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Wanted for wargaming

Student of Trinity


"Wormy" was this awesome series that ran in Dragon magazine back in the 1980s, around the same time that Phil Foglio was getting started. Wormy was drawn by a guy named David Trampier, who also did a lot of the artwork for the first edition AD&D books. The title character is the pool-hustling dragon in the episode below. He's sort of like a retired mobster — decent enough now that you don't worry about him killing you, but on the other hand you still give him a wide berth. He's pretty traditionally dragonish with the bunch of dwarves who keep trying to steal (back) some of his treasure. His friend Irving is some kind of imp, except that it's not clear how big he is. He might be almost human-sized. Most of the characters are fairly big creatures, so Irving seems tiny in comparison, but he can't actually be so small.


One longish story arc did kind of finish in the strip, but then it abruptly ceased entirely, and Trampier even seems to have stopped producing any kind of art. He took up driving a cab. Apparently he had some sort of breakdown.



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