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The Ermarian Network is getting 20% cooler



As of September 22nd, the Ermarian Network is being prepared for a gradual move to a new home. After more than seven years of being served by DreamHost (who I've been very happy with, but whose shared hosting plan isn't sufficient anymore), I'm going to be renting a virtual server from CloudSoarer.


I'll be posting the status of the move periodically on here.


For a start, the Encyclopedia Ermariana is the first site to be hosted on the new server, eris.


(Edit: Better title - "Putting the clop in Encyclopedia.")


Recommended Comments

Yes, there will probably be a new Forge eventually. Not until late 2014 at the earliest, though, and it could be as late as 2015-2016. It'll take a month or more of dedicated work (that's what it took when I made the first one in 2007, and it was a hack job at that). I'm hoping to finish my M.S. degree next year so I can't take that kind of time off.


Edit: Actually, scratch this. It's unlikely for the Blades Forge to come back in the next few years, and basically irrelevant after that.


The ratio of required effort to potential audience is low, and the ratio of effort to profitability is even lower. When I made the original Blades Forge in late 2007, I was twenty, unemployed, not enrolled and living with my parents. I'll never have that much time again, and I don't think I'll be able to spend it on a project like this.

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The Ermarian Network itself is now on Cloudsoarer.


If you see a server error, your DNS has not yet updated - Dreamhost was unable to change the DNS record without also disabling the site.


It will take longer for propagation to complete; the zone's A record is cached longer than the subdomains' CNAME records.

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