crystal Soul, so that issue has not repeated. I divided my treasure stash between two towns and started keeping scrupulous records, and since then I haven't had any further problems with items disappearing. I will chalk this up to a learning experience. Thanks again for your help and support.
  14. Think Chernobyl & look through all the assorted stuff you're hauling around... /and the traditional 'welcome, hope that you stick around & join in the madness. Please leave your sanity at the door...'
  15. Ignore what I had here before, I figured out how to make unmoving creations move and managed to butcher some ruined world sprites enough to make them work, though not perfectly as I don't have the patience. Still, it lets me give you guys some crazy creations so it was worth it. 😁 In more good news, I have found Diablo 2 sprites and some others can be fairly easily modified to work with Geneforge! I'm going to stop bothering you all with the sprite insanity now though, as my original plans did not include sprite modification or importing at all and I've spent days not doing what I
  16. Why am I getting random acid damage at random times when moving in cities, dungeons etc? I thought it was the Dread Curse but I removed it and it's still happening. Thanks for any tips!
  17. Ring of One Very Specific Skill. Not as catchy, but more accurate.
  18. That’s good to hear! Thankfully, given that your chests still seem to be working, it looks like you aren’t experiencing anything too serious. With luck, that empty chest in Olgai was just a one-off, possibly a holdover from the game getting a little confused after what happened in the Tower. Hopefully, everything should be fine from now on! However, if you do experience any further problems with your party further down the line, do let us know. If it turns out the problem isn’t fixed after all, that would be useful to know – and there’s a chance we might be able to help you fix thi
  19. I suppose this is like how a Ring of Skill, back in Exile, improved your accuracy in combat, and not anything else.
  20. I looked through the scripts and Geneforge 5 doesn't seem to have it like in later games. So it's probably hard coded.
  21. Excellent, thanks for the prompt replies, and the overall good news. I can't lose my sanity if I already discarded it.🥴 I have done a number of minor changes, this is the prelude to me doing potentially massive changes to confound and entertain myself and others, one step at a time. Weirdness is already included, I plan on abusing the aforementioned invisible sprite issue for a thematic invisible creation for example. Almost forgot, what is the file with the ability names? I can't seem to find it.
  22. I have an item of curiosity to tag onto this: how does Blades of Avernum deal with item limits? With my limited programming experience, one thing I would state is that a fairly conventional means of dealing with data storage is to create a fixed matrix into which values are stored or exchanged, etc. Once the program is complied, the size of the matrix cannot change. The question I have on this front, as it seems to be what's going on in Avernum, is how that matrix changes from area to area. For instance, when a dungeon is created, is an item matrix created proportional in size to t
  23. Because I'm sure there's going to be a further discussion of semantics here, I think what you mean is specifically physical skill, as opposed to strategic skill or something like that. That is, the kind of skill involved in Mario, not the kind of skill involved in Civilization.
  24. Well, if my goal was to trigger an interesting conversation and to learn a few things along the way, I would say I have succeeded. Thank you all for your responses. I have learned a lot, and I appreciate your expressions of sympathy. I did not count all the items that were left in the Ziggurat, but it took me many dozens of trips to Olgai to sell them all, interspersed with visits to the Tower of the Magi and thence to Silverlocke to spend my gold. I know that the Knowledge Brews were actually on the ground in the Tower, because at one point I had picked them up, intending to do so
  25. 4. The modding suite works for me. Tips: Start small. Cut your teeth with minor changes to creations and items, then adjusting dialogue, perhaps adding a small quest based on existing people etc. 2. You can but it is more complicated than simply changing the movement from 0. You have to adjust the sprites for movement etc.
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